How about making a drink that is both delicious and increases the feeling of satiety with less ingredients! Thanks to this delicious drink, it will be easier for you to lose weight. So how? Here is the recipe for a homemade drink that will increase your feeling of fullness, its preparation, ingredients and tricks… We also got the list of foods that help increase your feeling of fullness from the dietitian and the tricks of applications that can help you feel full for a longer time with simple adjustments you will make in your diet during the day. But first, let’s give the recipe and preparation of our drink, which is both simple to prepare and very delicious…

Thanks to this drink that you will drink glass by glass and you will love its taste, your feeling of fullness will last longer and it will be easier for you to lose weight. This drink, which you can make with a few simple ingredients at home, is also very healthy.



  • 1 glass of warm water
  • Half a lemon
  • 1 peach

To sweeten;

  • Honey or cinnamon


  • Squeeze lemon into 1 glass of warm water, add half a teaspoon of honey.
  • Chop half a peach and mix.
  • Wait for a while and drink lukewarm.
  • Be careful not to let the water sit too long.

Note; You can also use green apples for this recipe. Using cinnamon instead of honey is much more helpful in balancing blood sugar.


Dietitian Berrin Yiğit states that there are very simple tricks to suppress these needs. For example, certain foods speed up the brain’s fat-burning message. Yiğit talked about simple ways to trick the brain for Posta.com.tr readers.

1. Consume foods that accelerate the brain’s fat burning command!

Consume celery, leek, cabbage, purslane and spinach more often. These foods speed up the brain’s fat burning message.

2. Consume kefir instead of yogurt

Opt for kefir instead of yogurt. If you are going to eat yogurt, make sure it is homemade. Be sure to sprinkle finely chopped dill and black cumin in yogurt because of its appetite suppressant properties.

3. Harness the power of spices!

Create a mixture of equal parts turmeric, ginger, black pepper, chili flakes, mint, thyme, sumac, coriander and cumin, due to their metabolism-boosting properties. Use it abundantly in your soups, grills and salad dressings. You can even add it to yogurt and tzatziki.

4. Consume more fish

Try to eat fish instead of meat.

5. Prepare salads from dark green vegetables

Prepare your salads with dark greens. Add colorful vegetables in it.

6. Manage your metabolism for faster fat burning, command early

The body spends more energy to burn proteins. Therefore, it works more actively. Starting your meal with protein will allow your metabolism to take command sooner. Contrary to what we are used to, start your meal with protein first. Consume the soup last.

7. Time to drink water is important!

Drink the water before eating. Be sure to drink half a liter of water before meals. But definitely before the meal… Not after the first bite!

8. Make sure to add lemon and cinnamon to your herbal teas.

Do not forget to drink herbal tea during the day. Especially prefer green tea and mate. Brew your teas with lemon slice, cloves and cinnamon. Thus, your blood sugar will be balanced and you will prevent sweet crises.

9. Add buckwheat to your soups and your body will think you’re getting carbohydrates.

Cook your soups mainly with vegetables. If possible, add 1-2 tablespoons of chia seeds, buckwheat or lentils. Especially buckwheat is a savior for carb lovers. Buckwheat makes you feel like you’ve taken carbs and actually eat a meal high in protein.

10. To avoid sweet cravings, stay away from fruit for a while, give yourself 2 weeks

If you have started a new diet, do not eat fruit in your meals in order not to experience a sweet crisis in the first days. If you want to stay away from sweets, stay away from sweeteners that stimulate sugar cravings. The sense of taste changes in 2 weeks. After two weeks, your sugar threshold drops, and you’re satisfied with more natural flavors (like dried or fresh fruit). In fact, table sugar starts to get heavy over time. Cutting sugar is getting rid of addiction, be patient.

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