Indoor garden in winter: which plants should you choose?

Indoor garden in winter

Indoor garden in winter. Succulents, cypress or lettuce, plants and vegetables also like your home in winter. We tell you everything to enjoy an indoor garden even when the temperatures drop.

In spring and summer, plants bring joy and color to our interiors. If in autumn, pumpkins are sometimes used to decorate our houses, we often leave the vegetation outside the house. However, there are plants that will be happy to settle on your windowsills . With little or no upkeep, plants can also come to your home in winter. Explanations.

Plants that are easy to maintain at home

In winter, we don’t necessarily want to spend time taking care of our plants. We prefer to stay under the duvet or by the fire to stay warm. However, several plants would be perfect in your home because they will bring a little vegetation and color without requiring your attention .

  • terrariums

The terrarium is the ideal plant companion when you do not necessarily have a green thumb but still want to have a little greenery at home. Indeed, terrariums are real living decorative objects that do not require that much maintenance. In winter, remember to place your terrariums near a window so that they can benefit from natural light for as long as possible and water them once a week if necessary. So as not to submerge it in water, observe the state and color of the foam: it must be green and constantly moist.

  • Succulents

Some succulents are grown in water so for a unique decoration, don’t hesitate to choose pretty jars, jars, glass bottles… to brighten up your interior with these beautiful plants. You will enjoy watching the roots grow with the children: it’s the perfect activity to introduce them to gardening!

  • Tillandsias

Also called “Daughter of the air”, these are the plants you need to decorate your interior in an original and colorful way . These plants are very pretty, especially in the flowering period. To maintain them, it is advisable to keep them at an angle to facilitate their drying after having watered them. You can therefore hang them on a stone, on wood or even use them to create an ultra-trendy green wall . Question watering, some varieties of tillandsia like water baths while others will only support a few drops of spray, so ask a professional at the time of purchase. Place your plant near a window and in winter, avoid leaving them in a room that is too hot or too cold.

Winter: plants that resist low temperatures

Cypress, oxalis triangularis and dwarf palm, report  ! Indeed, these plants are all good in winter because they do not need direct light and are resistant to low temperatures. In addition to being appreciated in winter, these plants offer your interior a vegetal side that we love with bright colors. They are therefore perfect for an exotic or rustic decoration.

Vegetables to grow indoors in winter

And yes, it is possible! You can grow some vegetables at home, even in winter, thanks to an indoor vegetable garden . But beware, winter remains a dreaded season for most plants… You have to take care of your little shoots and ensure a good environment: temperature, light, cutting, watering … Many factors must be taken into account for recreate the natural environment of our plants.

For the more courageous, you can also try water culture with certain vegetables such as leeks, lettuce or celery . So, to your watering cans!

Once spring returns, you can plant outside again. Nothing prevents you from already thinking about it by being accompanied by the free personalized Plantfit service !


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