Coconut Oil: Be careful when using coconut oil!

Coconut Oil

In addition to the benefits of coconut oil , which has become very popular in recent years , it also attracts attention with its more affordable price compared to other natural oils. You can use coconut oil, which is multi-purpose and very effective, in your meals, you can apply it to your skin and hair, but if you do not pay attention to a few details, it can cause acne and have problems with your hair. 

It is a carrier oil with high beneficial fatty acids that can be applied directly to the skin. It has many beneficial effects on hair and skin. It is a powerful source of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, E, K, vitamin C, iron , many beneficial fatty acids such as stearic, oleic and myristic , and beneficial acid derivatives such as betaines, ethanolamide, ethoxylates and esters .

  • These vitamins, minerals and a wide range of beneficial fatty acids heal and nourish damaged skin  .
  • It can be applied to the whole body and relieves irritation and redness, especially after showering.
  • The beneficial fatty acids and derivatives in its content increase the production of collagen in the skin.
  • It is a powerful moisturizer , besides instantly moisturizing your skin, it increases the moisture capacity of the skin in regular use . Its hydration property is even effective in preventing rashes that come with dry skin, such as atopic dermatitis.
  • Thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties , it helps to protect the skin from bacteria and of course acne , but on the other hand , it is very important to use it correctly so that it does not cause acne on your skin .
  • Thanks to the vitamin E and many antioxidant substances in its content, it also helps you to even out the skin tone .

Benefits of coconut oil not counting. Recent research shows that coconut oil can improve the protective barrier functions of the skin and have an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces acne. 


Coconut oil has very beneficial effects that you can use safely for your skin and hair, but it is very important to use it correctly!

Coconut oil has a comedone level of 4. This means it ‘s too dense for your skin and can clog your pores . Therefore , you should know how to use it.

“The oils and certain ingredients used in cosmetics are ranked according to their likelihood of clogging the pores. According to this ranking, called the comedogenic scale, a numbering system between 0 and 5 is used, and as the comedogenic feature of the oils increases, the value on the scale increases.” Natural oils with high levels of comedones, such as coconut oil, can still be very beneficial for your skin, but you should cleanse them very well and not leave them on your skin for more than a certain period of time.

  • After using coconut oil, be sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin with warm water and washable cleansing products.
  • Since it is quite dense, be careful not to bring it around the eyes when using it on your face.
  • When you use it on your scalp, you need to make sure that your hair roots are thoroughly cleansed.


Coconut oil is also very effective on acne, but good purification is also important at this point. Otherwise, it can become the cause of acne with the opposite effect!

In fact , applying coconut oil , which contains almost 49% lauric acid, to the skin kills acne-causing bacteria and increases moisture, which can reduce acne scars. However, since it is comedogenic, experts state that after keeping it on your skin for 15-20 minutes , it should be purified with warm water and a cleanser.

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