Nutrition for bowel disease

Acute and chronic diseases of the small intestine – enteritis, as well as of the large intestine – colitis, require a special way of eating. Sometimes there is a combined bowel disease – enterocolitis .

With it, many functions of the intestine are disturbed, which leads to protein, vitamin and mineral deficiency of the body, disturbance of metabolism and exhaustion.

The right foods for bowel disease

Nutrition for bowel diseases is aimed at providing the body with a full normalization of the metabolism and helping to restore the impaired bowel function .

Products that support the recovery of bowel functions in terms of peristalsis are:

– honey;

– jam;

– salted fish and pickles;

– smoked meats;

– canned meat and fish;

– sour fruits;

– yoghurt.

In addition, foods rich in fiber should be consumed – legumes, nuts, mushrooms, dried fruits, whole grain bread, oatmeal, buckwheat, wheat, raw fruits and vegetables.

It is recommended to eat meat – veal , turkey and chicken, as well as rabbit and lamb. Cream, egg yolks, oil and olive oil are also recommended products.

Sauerkraut, ice cream are useful for intestinal peristalsis.

Attention! All of the above products are not recommended for bowel diseases accompanied by gastrointestinal upset.

Forbidden foods in intestinal diseases with diarrhea

If the intestinal disease is accompanied by diarrhea, it is recommended to consume products that slow down the motor function of the intestines.

These are jellies from pears, quinces, black and green strong tea, cocoa prepared with water. Porridges and cream soups , drinks and dishes that have been heated in advance are also recommended . These foods are not recommended for constipation.

Gut-friendly foods that don’t affect motor function

The products that support the recovery of the intestines, but do not affect their motor function, are:

– boiled meat without fat;

– boiled fish without skin;

– semolina;

– white bread crumbs.

The process of rotting in the intestines is provoked by products rich in carbohydrates and fiber. Sour milk products help prevent this process, so don’t be afraid to eat desserts with yogurt or milk jellies .


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