Freesia Flower: Fragrant Symbol of Friendship

Freesia Flower

Freesia is a South African native flower used in weddings. Freesia, which is among the most loved ornamental plants, has spread its reputation all over the world with its delicious smell. It can be grown almost anywhere. It has a wide range of colors and an attractive scent. The odor intensity of each color differs.

It is a herbaceous plant belonging to the iris family and is a perennial. freesia flower; It is used in candles, perfumes and cosmetics. You can grow this plant at home under the right conditions to feel its wonderful scent every minute. Well, if you are wondering what season the freesia flower will be and when the freesia flower will bloom, you can continue reading this article.

Freesia Flower Meaning and Story

  • The story of the freesia flower is quite interesting. This flower was first discovered by Danish botanist Christian Friedrich Ecklon in 1866.
  • The freesia flower got its name from the German botanist Friedrich Freese.
  • Ecklon named this flower freesia to consolidate their friendship with Freese.
  • It is believed that the freesia flower honors the friendship of Ecklon and Freese.
  • Thus, the meaning of freesia flower has been friendship and trust since then.
  • In the USA, the freesia flower symbolizes the seventh wedding anniversary.
  • This flower is often preferred to express feelings of thanks and gratitude.
  • The freesia flower, which refers to the number 9 in numerology, represents self-sacrifice.
  • Freesia; It blooms in red, white, yellow, purple and pink colors. Each color has specific meanings.
  • white freesia; It symbolizes innocence, purity and hope. It is especially used in bridal bouquets.
  • Pink freesia symbolizes maternal love. It is a very suitable gift for mothers.
  • yellow freesia; symbolizes peace, innovation, joy and friendship. It can be considered as a gift alternative to your friends.
  • Red freesia represents passion. It can be a nice gift idea for Valentine’s Day.
  • purple freesia; symbolizes beauty and royalty. It can be a meaningful gift for someone special and unique.
  • Multi-colored freesia bouquets; Symbolizes thoughtfulness and friendship. You can gift it to your family and friends.

How to Care for Freesia Flowers?

Freesia flower care does not require much effort. It is a durable flower, although it is gentle. However, there are some points to be considered during maintenance. It can be grown at home, in the garden and on the balcony. How freesia flower is grown and freesia flowers when planted in the finest details about investigated for you. Here are the things to consider during the cultivation and care of the freesia flower:

Cultivation & Planting

  • It is useful to plant according to when you want the freesia flower to bloom. E.g; If you want freesia to bloom in autumn, you should plant in spring, if you want it to bloom in spring, you should plant in September.
  • Freesia does not like too much heat. Therefore, the production of freesia flowers is done in the winter, but can be planted at home anytime.
  • It is difficult to produce with the seeds of the freesia plant, so it will be easier to produce with the bulb.
  • To produce freesia with seeds, the following steps should be followed: After obtaining the seeds, soak them in warm water for 1 day. Then bury the seeds 2-3 cm deep into the soil. Freesias will take 1 month to germinate and 3 years to bloom.
  • If the freesia flower is to be grown in pots, the pot should be filled with soil 15-20 cm deep. Then you should place the bulbs or seeds 5 cm apart.


  • After planting, the irrigation phase is very important. When the plant starts to sprout, you should take care to keep the soil moist. Freesia needs moisture during the growing phase.
  • Freesia flowers should be watered every day after planting. When the first shoots begin to appear, you should switch to the drip irrigation method.
  • If yellowing has started to appear on the leaves of the freesia flower, you should stop watering.
  • During irrigation, you should irrigate without damaging the soil.


  • The soil of the freesia plant should be soft and humous. Loves fertile soil.
  • When choosing fertilizer, you should prefer fertilizer that does not contain phosphate.
  • flower soil; It should be slightly alkaline, sandy and have a high drainage level.
  • Freesia also grows on clay soils, but they are short in length.

Environment & Positioning

  • The ambient temperature where you keep the freesia flower should be at 14-18 degrees Celsius.
  • It does not like excessive light and non-light environments. Therefore, you should not expose the freesia flower to direct sunlight.
  • When high light intensity and high temperature are combined, flower quality decreases.
  • If the temperature is high when the flowering period begins, the number of leaves increases and the number of flowering decreases.

Pot Selection

  • When choosing a pot, you should pay attention to the fact that there is a layer under the pot.
  • The pot should have holes through which excess water will flow.
  • Wide and deep pots ensure successful growth of the flower.
  • It will be beneficial to grow the freesia flower in soil or ceramic pots.

Freesia Flower Properties

It has many freesia flower characteristics. But the most well-known freesia flower features are as follows:

  • Freesia; It is in the category of bulbous and tuberous ornamental plants.
  • It has a unique smell and has a beautiful appearance.
  • There are 14 main types with and without layers.
  • The average height of this plant is 50-75 cm. The pot size varies between 20-35 cm.
  • In the summer months when the weather gets too hot, its leaves dry up and its bulbs sleep, this is called korm.
  • It is among the most used ornamental plants.
  • It has thin sword leaves. Leaf length is between 15-30 cm.
  • They bloom once a year and the number of flowers they open each year is not fixed.

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