Why should you include grapefruit in your diet?

include grapefruit in your diet

Grapefruit  is a fruit capable of offering up to  30 milligrams more of vitamin C that the body needs per day to function properly In addition, it is recognized and valued for its diuretic and slimming power , reasons why many people consider it for their regular diet.

This citrus fruit from the great family of Rutaceae is characterized by its peculiar taste between acid and bitter , but also for being an important source of minerals,  essential for the revitalization of the human body.

Its properties are abundant and although of all the citrus fruits in the world, grapefruit is one of the least popular, knowing its therapeutic properties will make you end up opting for this food. Today in La Mansión de las Ideas  we will tell you the importance of its consumption.

8 reasons why grapefruit should be integrated into the regular diet

Grapefruit is a fruit that you can easily recognize. Its size is  15 centimeters,  but it also has an excessively thick shell full of meat, which is characterized by its pink or yellow hue. Knowing which one is among the variety of citrus fruits available in the supermarket is as simple as differentiating a sweet orange from a sour one . What you may not fully know are its properties, but here we will tell you.

1. Grapefruit for heart health

To lower blood pressure, health professionals recommend the consumption of grapefruit. Its high potassium  content significantly improves the heart and prevents any disease related to the arteries. But it is also a source of  flavonoids,  which reduces any chance of having a stroke, especially in women.

2. It is also an important hepatoprotective element

Nutrients such as  naringenin are attributed to grapefruit. This substance is capable of helping to produce certain proteins that help the liver itself to break down some acids that are counterproductive. For this reason, the consumption of this citrus is vital.

3. It is perfect because it helps to lose weight

Like any other citrus, this greatly increases the  levels of lipids  in the bloodstream, which, in turn, contributes to losing a lot of weight. Specialists in health and nutrition ensure that the properties of this fruit regulate weight in the medium or long term, so the chances of gaining weight if you consume grapefruit frequently are minimal.

4. Strengthens the immune system

Being a fruit rich in  vitamin C,  grapefruit helps strengthen the immune system. This turns out to be a great benefit, as it fiercely combats any viral and infectious disease. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid respiratory diseases that appear especially during the winter season.

5. Delays aging

It is also perfect for the amount of  antioxidants  that only one of this fruit offers. And antioxidants are effective against premature aging. Additionally, it reduces the chances of oxidative stress,  which is quite useful on a daily basis.

6. Improves intestinal transit

But grapefruit is also essential to optimize  intestinal transit. And this is specifically due to the contributions of  fiber,  which is not concentrated directly in the pulp but in the white area and in the shell. The consumption of this fruit will greatly improve your intestinal health.

7. Hair, skin and vision

This citrus fruit also offers what is commonly known as  beta- carotene,  which is converted into  vitamin A,  depending on the needs of the body. This vitamin is responsible for healthy eyesight, as well as keeping both hair and skin in perfect condition. It is also attributed to the well-being of the bones and the strengthening of the defenses.

8. Helps the production of both white and red blood cells

The  folic acid  present in this important fruit contributes to the formation of red blood cells  and  white blood cells, but it is also essential for the body to carry out genetic synthesis on its own. But that’s not all because this citrus fruit provides minerals such as  potassium  that regulates the nerves and optimizes muscle activity.

How many types of grapefruit are there?

Now that you know why you should include them in your diet, it is important that you know how many types exist and here we tell you:

1. White Grapefruit

This version is one of the most acidic, but equally beneficial. How to recognize it? Simple, because its size is medium and its weight is  300 grams. Also because its skin retains that characteristic soft yellow and smooth texture.

2.Star Ruby

How can you tell if you are dealing with a  Star Ruby grapefruit ? You must first recognize it by its shell, which has a color that goes  from red to slightly tan yellow. It is a medium-sized, seedless fruit that contains much more juice than any other grapefruit.

3. Pink grapefruit

It is known as pink precisely because of the tonality that both its pulp and its skin have acquired. The best thing about this version is that it is much richer in  lycopene  than any other. It is also recognized for being harvested precisely in the month of October.

4. Red River, Henderson or Ray Ruby

It is known by any of these names, but it differs from the rest by retaining a much less intense color than Red Ruby. In addition, it does not have as much juice as the rest, but it is also an important source of  vitamins, fibers and minerals.

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