When to Change Fryer Oil?

When to Change Fryer Oil

It is extremely important to pay attention to a few important points when using the oils used for frying. Check out these important details..

It is extremely important to pay attention to a few important points when using the oils used for frying. If you pay attention to these important details, you can get more efficient results, especially when you fry items with oil at high temperatures, such as deep fryers.

How often to change fryer oil?

The timing of changing frying oils varies depending on the foods being fried. Foods that do not leave residue can wait longer for replacement. Foods that leave residue and are floury and completely sweet on the outside will shorten the lifespan of this oil.

You have the opportunity to use the frying oil, which is completely filtered and stored in suitable environments, an average of 3 times. However, it can give you an idea about the smell that occurs during cooking and the lifespan of the oil. What if it emits a heavy and disturbing odor, you can easily understand that it is time to change the oil in the fryer.

In the first stage, you apply the frying oil completely and it ensures that the food residues that have passed through during frying are completely thrown out. Can the taste of the oil deteriorate when the food residues are not dissolved? You should know that the undissolved oil may cause the food pieces to burn and smoke to be released during the next frying. Place the fried black beans aside, wait for them to cool, and then clean them with a thin cheesecloth.

After it is filtered, it must be stored in a glass jar and you must make sure that the mouth does not get air while storing. Never store it in containers such as milk or copper, because both heat and temperature are the main factors that cause it to deteriorate more quickly. If you keep it in a cool place, you can benefit from it for a longer time.

Cooking beautiful French fries with different flavors in a deep fryer is always a great convenience. If you want to be very careful about our health and be sensitive, you can use a new oil every time you fry in a new fryer, but it will not be economical. For these reasons, if you filter it correctly and store it correctly, there is no harm in using it three times.

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