Healthy Foods: Canned Vegetables vs. Dried Vegetables

Healthy Foods
Healthy Foods

Legumes are part of the food group with the greatest variety. They are loaded with nutritional components and are also part of the list of healthy foods. However, to offer greater possibilities to people, canned vegetables have been launched on the market, which, like dried vegetables, have their advantages and disadvantages.

Canned vegetables are products processed by cooking at an industrial level and come ready for consumption, inside a can or glass container. Instead, fresh or dried legumes come in bulk so you can hydrate and cook them at home. The relationship between these two types of food is that they are natural to begin with , as well as being very nutritious.

Canned vegetables vs fresh vegetables

If you are a lover of healthy food and full of nutrients, legumes cannot be missing from your diet. They provide benefits for physical and mental health . How you consume them is a bit of an aside because canned and dried legumes have certain nutrients in common.

Sodium is higher in canned vegetables . While minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron and fiber are not as present as in dried legumes. The absence or presence of nutrients in this canned food is due to the cooking process it undergoes before it is put on the market.

Leaving aside the nutritional differences, the two types of legumes have advantages and disadvantages that you can take advantage of for a diet loaded with vitamins and minerals . For example, if you have a job that takes up most of your time, canned vegetables can help you in the kitchen since they come ready to eat.

By having products ready in portions, you will have the ability to prepare a variety of dishes, for a defined number of people. The purchase will even be more controlled, although it is never enough to have legumes at home, as specialists recommend their intake to maintain a balanced diet , preferably dry.

In the case of fresh legumes, they give you the option to control the amount of sodium. By soaking them and during cooking, the percentage of minerals will decrease a little, however it is still higher than its competition. The rest of its nutrients remain a very satiating food. They are also low in energy density.

When preparing dried legumes, you can have full control over their level of doneness , as well as being able to use other natural components. In other words, you will carry out the process from scratch with the aim of guaranteeing a completely natural food. Not to say that canned beans are not, but some people prefer to have maximum control over the components of their food.

Maintain a healthy diet with legumes

If you are one of the people who wonders which of the legumes offers the highest percentage of nutrients, the answer may not be entirely definitive. Canned, it doubles the caloric intake , in addition to the sodium that we already mentioned. Dried, they also have some loss of micronutrients in the soaking and cooking process . However, it still has less sodium.

In view of these aspects and taking into account the nutritional value of each of them, dried legumes are the best option for a healthy diet . It helps you take care of the general health of the organism. You can prepare them under supervision, controlling the added elements and adapting them to your tastes and preferences.

Canned vegetables are also beneficial, especially if the weather is against you. However, consumption should be occasional , as it is a food loaded with sodium and calories that are rarely favorable. To reduce the percentage of sodium, wash the legumes with plenty of water and let them drain.

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