Does Honey Expire?

Does honey expire

Does honey expire? On the conservation side of honey, we mean everything and its opposite. Some never exceed the date of minimum durability; others are a little less strict and believe that sugar is a natural preservative which makes honey imperishable. What is it really? Does honey expire and, if not, why is there a date on the jar? We tell you everything.

Does honey expire?

Honey does not expire. And that for several reasons. First of all, it contains a lot of sugar. Just look at the candies that have been lying around in the glove compartment of your car for 2 years to understand it; they haven’t budged a bit thanks to the sugar which acts as a natural preservative. But that’s not the only reason that honey doesn’t expire.

Honey is to bacteria what the desert is to people

Honey is a product that contains very little water. However, if your beef bourguignon or your cheese mold, it is because they contain water. Without water, no bacteria that settle. And without bacteria, no mold and expiry. CQFD. But be careful: honey can only be stored if it is kept in a dry place. If it’s exposed to moisture, it’s doomed.

The difference between honey and desert is the temperature. When you freeze or put a dish in the refrigerator, it is to slow down the proliferation of bacteria. They reproduce at high speed when it’s hot. To avoid taking any risks, do not store your honey in very hot places.

Honey, the new natural disinfectant?

Maybe your grandmother has already given you some of her little miracle cures, starting with brushing honey on a wound. Know that his idea, as surprising as it is, is based on a rather logical reasoning.

Honey, thanks to its composition, produces a natural antibiotic (which notably prevents the infection of wounds). It is very useful to avoid the proliferation of bacteria in the pot.

Why do we write a date on the jars of honey?

You have to know how to distinguish between the use-by date and the minimum durability date. Once the second date has passed (DDM), the product remains completely consumable without risk to health.


The product may simply lose taste, change a little in color or texture. In the case of honey, it can solidify or crystallize. It’s not bad, don’t worry. In good conditions (away from heat and humidity), you can easily keep your honey for two years.


Now that you know exactly how and how long to keep your honey without spoiling, choose good quality honey and beware of fake honey.

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