The Best Smoker Grills That Will Be the Star of Your Summer Cookouts

Best Smoker Grills

The particular joy of summer is to lead outside and fire-cook. However, there can be numerous options that can easily overwhelm someone when it is about smokers. Especially when it comes to summer cookouts, it is essential to determine the type of fuel, configuration etc.

Best smoker grills for summer cookouts

A traditional offset smoker is a standard for most cases. However, technologies brought a wave of new open-air cooking systems that offers more than smokers and grills. Indeed, this helps bring out the best of your protein’s flavours.

So, here are a few things that you must decide before choosing a perfect oven:

Fuel Types

Charcoal: Several kinds of charcoal can be a traditional choice for smokers and grills. It adds a special char or smokiness to your meat or other items. Lump charcoal is produced by burning woods under insufficient oxygen by freeing other components like water, oxygen, etc., and leaving pure carbon. As a result, it barely creates smoke and flame to produce high temperatures. In addition, it has less ash than its parent wood.

Wood: It is also a traditional fuel that creates high flame and smoke. Thus, it helps to add the smokiness to your food that everyone longs for. Several types of wood generate different notes or degrees of heat and smoke, which allows you to be playful with flavours. However, the amount of ash it makes is a lot more than charcoal and a significant drawback.

Pellets: Wood pellets are produced by processing and uniforming wood waste to a woodchip consistency under high pressure. Therefore, you would not require additional woodchips as pellets are made of wood. It produces flames and smoke as high as wood but leaves very little ash, unlike wood.

Propane: Propane or Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a compressed gas stored in the form of liquid under high pressure. You need to place enough woodchips near the propane burner to generate the desired amount of heat and smoke while burning slowly. As the liquid comes out from the storage tank, it gets back to its gaseous form. Many people choose this for manageable heat and less waste.

Electric: An electric smoker has heating elements similar to an electric oven. This element helps produce enough heat to cook your food and a slow burn to provide smoke. Also, it creates a very little mess to clean afterwards. Therefore, electric smokers are becoming the choice of many as well as “My Grill World”.

Different Types of Smokers

Now that you have a brief idea of fuel let’s discuss the types of smokers to make it the best for your summer cookout.

Offset Smoker: These are a classic traditional choice of many. Offset smokers usually burn charcoal and wood with additional woodchips. Therefore, the fire requires more attention and control to get everything perfect. However, this smoker is always the best choice for experts.

Cabinet or Box Smoker: It usually contains charcoal, pellet, propane or an electric burner at its bottom unit. Woodchips generally go directly on or above the heat source. Sometimes, it has a water pan or bowl in the middle of the heat source and the food.

Bullet or Vertical Smoker: It is called a bullet or vertical smoker due to its shape. These are narrow, tall and sometimes have a bullet shape with almost similar elements to a box smoker, except for a frontloaded door.

You need a control system, especially with wood or pellet fuel, along with all these aspects. Now that you know these basics of fuel and types of smoker grill, you can choose one at your convenience.


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