Orchid Care: Propagation, Pruning and Repotting

Orchid Care

Flowers change the mood of the house and then its color. No matter what flower it is, if it has found a corner in a house, it requires attention and care like a baby. Unfortunately, the flowers that are neglected will fade. A faded flower then leaves its owner sad. If you have a kind of flower in your home that you received or received as a gift, be sure to take care of it. For a happy mind and a house full of positive energies, have colorful flowers in the most beautiful corner of your home.

In this article, we are discussing the most elegant and delicate orchid of flowers. We answer the frequently asked questions about the orchid flower one by one. How to care for orchids with the finest details? What are the orchid pruning tips? What should be considered about orchid watering? We satisfy many orchid curiosity here. The secret of life of orchid flowers is in these lines!

If you are enthusiastic about orchid care, what you need to do is to guide the information we have compiled for you. The symbol of elegance, the representative of simple pleasures, the care of the orchid flower includes certain tricks. If you have bought a new orchid flower for your home or received a gift, the answer to your question of how to care for orchids is waiting for you in the sub-headings, have a pleasant reading!

Orchid Flower Characteristics and Types

  • Orchid flower is one of the long-lasting flowers.
  • It has the feature of opening more than one during the year. The family in which it is found is the family of salepgiller.
  • It has a long stem and green leaves.
  • It has a structure that adapts to growing in greenhouse, pot and home environment.
  • A few features of the orchid are very interesting: It can change its color to facilitate pollination.
  • Sometimes it is seen that it also changes its smell and shape. When you cut the orchid flowers from top to bottom in the middle, you can see that half of them have symmetry to the other half.
  • You can gift the orchid flower, which is admired for its elegant appearance, to your loved ones.
  • You can make the other party happy by buying orchids during hospital visits, birthday celebrations, opening a workplace, celebrating the new academic year or whenever you feel like it.
  • Orchid gives an aesthetically elegant appearance in the area where it is located. Besides, it does not tire the person who is given as a gift, as it is easy to care for.
  • If you want to receive a gift in the most sensitive situations, such as heartfelt, pleasing and valuing; You can send the orchid with a small note to the other party.
  • The orchid, which you will grow by keeping the soil moist and protecting it from direct sun in an airy environment, will add color to your home and office environments.
  • Thanks to the orchid, which refreshes the oxygen where it is located, both your heart and body will be relaxed.
  • Orchid is consumed as herbal tea when powdered . In this way, it is effective for respiratory ailments.
  • It also eliminates the pains of the menstrual period.
  • It accelerates blood circulation in winter and keeps your body warm.
  • It carries peace in the orchid pot and healing in the cup.
  • Orchid is grown in the mountains within the borders of Cyprus.
  • It has been extensively cultivated in greenhouses.
  • Orchids are generally preferred in white color.
  • There are also yellow, pink, purple and blue colors.
  • Orchid varieties vary according to the shape of their flowers.
  • The Dacula Simia species is known to resemble a monkey’s face.
  • Phalaenopsis species, on the other hand, attracts attention with its variegated flowers.
  • Orchis Italica is like a miniature human.
  • Pychotria Elata, on the other hand, resembles a lip with red lipstick.
  • Radiata is on the branch like a white dove.
  • Orchids, which you can obtain from almost every flower shop, will welcome you with a variety of colors.
  • Orchid seeds are sold in packages.

How to Care for Orchids?

  • Have no idea about caring for orchids? Are you looking for tips on caring for orchid flower?
  • You are at the right address! Orchid care and tips at home have been arranged for you with useful information.
  • The orchid care, which is a simple but effective flower that requires meticulous care despite its longevity, is as follows:
  • Orchid is a flower that needs care.
  • Soil, irrigation periods, pruning should be done with care.
  • This oxygen-loving flower can be a suitable choice for your home.
  • You can be comfortable in your home on the East, West and South facades.
  • Orchid soil should be mixed soil.
  • You will not have to exhaust yourself to prepare the orchid soil consisting of pine bark and various moss.
  • Because the type of soil that is specially produced for the orchid to live, is available in places that sell flower materials.
  • When the winter season comes, make sure that the temperature of the house is not less than 16 degrees. Because orchids cannot survive in temperatures below 16 degrees.
  • Since it likes a humid environment, it asks to spray its leaves with water from time to time.
  • Vitamin supplements should be given to orchids once a year.
  • Vitamins make it last longer and more efficient.
  • If you have noticed small brown spots on the flowers, we can say that the health of your flower has deteriorated.
  • You will need to fertilize for the health of the orchid.
  • Fertilizing should be done according to the seasons throughout the year.
  • You should fertilize once a month in winter cold and every week if possible in summer heat.
  • Avoid overdosing when fertilizing. Dense fertilizer destabilizes the flower and withers it.

How Is Orchid Pruning Done?

  • It is necessary to prune the orchid for a healthier growth.
  • In the pruning process, dead leaves are cleaned.
  • September and November are suitable for orchid pruning.
  • It is necessary to remove dry leaves without damaging the trunk.
  • If you add cinnamon or charcoal powder to the roots after pruning, you will protect them from bacteria.
  • If the flower stalk has turned very dark, it will be appropriate to cut it close to the stem.

How to Propagate Orchid?

  • If you want your orchid to reproduce, you can wait for the most suitable period and reproduce.
  • You will need to apply a special technique for this.
  • With this technique called Keiki, you can reproduce the orchid in a different pot. You should follow these steps:
  • There are small orchids at the ends of the orchid. You can see these puppies in the spring.
  • You need to get these puppies when their roots are long enough.
  • Be careful, you can reproduce if there are at least 2 leaves and roots.
  • Put the keikis you bought in a transparent flower pot. Store in a cool and slightly windy place.
  • Evening breezes are very important for this process.
  • After a while, the roots will begin to become more prominent. Thus, your orchid reproduction process is completed.
  • You can plant it in suitable soil. Growing and healthy orchids will bloom in 2 or 6 months.

How to Water an Orchid?

  • Orchid, which is a moisture-loving flower, will need water from time to time.
  • Watering twice a week is ideal.
  • You can give a clean glass of water to your flower.
  • It may be a choice to give the needed water by immersion in a bucket.
  • Another option is to water the roots under the tap.
  • The most productive hours are morning and afternoon.
  • During these times, you should pay attention to watering.
  • It will be good for the health of the flower if there is no water under the pot; otherwise it will dry out your excess chicken pox.

How to Change the Orchid Pot?

  • A small pot of about 10 cm will be sufficient for the orchid to maintain its vitality comfortably.
  • The root of the flower should not be crushed in the pot, you should pay attention to this issue.
  • The best season for repotting is spring.
  • You can transfer your flower to a new pot, such as the end of May or the beginning of April.
  • If the roots of the plant have started to come out, it indicates that it is time to change the pot.
  • When changing the pot, do not forget to take the special orchid soil, which consists of airy materials.
  • Recently, transparent pots are preferred for orchids.
  • The purpose of this is to control the root of the plant.
  • Whether there is an insect or not is better understood in a transparent pot.
  • In addition, the roots make better use of the sun.
  • It may also be a good idea to add a specially produced orchid food after a repotting. This food gives the orchid vitamins.

Why Does Orchid Dry?

Has your orchid flower faded and dried recently? If you’re wondering why, let’s explain it right away. Orchid disease, such as mold or fungus growth, can occur when some details are overlooked. The reasons for drying orchids are:

  • If you give too much water to the flower,
  • If you are dehydrated for a long time,
  • If it has been exposed to very strong wind,
  • If it has been affected by arid heat,
  • If its roots are out,
  • If the pot has not been taken care of,
  • If you neglected to fertilize,
  • If you forget to spray your leaves from time to time, your orchid will dry out, indicating that it has been neglected.

Orchid Meanings by Color

  • White: Innocence, grace,
  • Fuchsia: The feeling of purity and cuteness,
  • Yellow: feeling of warmth, friendship,
  • Purple: Nobility,
  • Blue: It represents great love.

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