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What is Date

Flavor from the Holy Land Dates

Dates are the only fruit we eat, especially when breaking the fast, with their sweet taste. The food, which is sold in dried form as one of the sweet fruits with its original taste, is a food that has started to enter homes more often thanks to its benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at this food.

What is Date?

Date, which we know by mentioning its name a lot in the Qur’an, is a member of the palm family. Fruitful date palms, which are a type of palm just like the coconut, can grow up to 30 meters. Date fruits, which grow in vineyards on the tree, which evaluates every aspect from its fruit to its leaves, are among the oldest foods in human history with their high nutritional values.

Dates, which are grown in hot climates and come to our table from the holy lands with their structure identified with Arabia, are consumed as fresh dates and dried dates. The date fruit, which is golden yellow in its fresh state and has a smoother outer surface, is known in our country for its dried rather than fresh.

What Are the Benefits of Dates?

  • It is one of the heart-friendly foods because it does not contain cholesterol, which balances blood pressure with its high nutritional values.
  • It supports the strengthening of memory with vitamins A and B and is known to be beneficial against the prevention of memory loss.
  • Food that regulates the digestive system because it contains fiber; It is a natural remedy against problems such as gas, bloating, intestinal discomfort. Especially getting rid of stomach bloating is among the benefits of palm kernel.
  • Vinegar made from the fruit, which is a remedy for those suffering from anemia by strengthening the bones with its calcium and iron-containing structure, has an appetizing effect.
  • Unlike the date fruit, which suppresses the feeling of hunger, regulating digestion in people with anorexia when consumed on an empty stomach is among the benefits of palm vinegar.
  • If you consume dates regularly; You control your blood sugar.
  • Thanks to the dates added to the diet program, you can provide satiety for a long time.
  • Every type of date is a source of healing for you. If you want to strengthen your immune system; You can take care to consume a moderate amount of dates during the day.

What are the Calories and Nutritional Value of Dates?

  • Date, which is the first food eaten at iftar tables, is one of the foods that we call a vitamin store, because it quickly raises blood sugar with its sugary taste.
  • Dates, which contain many minerals such as protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber, as well as potassium, selenium, iron, chlorine, sulfur, which we cannot count, carry vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C, D, K in terms of vitamins and provide everyone with nutritional values. surprises.
  • The total fat content in 100 grams of dates is 0.4 g, sodium 2 mg, potassium 656 mg, carbohydrates 75 g and protein 2.5 g.
  • Since it is a sugary fruit in addition to its nutritional value, one wonders how many calories are in 1 date . There are about 25 calories in one date, which has 281 calories in 100 grams.
  • Although it is thought that it will make you gain weight with its high sugar content, it suppresses the feeling of hunger with the benefit of dates that balance blood sugar.
  • It supports weight loss as a date diet by preventing overeating at meals.
  • Exquisite fit recipes are made for dieters to benefit from dates.
  • You can also consume dates during the weight loss process by trying low-calorie date recipes. Moreover, since fit recipes with dates will be an energy bomb, they will give you the energy you need before and after sports.

Where Do Date Palm Trees Grow?

  • Date tree, identified with Arab societies, loves hot and dry climates.
  • The fruit is grown in large gardens in the desert climate of North Africa and the Middle East, along with the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Especially since ancient times, date gardens have been established around the Persian Gulf . Although date palm is a tree of the arid desert climate, this does not mean that no date trees grow in Turkey.
  • Species that require lower temperatures in Turkey are grown in Mediterranean and Cyprus environments.
  • Along with where it grows, the question of how the date palm grows or how it grows is also very curious.
  • It is a fruit that requires patience during the growing process of the date. Adult trees are separated into male and female, just like humans. Trees that change into masculine and feminine bear fruit by the method of fertilization.

What Are the Types of Dates?

There are dozens of different types of dates, which are mentioned among the blessings of heaven, and their types usually vary depending on the region where they are grown. The most widely known types are:

  • hudri
  • Freckled
  • Mebrum
  • Safavid
  • They are dates of Arabian origin, which are known as Medjou Dates.
    It is one of the most consumed dates from Medina in Turkey.
  • Mebrum
  • Mabroom varieties are distinguished by their soft dry fruits.
  •  Deglet Noor Date, originating from Algeria and Tunisia, gains taste with its semi-dry and gummy consistency. Of course, we should not forget the dates of Iranian origin.
  • While Dayri is a large and black variety in Iranian dates,
  • Bahri is the sweetest,
  • Emir Hac is among the semi-sweet and fleshy dates.

What are the Harms of Date?

  • Healthy people do not encounter any side effects when they consume dates correctly. However, due to its sugary nature, dates cannot be consumed excessively for diabetics.
  • Since it can quickly mix with the blood and cause lubrication, those with weight problems should consume it in the right amount, because when consumed excessively, the slimming-supporting properties of dates react negatively.
  • You can say goodbye to sugar by consciously consuming the fruit, which can cause headaches and damage the spleen when consumed in excess.
  • If the date you consume is too sugary for you, you should not consume more than 1-2 pieces.
  • You can also remove the sugar taste from your palate by drinking plenty of water after eating dates. Since dates are high in sugar, it is recommended to consume them in moderation.

How to Store Dates?

  • It is quite easy to store the dates that usually come to our table in dried form.
  • Food, which is suitable to be stored in the back of the refrigerator in hot summer months, can be kept in environments where the temperature is not too high, in an airtight way.
  • Preserving fresh dates requires a little more care. The food, which is very suitable for decay in its fresh form, is packaged and stored in the freezer.
  • When it is to be consumed, it is necessary to extract only as much as necessary. Instead of washing fresh dates under water, it is sufficient to wipe them with a wet napkin.

Uses of Dates

  • The date, which we are used to eating as dried fruit, is a fruit that is evaluated from head to toe.
  • Palm oil is obtained from the tree and its fruits and is used in alternative medicine.
  • Again palm derived from trees and curing used palm juice Another name with palm kernel used in energy resources, while gynecology palm leaves, consumed as tea and palm pollen is effective in treating infertility obtained from flowers.
  • Date syrup and date molasses are among the products that are eaten on an empty stomach as vitamin supplements.
  • Date powder, which is also used as a vitamin supplement, is obtained from the palm kernel and can be consumed as coffee.
  • The palm vinegar used in the kitchen adds an aromatic flavor to the dishes thanks to its taste.
  • Date vinegar, with its unique taste, is an alternative choice against classic salad dressings. Sugar made from dates is a delicious snack.

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