What Are the Benefits of Tomatoes?

How To Cook Tomatoes
How To Cook Tomatoes

If you start counting the foods that you would consider “must have” in the kitchen, tomatoes will most likely be in the first place. Tomatoes, which are loved for their taste, color, smell, in short, have become indispensable in our food culture.

Tomatoes, which are included in many recipes, both on their own and with their tomato paste; It is also often preferred in salads. Widely used as a sauce, tomatoes have a wide range of uses thanks to their different varieties.


  • What is Tomato?
  • Tomato Growing: How to Grow Tomatoes?
  • What Are the Tomato Varieties?
  • How Many Calories in Tomatoes? What is the Nutritional Value?
  • What Are the Benefits of Tomatoes?
  • What Are Tomato Harms?
  • How to Dry Tomatoes?
  • Favorite Delicious Tomato Dishes

What is Tomato?

Tomato is a plant species belonging to the nightshade family. One of the most frequently asked questions about tomatoes is “Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable?”. From a scientific point of view, it can be seen as a fruit with seeds inside. It is also characterized as a vegetable with its cultivation way and light woody body. Therefore, it can be said that both definitions are correct.

Tomato is a herbaceous plant native to South and Central America. The tomato plant, which is thought to have come to Europe after the Spanish invasion of Mexico, was especially loved in the Mediterranean countries and quickly became widespread. It has become a popular food source around the world with the aroma it adds to the dishes. Tomato, which stands out with its rich nutritional value, is also very beneficial in terms of health.

Tomato Growing: How to Grow Tomatoes?

Tomatoes grow in hot and warm climates. Since it is a deep rooted plant, it will be useful to carefully plough the soil before planting. If tomato seeds are soaked for a while before planting, they will germinate more easily. Seeds should be planted at depths between 1 cm and 3 cm and then some germination water should be given. Plants that germinate under suitable conditions can be planted in seedling pits after 5 or 6 leaves have developed.

Tomato seedlings should be planted when the danger of frost in the spring disappears. It is also very important to give life water in planting. Those who plant tomatoes should pay attention to the irrigation process throughout the entire growing process.

Cleaning the weeds on the tomato field and hoeing are among the issues to be considered in tomato cultivation. Although the tomato season generally coincides with the summer and autumn months, this plant can be consumed at any time of the year thanks to greenhouse cultivation.

What Are the Tomato Varieties?

Tomato production is very common all over the world and there are many different varieties of this plant. The most commonly produced tomato in our country is the variety called inline tomato. Apart from this, there are also tomato varieties that differ according to their shape and color. Many tomato varieties such as steak tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, purple tomatoes and yellow tomatoes can find buyers in markets or markets.

How Many Calories in Tomatoes? What is the Nutritional Value?

Tomato is delicious and nutritious food. So how many calories does a tomato contain? The answer to the question of how many calories a medium-sized tomato in 110 grams contains will be approximately 19 kcal.

Tomatoes, which are rich in vitamins A and C, also contain plenty of potassium and calcium minerals. The amount of tomato protein is approximately 1 gram per 100 grams of the product.

What Are the Benefits of Tomatoes?

  • One of the most prominent features of tomato is that it is a good antioxidant.
  • Since it contains plenty of fiber, it is very beneficial for the digestive system.
  • Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals, helping to keep the immune system strong.
  • Tomatoes strengthen bones with its calcium content.
  • Tomato peel is also very useful for skin health. It helps to keep the skin beautiful and bright.

What Are Tomato Harms?

In many places, the question arises whether tomato juice is an acid or a base. Tomatoes and tomato juice are acidic because the pH value of tomatoes is in the range of 4.3 – 4.9.

Especially diabetic patients may ask questions such as whether tomatoes increase the sugar. Tomato sugar rate is about 2.6 grams per 100 grams. Diabetic patients should definitely eat tomatoes after consulting their doctor.

It will be the best solution to start the weight loss process in the company of a specialist doctor, not to favor the tomato diet-like articles on the internet.

Tomato allergy is also a common problem and those with a sensitive body should pay attention to it. Consult your doctor before consuming tomatoes to avoid harmful effects.

How to Dry Tomatoes?

It is a common method to buy tomatoes in season and dry them and then add them to the dishes. Dried tomatoes can be prepared under the sun or in the oven. Dried tomatoes can then be easily used in salads or meals.

Tomatoes can be consumed fresh as well as sweetening dishes. Among the known storage methods of tomatoes, canned tomatoes and tomato pickles take the first place.

In addition, tomatoes can be consumed in different ways such as tomato jam or tomato juice. Although tomato prices are variable, they can be sold in markets for approximately 6 TL per kilo.

Favorite Delicious Tomato Dishes

1) Soup Stunning With Its Taste

Soups are an important part of our culinary culture. You can often consume tomato soup with milk, which stands out with its unique consistency and taste, at dinner. 

2) Enhance Your Meals With Delicious Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes are also often preferred as a sauce. You can use the sauce you prepare by combining the original flavors of red pepper and tomato in many dishes. 

3) Italian Flavor Colored with Tomatoes: Gnocchi with Minced Tomato Sauce

If you want to try flavors from different cultures, gnocchi, one of the famous Italian dishes, will meet your needs. You can also win the appreciation of your guests with gnocchi enriched with minced meat and tomato sauce.

4) Three Different Flavors Together: Tomatoes with Thyme and Cheddar

You can turn tomatoes into a delicious snack that can be consumed for breakfast or snacks. You can easily use tomatoes decorated with cheddar for breakfast.

5) Add Richness to Your Breakfasts: Slices with Tomato Sauce

This taste, which you can prepare practically, will go very well with tea. The recipe, which you can consume during the day or for breakfast, will bring the flavor of tomatoes to your tables. 

6) Try Bulgur Rice Like This

You can use tomatoes to make bulgur pilaf, a popular dish, even more delicious. You can enjoy the bulgur pilaf with tomatoes along with many different juicy dishes.

7) The Indispensable of Pastas

One of the most frequently added sauces to pasta is tomato sauce. You can add a rich flavor to this popular dish with pasta with tomato sauce. 

8) A Practical and Delicious Sauce

You can prepare tomato sauce, which is frequently used in meals, in a practical way. With this delicious sauce, you can increase the consistency and taste of many dishes. 

9) Ideal For Those Who Can’t Do Without Tomatoes: Dried Tomatoes

Drying is a very good storage method for those who want to use tomatoes in different ways on their tables. You can use the tomato course you can get in this way in many recipes from salads to meals, from soup to curry. 

10) Complete Your Meal Enjoyment with Pickles

Pickles have an important place in our culinary culture. Pickles in tomato juice, which stands out as a healthy and original taste, will successfully accompany your meals. 

11) A Delicious Snack for Tea Time

Combining tomatoes, peppers and cheese, the pastry recipe will become the favorite snack of tea times. You can also beautify your presentation with the look of the pastries that you can offer to your guests. 

12) A Favorite of Soup Lovers

Among the soup varieties that are indispensable for the tables, tomato soup stands out with its consistency and taste. You can decorate this delicious recipe enriched with milk with cheddar and serve.


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