How to Overcome Dry Lips to Fatigue from Fasting

How to Overcome Dry Lips to Fatigue from Fasting

Fasting that is lived for 30 days brings changes in everyday life. For example, time to rest until eating patterns change.
With this change, the body needs an adaptation process. So often experience some problems that begin to arise when fasting Ramadan.
Here’s how to deal with hunger, dry lips to fatigue due to fasting:

1. Feeling hungry
Hunger is the first obvious effect of fasting during Ramadan. The key to dealing with this problem is understanding how feelings of hunger come and go during fasting. Many people report that hunger subsides after a few days of fasting. At the first fast, it’s normal for you to feel very hungry, but that hunger will subside once you get used to undergoing Ramadan fasting.
In order to have a good Ramadan fasting, you can overcome hunger by measuring how much food is consumed at iftar and suhoor. In addition, keeping yourself busy and ignoring all forms of temptation can also overcome hunger while fasting.

2. Physical Fatigue and Lack of Focus
Fasting in Ramadan does not mean taking a break from all activities or work. No wonder you feel weak while carrying out activities and work considering you are fasting and there is no nutritional intake that acts as energy. Lack of rest or too tired can make the body weak while fasting Ramadan. If the body is weak then the mind will be difficult to concentrate.
When hungry and thirsty during the day, then someone easily loses focus, so you should not leave it to eat and drink at dawn. Some people find it hard to leave the bed and prefer to continue sleeping rather than getting up to eat sahur. Even though eating and drinking at dawn plays an important role to keep the body in top shape while undergoing Ramadan fasting.

3. Dry Lips
Dry and chapped lips often occur during fasting. This is very natural to experience because for more than 12 hours a day in one month not eating or drinking at all. To overcome and prevent dry and chapped lips, you should fulfill the body’s needs by eating foods rich in fiber. One of the best ways is to drink lots of water and eat fruits and vegetables.

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