Catering Dishes: The choice of dishes for catering

Catering Dishes

Catering Dishes; Dishes are one of the key points in the organization of any catering. Its aesthetic appearance and quality are just as important as the taste of the dishes prepared or the correct service. Strong, beautiful dishes will look great for a long time, they are convenient to use and reliable in use.

Coming out of this, it is worth noting the main criteria for choosing dishes for catering:

  • Aesthetic look. The dishes should not only be beautiful, but also match the style of the room. It is important that all tableware items in the set are ideally combined with each other, emphasizing the design of the establishment, and, at the same time, expressing their individuality.
  • Resistance to mechanical stress and temperature changes. Reliable sturdy cookware costs a little more than regular cookware, but it always justifies itself with its service life. High-quality dishes do not burst under the influence of temperatures, they remain intact when they hit the sink and come into contact with other dishes. After a short time, when ordinary dishes require another update, durable ones confidently continue their service.
  • Ease of use. High-quality dishes are easy to serve without fear that a careless touch will lead to a fight. It is also easy to clean, dishwasher, store and store. All this makes the work of the staff easier, making it possible to pay more attention to the quality of service.

Porcelain dishes have such characteristics of quality, beauty and grace. It is her that is preferred by most of the highest level catering establishments. A large assortment of china ware for cafes is available on the website of the KlenMarket company. The company’s designers will select flawless serving items that will harmoniously complement the overall concept of your establishment.

How many dishes do you need for catering?

The number of necessary dishes is usually determined by the number of seats in the hall, and this number is multiplied by three. This is the minimum, but depending on the position of the catering, kitchen items may be needed 4 times more than there are seats. In order to save money, most restaurateurs buy tableware in bulk, because the purchase of large quantities is always cheaper.

You need to take care of the choice of dishes a few months before the opening, and if you need items with a special decor or logo, then it is better to place an order six months in advance.

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