Benefits of not straining orange juice

Benefits of not straining orange juice

By consuming oranges you are giving your body a good dose of vitamin C. This fruit offers 116.2% of the daily value of vitamin C that we need, which helps control free radicals that damage our DNA. Also, it strengthens the immune system and prevents skin damage, if you remove the pulp from the fruit , you are removing a large part of those nutrients.

On the other hand, it keeps blood pressure under control due to the amount of vitamin B6 it provides and as if that were not enough, it reduces cholesterol due to polymethoxylated flavones.

As simple as it may seem, there are things that happen in the kitchen that affect the performance of your body . In addition to moods and a pleasant environment, we refer to preparation methods, mixtures, materials and procedures. In any case, the expertise to achieve optimal results also implies trial and error, as well as knowledge.

In the case of enhancing the effects on the body of the intake of fruit juices, it is important to know why and what is required to achieve at that time. The fact is that the mixture between fruits is careful, but also if it is worth straining them or not.

An open discussion

It is not the same to eat the fruit directly , than in juices and neither is it the same to mix it with water or other liquids. The main question to take into account is whether the assimilation in the body of properties, vitamins and minerals decreases. And that is very relative. Since according to each body, organic and psychic structure, it will have some effects or others.

Precisely that seems to be the dilemma in many cases, and doubts are generated about the use to obtain the best results.

Although the sensation of starting the day with a juice that contains the pulp may seem uncomfortable, it is in this that seems so simple that the difference can be found in the addition of nutritional elements such as vitamin C, fiber and flavonoids. In addition to its antioxidant properties, by strengthening the immune response , it helps to prevent infectious processes or, in any case, so that if they do occur, a favorable and immediate or slightly harmful response to the body occurs.

The fiber of the pulp is very valuable for intestinal performance, an element that is not usually contained in industrialized juices found in any of the supermarkets in your area.

If you are interested in consuming good fruit juices this winter, increase your defenses with this orange, carrot and guava juice.

Advantages of not straining orange juice

Due to everything that we mentioned above, we can list the advantages of consuming orange juice without straining :

  • The greatest amount of beneficial properties of the orange is consumed.
  • It has the effect of being a much more complete food than if it were consumed after straining.
  • A more efficient use of the fruit is encouraged.

When going to the supermarket to choose the fruits for the juices that we will prepare daily, then remember to choose the ones with the best appearance, color and shape and above all, when consuming it in juices, get the most out of it. Avoiding consuming processed foods or whose preparation supposes lower quality is a matter of conscience that you promote in practice under the motto of a healthy lifestyle.

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