8 ways to cook delicious fish

Recipe for Fish Pepes

You already have fresh fish, but if you don’t know how to prepare and marinate it, the dishes can be wasted this valuable source of nutrients. Let’s go to the kitchen and learn the secrets of making fish from the king of the kitchen!

1. Necessary condition is to have fresh fish

You can’t want a delicious fish dish while the fish is already stale and mushy right from the selection stage. Therefore, necessarily, when going to the market or buying fish at the supermarket, you must observe the ankle and gills first. If the fish’s eyes are cloudy, the gills turn dark red and viscous, and there is a bad smell, the fish is spoiled. Take a closer look at the fish scales, if the scales are still firmly attached to the body and bright, it is a newly caught fish. For fish fillets, you should smell the fish to know its freshness. Common fish flesh has a white color and good elasticity. Particularly for fish such as salmon, tuna, their meat is bright red. If the color is brown, the fish is definitely not fresh.

2. “Looks like a picture” when buying fish

If you choose to buy whole fish, you may not need to use touch to feel the freshness, but just look at the appearance. Fish that swim well, struggle vigorously are fresh fish. Animals that swim sluggishly or lie still should not be selected. If you choose frozen packaged fish for sale in stores and supermarkets, you should carefully study the label to identify reputable brands and the expiry date indicated on the package.

3. Preservation of fish

If you want to preserve fish, it is best to clean it immediately after buying it before putting it in the refrigerator to store and use it gradually.

If you don’t have access to a refrigerator, you can keep fish fresh for 3 to 5 hours by covering your ankles with a wet towel. Or you can put a few drops of white wine into the fish’s mouth and leave it in a cool place for about 3 days. If you see a fish dying, you can immediately kill the fish with interventions to keep the fish fresh. Alternatively, you can soak the fish in 2% salt water for 10 to 15 minutes to keep the fish fresh before processing.

4. Fishbone

It would be inconvenient if you let your diners enjoy a fish dish that is only full of bones. If you have forgotten to ask the fisherman to help you remove the bones, when you get home, you should use a very sharp knife to slice off all the bones or use a tweezers to remove all the bones and discard. If you want to take advantage, you can use the sliced ​​fish bones in the fish soup or cook the broth if there is enough.

5. How to fry fish delicious?

If you don’t want the fish to stick to the surface of the pan, you should wait until the oil is hot. A small tip is that you can add a little salt to the oil pan when frying the fish so that the fish does not get crushed and the oil does not splash too much. To make the fish more fragrant and fatty, you can use butter to fry the fish. But remember to add oil while frying so that the butter doesn’t burn.

With fish fillets, you should fry with a little seasoned dry flour to make the fish more flavorful. It is estimated that every 5 minutes of frying in a hot oil pan, 1cm of fish meat will be cooked. Therefore, you should not fry fish for too long to lose nutrients. As for tuna and salmon, you should only fry the shirt a bit yellow on the outside but still make sure it’s a little pale inside. This way, the fish will be both delicious and nutritious.

6. Breaded fish how to be crispy?

Deep fried breaded fish is very delicious and suitable for many different objects in your family. At first glance, this dish looks easy, but it is a big challenge when you start making it. If you want delicious fried dough, you should not use powdered water but instead with a soda or unsweetened fresh milk. Then, fill a deep pan with oil and wait until the oil is hot. Using a chopstick, dip your head into the oil pan, if you see strong bubbles, you can fry each piece of breaded fish in turn. Alternately, you can test the oil’s boiling point with a cube of bread. If after 50 seconds, the cake turns yellow, then start making the first fish.

7. Grilled delicious fish

If grilled fish is not done properly, the meat will easily dry out. The natural sweetness of fish is therefore also lost and affects the quality of the meal. To fix, when grilling, you should regularly sweep a layer of seasoning around the fish. This way also helps the fish to evenly absorb the spices into the meat when there are already notches on the body of the fish. If you don’t want the fish to stick to the griddle, you can wrap the fish in a layer of foil or a piece of banana leaf when baking.

8. Should buy fish in a reputable place

Choose for yourself a place to buy fish with guaranteed price and quality. Not only do you sometimes receive promotions from the store, but you are also advised to choose the freshest fish of the day.

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