Have Problems With Chapped Lips-Dry Skin While Fasting? Here’s how to solve it

Chapped Lips-Dry Skin While Fasting

Dry and chapped lips to acne-prone skin can be experienced by fasting people. For those of you who often experience this condition, take it easy because it can be overcome in a fairly easy way.
Skin specialist dr. Kardiana Dewi, Sp.KK, FINSDV explained that the lack of fluid intake and irregular eating patterns while fasting has the potential to cause skin problems. Together with Tokopedia, dr. Kardiana shared a number of tips to overcome these problems. Here’s the review.

1. Drink a lot of White Water
In order to maintain skin moisture during fasting, dr. Kardiana reminded to prioritize fluid intake, especially water. He explained that humans need a minimum of 1.5 to 2 liters or 8 glasses of water every day. In order to fulfill that need, dr. Kardiana suggests drinking 2 glasses when you wake up in the morning and before imsak, then the next 6 glasses to drink when breaking the fast until before going to bed.
“Avoid high-calorie drinks, as well as excess sugar, such as soda or syrup, because they can cause skin problems, especially sensitive ones, such as acne, irritation to eczema,” said dr. Kardiana.

2. Choose a Moisturizing Texture According to Skin Conditions
According to dr. Kardiana, moisturizer can help deal with dry skin problems. He explained for people with oily skin, choose a light textured moisturizer or water based. Meanwhile, for dry skin, choose a moisturizer with a thicker or creamier texture.

3. Pay attention to bath duration and water temperature
Further, dr. Kardiana warned not to bathe for too long, especially using water that is too hot because it can strip the skin of natural oils. As a result, dry skin in the long run. Scrubbing activity should also be done once a week.

4. Reduce the use of products that trigger dry skin
Although a series of skin beauty treatments must still be carried out regularly during Ramadan, dr. Kardiana suggests temporarily avoiding exfoliating products that can erode skin cells, because during the fasting month, skin conditions tend to be drier than usual.

5. Consumption of foods that are good for the skin
Consumption of food also plays a role in skin moisture. The one recommended by dr. Kardiana are dates, vegetables and fruits.
“Dates are very good to be consumed naturally because they can soften the skin. In addition, consuming vegetables and fruits with high water content, such as watermelon, papaya, oranges and pineapple, can also maintain skin moisture,”

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