Eggplant: Burning eggplant stalks solves 4 big things


Eggplant is quite popular because it can make a variety of dishes, has an attractive taste and helps to lose weight. On the part of the eggplant, there is something that you often throw away, but it brings many benefits. That is the eggplant stalk, it can solve many problems in life.

Cure toothache

Those who often have toothache, after eating eggplant, remember to keep the stem. Using a lighter to burn the eggplant stalk into a powder, dip a cotton swab in some eggplant powder and apply it to the painful tooth, which can effectively relieve our toothache. If we can’t buy a pain reliever for a toothache, we can try this method.

Clear heat, detoxify

The second miraculous effect of the eggplant plant, perhaps not everyone knows it: Eggplant has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. So how to use eggplant to clear heat and detoxify? The method is very simple: We just need to take out a few eggplant stalks, put them in the refrigerator for half a day. When needed, take it out of the pot, add a little water and cook for 5 minutes. Drinking boiled eggplant water will help clear heat and detoxify the body.

Eliminate bathroom odors

The bathroom is wet, so there are many bacteria to grow and develop. At this point, use a lighter to burn the eggplant stem. You don’t need to burn for too long, just let the eggplant stalks wither. After burning, put the eggplant stalk in the bathroom, then close the bathroom door, leave it for a while. After 2-3 hours, when opening the bathroom door and entering, you will find that the bathroom has no special smell, only the scent of eggplant.

Stop bleeding

For example, when we are cutting vegetables and accidentally cut our fingers with a knife, you can use eggplant stalks to stop bleeding, very effective. The operation steps are very simple: You just need to use a lighter to burn the eggplant stem black, grind it into powder and then apply it on bleeding areas such as bleeding gums, fingers, you can stop the bleeding immediately.

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