What is a vibrating pill? Does it have an effect on weight loss?

vibrating pill

Have all attempts to restrain yourself when eating, in order to lose weight and enjoy a fit body, failed?

Many people fail to follow a healthy diet, lose weight, and do not stick to a specific program. If they feel that their efforts are not successful, they move to a new diet… and so on.

For this reason, most likely, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States of America decided to search for a solution to this dilemma, based on the principle that the stomach sends signals to the brain. To inform him that he was full of the food he had eaten, they created a vibrating pill that would play this role, to convince the brain to stop eating, according to what was indicated by the medical journal “Science Advances”.

The stomach sends signals to the brain to release the hormones insulin and peptide, which help facilitate the digestion process and stimulate a feeling of fullness to stop the desire to eat. The innovation of the vibrating pill simulates this process, to achieve artificial stimulation of the feeling of fullness, which leads to helping patients who suffer from Eating disorders, health concerns, in addition to those who want to maintain a healthy weight and fit bodies.

The innovative vibrating pill is a capsule that contains a vibrating motor powered by a small battery. It begins to vibrate as soon as it enters the body, as the acid in the stomach dissolves it, and it begins to vibrate for half an hour.

The researchers conducted the experiment on laboratory animals, and found that the animals given the rebound pill capsules, 20 minutes before mealtime, consumed 40% less food than their counterparts without the capsules.

The creators of the vibrating pill confirm that it is safe to use, as it passes through the digestive system within five days, and does not cause any health problems while it is in the body.

The research team is also working on producing an advanced version of it, which can remain in the stomach for longer periods and be turned on and off wirelessly before eating meals.

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