Is bread healthy?

Is bread healthy
Is bread healthy

Is bread healthy? In this blog, we will discuss healthy bread and its types. Bread comes in many different types and is available at the bakery and a large number of supermarkets. A wide variety of breads are available such as: white bread, brown bread, wholemeal bread, rye bread, multigrain bread, black forest bread, spelled bread, sugar bread, chocolate bread, raisin bread, and so on. The price differences are also enormous. For example, you can buy a loaf of bread for less than a euro at the supermarket, while you can spend three times as much at the bakery, yet it does not have to differ much from each other in terms of health. One bread is healthier than another bread and the reason for this is that each type of bread contains different ingredients and quantities.

Choosing healthy bread: the ingredients

Choosing bread in the supermarket or bakery is often done unconsciously, but which bread is healthy? It is good to always first check the label, which contains the list of ingredients. The basic ingredients of bread are always: water, flour, salt and yeast (sourdough). Partly depending on the flour, the bread may or may not be healthy. Each type of bread contains the same vitamins, minerals and fiber, only the amount can vary considerably. So it is not only important to read which ingredients the bread contains, but also the amount per ingredient is very important.

Bread also contains salt (iodine). This baking salt is added to ensure that everyone gets enough iodine. This iodinated salt ensures that the thyroid gland can function properly. There are other foods that contain iodine, but this is very small.

Gluten are proteins found in grains and wheat. If you translate it literally from Latin it means “glue”. This actually says directly what it does: it ensures that the bread stays elastic and stays together. As a result, your bread does not fall apart.
You’ve been hearing more and more about gluten and gluten intolerance lately. There are people who are allergic to gluten and should therefore absolutely not ingest it. This allergy, also known as celiac disease, prevents the gluten from being digested.

Is bread healthy? Fiber-rich bread is very healthy!

When the question “is bread healthy?” is asked, the answer is “yes” if one eats high-fiber bread. Fiber-rich bread is very healthy, or at least if it contains the right amount of fiber. A loaf of bread should have about 5 grams of fiber per serving to be healthy. In most cases, fiber-rich bread is also what the name says and thus contains more than enough fiber to be healthy.

bread In addition, spelled bread has grown in popularity in recent years. This grain would be much healthier than wheat. This primal grain has existed for many thousands of years and is therefore experienced as healthy and natural. However, if we look at the actual nutritional values, we see that spelled bread contains almost as many vitamins, minerals, fiber and calories as ‘normal’ wheat bread. In addition, there are no rules regarding spelled bread. If it already contains a small amount of spelled, it can already bear the name of spelled bread! Spelled bread is therefore not by definition healthier or unhealthier than wheat bread. In addition, there are many other older grains such as rye , barley and bucket, whereby you should always take these grains in particular.

White bread
Everyone knows that white bread is less healthy than brown bread, but is it really less healthy and how big is the difference? White bread does contain the same vitamins and minerals, but this is less so. Because it contains relatively little fiber, you keep eating, so you get a fair amount of white bread. White bread is therefore also less good for the diet.

Is bread healthy? Bread with low sugars is healthy!

A bread can contain a lot of sugars and this is especially true when it comes to a sugar loaf! An important ingredient in checking whether bread is healthy is the amount of sugar it contains. If the bread ingredient list contains glucose, lactose, sucrose, sugar, or corn syrup, it is not healthy. The answer to the question “is bread healthy?” clearly also depends on the sugars in the bread.

Is bread healthy? Buy a bread with good fats!

The body needs good fats. If the bread contains good fats, it is a healthy bread. Monounsaturated fats – such as canola oil or olive oil – and polyunsaturated fats – such as corn, peanut or sesame oil – are examples of ingredients that the bread may contain to be healthy.

Is bread healthy? If it was made with the right flour!

Bread can be made from several types of flour. Whole wheat flour is best because it contains the whole grain. That way, all the benefits that are part of the grain are incorporated into the bread. Wheat flour does not contain the bran or the germ, making it less nutritious than whole wheat flour. Enriched wheat flour is also sometimes used in bread making. This flour contains vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D, iron, folic acid, calcium, and so on. Although these nutrients are added, whole wheat flour is still the healthiest flour for making bread! Rye flour is also used to make bread. This flour is ideal for people who have gallstones. The rye flour also reduces the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and protects against breast cancer.

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