Pineapple: The fruit in syrup composed of beneficial macronutrients for health.


Eating fruit in syrup has become quite popular in Spain, especially when we talk about pineapple , a tropical fruit quite rich in vitamins that has an exquisite flavor. For the preparation of this sweet, it depends on the cooking times and of the temperature of the mixture, so that the syrup will have one thickness or another, since its categories range from 18 degrees Celsius to 39 degrees, in this way if it exceeds 40 degrees, we would be obtaining caramel and not syrup.

Pineapple in syrup contains a large amount of sugar , so it is much less healthy than fresh pineapple , which is why the World Health Organization has recommended reducing the consumption of free sugars, so that we avoid eating those sweets not found in fresh whole fruits and vegetables.

Why is it not good to eat pineapple in syrup?

The biggest problem with consuming pineapple in syrup is the simple fact that it is related to deteriorating health for various diseases such as obesity , diabetes or hypertension , the discovery of this information is due to a published study that showed as a result that added sugar increases the risk of suffering from hypertension, while fructose, that is, those sugars that are found naturally in fruits, are a protective factor against these diseases.

The caloric value of pineapple in syrup is much higher than that contained in fresh fruit , due to the added sugars, likewise, the process that is carried out to syrup the pineapple has other consequences, such as the total reduction of contribution of fiber , since on the contrary one of the advantages of consuming whole and fresh fruit is that it provides a large amount of fiber , therefore it must be taken into account that when ingesting them in syrup, these properties disappear.

In addition, the vitamins present in pineapple , such as vitamin C or B , as well as other minerals and nutrients , such as potassium, reduce their concentration after the syrup process, unlike sodium, which is increased by preservatives. which are added.

However, it should be mentioned that pineapple preserved in its juice also has some disadvantages , due to the thermal process to which it is subjected for its conservation, its bromelain content decreases , a digestive enzyme that has sulfur, so that it helps to digest proteins by breaking them down into amino acids.

Benefits of fresh pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical fruit native to South America, it is a fairly complete and very nutritious food, all thanks to the fact that it contains a high amount of vitamins , nutrients and minerals , in addition to having the bromelain enzyme in its properties and having beta- carotene , so that it becomes the ideal fruit to flavor various dishes, juices and obtain health benefits.

  • Strengthens both the immune system and the bones.
  • It is low in calories and rich in fiber, so it helps take care of the intestine and facilitate digestion.
  • Thanks to the enzyme bromelain, it favors the prevention of blood clots.
  • Helps eliminate body fat.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation in the joints.
  • Reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

The benefits obtained from the consumption of pineapple are many, and the best of all is that it can be enjoyed in different ways, either in a rich salad , a juice , as an exotic drink, in various dishes such as pizza, or even eating it alone as a snack, without a doubt that improves the health of our body.

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