How Many Calories in Custard?

Calories in Custard

Although pudding is known as one of the most popular desserts today; It was actually a dish in Ottoman cuisine. Prepared with or without meat, pudding was usually flavored with chicken breast meat. This dish, which was frequently prepared in the palace kitchen, consisted of meat and sugar. Saffron was served as a full meal with some honey, meat and rice. When the historical sources of the 15th century are examined; In Şirvani’s work, there is a statement that pudding is consumed by adding powdered sugar and rose water to it. Custard, which started this adventure as a meal, has now become the most popular dessert.

The pudding, which was prepared in the palace on special occasions and visits, was also an indispensable part of the holidays. This milky sweet dish, which spread outside the palace kitchen, entered the kitchen of the people over time and began to be sold on the streets. When we say come and go, pudding has developed as it has been developed by people who are open to trying new tastes in the kitchen. This beloved dessert, which is essentially milk, starch and sugar, is now sweetening many kinds of palates. Diet custards, which can be consumed by those who eat healthy, color the sweet hour of many people.

Now, let’s calculate the calories of all pudding varieties through this article. Delicious, delicious pudding calorie information is in these lines!

How Many Calories in Plain Custard?

Plain pudding does not contain any coloring or flavoring substances. It is prepared in a short time with milk, sugar and starch. Sometimes flour is added instead of starch. Plain pudding takes place on plates as a refreshing flavor in the summer heat. It is also used as the cream of various cakes and doubles the taste of desserts to which it is added. Custard, which is loved by children in the transition period to solid food, should be consumed with portion control because it contains sugar.

You can get the following calories while consuming plain pudding with no added ingredients :

  • 1 teaspoon custard: 5 calories
  • 1 teaspoon pudding: 11 calories
  • 1 tablespoon custard: 23 calories
  • How many calories in 1 bowl of pudding: 233 calories

How Many Calories in Kadayif Custard?

A delicious dessert will come out when crispy kadaif is added to the bottom and top layers of plain pudding. You can make dessert hours more delicious by trying kadayif pudding. When you want to prepare kadayif pudding, you can go to the nearest market and buy ready-made roasted kadayif. After you buy the kadaifi, you can make whatever you want from our delicious recipes. The calorie of pudding with kadaif added is slightly different.

Now  let’s take a look at the calories of pudding with kadaif:

  • 50 grams of pudding with kadayif: 100 calories
  • 150 grams of pudding with kadayif: 129 calories
  • 1 serving of kadayif pudding: 199 calories

How Many Calories in Gum Custard?

The pleasant aroma of mastic gum on the palate becomes even more unforgettable in pudding. You can prepare custard with mastic gum by preparing custard with mastic gum pieces or vanilla mastic gum, just like in pastry shops. Reaching the mastic gum is quite easy. There are mastic gum powders and vanilla mastic gum in the markets. You can buy these products and give the pudding a different flavor.

If you are wondering about the calorie value of mastic custard, let’s take a look:

  • 1 tablespoon of mastic custard: 31 calories
  • Small bowl of mastic custard: 124 calories
  • Medium bowl of mastic custard: 185 calories
  • Large bowl of mastic custard: 247 calories
  • 1 serving of mastic custard: 185 calories

How Many Calories in Water Custard?

Milk is very scarce in the ingredient list of water pudding. This pudding type, which is intensely prepared with water, is known as a milder flavor than its varieties. The waiting time for water pudding is also shorter than other desserts. Water pudding, which is ready after a very short time, is consumed fondly in many homes.

If we express the calorie value of water pudding, which takes its place among the refreshing delicious flavors; We can explain the following numbers:

  • Small portion of pudding: 103 calories
  • Medium portion pudding: 142 calories
  • Large portion of pudding: 178 calories
  • 100 grams of water pudding: 71 calories

How Many Calories in Cocoa Custard?

You can get a delicious cocoa pudding by adding some cocoa while preparing plain pudding. Instead of adding cocoa, you can melt the cocoa chocolate and add it to the pudding. Custard with cocoa is also a very popular flavor.

While trying the taste of cocoa, it is useful to review the calories of cocoa pudding.

  • 50 grams of cocoa pudding: 32 calories
  • 100 grams of cocoa pudding: 64 calories
  • 1 serving of cocoa pudding: 69 calories

How Many Calories in Diet Custard?

You can also eat the very popular milky sweet pudding while dieting. The sugar content of the diet pudding, which is suitable for diabetic nutrition, is very low. Sugar balance is achieved by adding honey. It contains less protein and carbohydrates than classic pudding.

When you want to eat diet pudding, the calories you will get are calculated as follows:

  • 100 grams of diet custard: 72 calories
  • 1 serving of diet custard: 119 calories

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