Yogurt: Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Yogurt is made, when milk is fermented by bacteria. Yogurt culture is the bacteria that are used in converting milk into yogurt. Fermentation occurs in the temperature of 45 degree Celsius. Yogurt is white in color. Yogurt can be made by the milk of cow, goat, buffaloes, yak and camels. Yogurt is full of precious minerals, vitamins, calcium and potassium. It is a healthy diet which is easily available and we should make it proper part of our diet.

Following are the different health benefits of yogurt:

Boosts Immunity and prevents infections and allergies

The probiotics are present in yogurt which works for our immunity system and it also lowers the chances of different diseases. Probiotics gives you strength which makes your health better. Zinc is also present in it like other minerals which are essential for our body for good health.

Helps to Lower hypertension and prevents cardiovascular diseases

Salt is the main malefactor behind high blood pressure and if it is not controlled, it leads to high blood pressure. High blood pressure leads us to hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. The potassium is present in yogurt helps in removing excess of sodium salt from our body. In fact, it protects us from these serious diseases.

Prevents Vaginal infections in women

Eating of yogurt directly reduces the vaginal yeast infection in women. Yogurt is excellent diet for decreasing that infection.

Promotes healthy skin and reproductive system

Yogurt is rich in vitamin B which is a necessary component for our skin. It makes our skin glowing and hydrated and it also regenerates the cells. Probiotics are present in yogurt that helps in boosting the reproductive system.

Beneficial in lowering levels of plaque and gingivitis

Levels of plaque and gingivitis diseases are lower in yogurt eaters. It fights against the bacteria which is present in the mouth. To fight with the bad breath adding yogurt is safe and effective.

Provides relief to those suffering from colon cancer

Lactobacillus and Streptococcus thermophilus Bacteria’s are present in the yogurt which lower the cancer-causing chemicals in the colon. It is excellent for the cancer patients, it gives them relief.

Relieves constipation, diarrhea and inflammatory bowel disease

Probiotics is present in the yogurt which helps in balancing the improper bowel symptoms. It is excellent to prevent or giving us relieve from constipation, diarrhea and inflammatory bowel diseases.


Yogurt is a healthy diet full of vitamins, minerals and calcium. It prevents us from various diseases and infections. It is an excellent antidote against high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. It also made our skin and bones healthy. So, we should make it proper part of our diet as it is easily available.

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