Is pineapple healthy? Health Benefits of Pineapple


Pineapple is one of the most popular fruits. Is pineapple healthy? In this blog, we will discuss the amazing health benefits of pineapple. The reason for this is not only that pineapple is very delicious, but also because this fruit is rich in all kinds of health benefits. It contains, among other things, a high content of vitamins, minerals, fibers and enzymes. This fruit is also completely fat-free and therefore ideal to eat in a healthy and balanced diet. Also for keeping body weight stable, pineapple is an excellent choice to eat. This healthy food can be eaten raw, but it can also be pan-fried in dishes with, for example, chicken, pasta, rice or turkey.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Pineapple

This fruit has many beneficial effects on our body. Among other things, it contains vitamin C and it is also cholesterol free. The sodium content of this fruit is very low, which of course is also very positive. The content of this fruit not only helps in keeping the body strong, but pineapple also serves to protect against many diseases, such as: cancers, artery and heart problems.

It also helps to kill any worms in the body, as well as to relieve intestinal disorders. Therefore, pineapple is also good for digesting food. The chemicals in pineapple stimulate the kidneys, removing toxic elements in the body. This fruit also contains the enzyme bromelain, which blocks the production of inflammation. This helps reduce swelling caused by arthritis, sore throat, gout, sinusitis, etc. Hence, pineapple also aids in healing surgical wounds and wounds resulting from an injury. Pineapple also ensures the acquisition and maintenance of strong bones.

People who don’t like to eat pineapple can drink pineapple juice too. This of course has the same positive properties as eating slices.

Fresh pineapple?

What’s healthier? Fresh pineapple or canned? The answer may surprise you somewhat. Of course fresh pineapple is a bit healthier, but canned is not inferior to it. Almost all nutrients are retained during preservation. However, it is important to see how it is preserved in tins. Has it been put in juice or, water or syrup? When put in syrup, it contains a lot more calories and often contains a large amount of added sugars.

Is pineapple healthy? Vitamins!

Is pineapple healthy? It is not only tasty, but also healthy and very nutritious. This fruit contains the mineral manganese and some vitamins such as vitamin B1 or thiamine. This plays an important role in the production of energy in the cells. That is why it is often added to a healthy diet, because this releases a lot of energy during the day. Pineapple also contains vitamin C. This vitamin reduces inflammation and pain. When coughing and colds, eating it is more than beneficial.

Pineapple therefore strengthens our immune system and bones, has an anti-inflammatory effect, keeps the blood sugar level stable and lowers the cholesterol level. Partly thanks to the thiamine, pineapple also gives us enough energy. A healthy piece of fruit!



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