What Is Forgetfulness? 10 Useful Foods to Boost Your Memory


Forgetfulness is the mood often experienced by people with a lot of fuss. People who make plans all the time in the hustle and bustle of life can sometimes forget another plan. If you have started to forget what you will buy or do on the way home, you should read our article without taking this situation to a serious level. We are coming to strengthen your memory with foods that make you forget forgetfulness, which is the biggest problem of the age.

If you are looking for a solution to complex issues, if you can’t get your head up from your work, you may be tired. Now, these lines have listed the most effective anti-forgetfulness foods for you. For adults and children, forgetfulness will be solved here with herbal treatment.

We are starting to tell healthy information to the minds that work hard and to all those who are curious!

What is Forgetfulness?

  • Forgetfulness is accepted as a sign of old age in society.
  • Forgetting any action of a young person is given to his fatigue; but in fact, the real size of the business is not as it seems.
  • Forgetfulness, also known as “Dementia”, is a disease that will reduce the quality of life.
  • It is very normal for people who are going through a difficult psychological period or who have a vitamin deficiency to experience forgetfulness. With early treatment, this distressing condition can be cured.
  • The state of forgetting, which is experienced enough to affect daily life, is a condition that requires serious treatment.
  • Forgetfulness is considered the first stage of a disease called dementia.
  • It cannot be said that every person who has a forgetting problem is sick, but this frequently repeated condition takes its place in the medical literature as a harbinger of a disease.
  • Serious measures should be taken when people with dementia are unable to do the things they need to do during the day.
  • Dementia, which affects mental abilities, can put people who live alone especially at risk.

What Is Forgetfulness? 10 Miraculous Foods for Your Memory Problems

It is possible for individuals to keep their memories strong and stay away from amnesia. In this way, a healthy diet should be preferred. People who consume foods that make their brain functions work in a healthy way have a very low risk of developing amnesia.

So which foods are good for forgetfulness? Here is the answer!

1) Fish

  • Consumption of fish, which experts always underline, is important to prevent damage to brain cells.
  • By consuming fish twice a week from the age of development to the old age , you can prevent memory loss and brain cell death.
  • By consuming fish in its season, you will both get the omega fatty acids your body needs and continue your life with a more vigorous mind.

2) Spinach

  • Rich in iron and omega fatty acids, spinach has powerful effects on the nervous system.
  • Consumption of spinach in children will make them smarter.
  • To take a precaution against the forgetfulness problem; We strongly recommend that you add spinach to your food list.

3) Walnut

  • We will recommend that those who say what to eat for forgetfulness should eat 2 walnuts every morning.
  • Walnut is a nut that protects the body in every way.
  • Thanks to the vitamins and minerals in walnuts, cell formation will be supported.
  • In addition, we would like to express that women who eat walnuts will prevent lubrication in the waist area.
  • You can have a stronger memory by consuming walnuts. No more distractions and forgetfulness!

4) Red Meat

  • Forgetfulness is a condition that can be prevented by foods containing B12. For this reason, people who eat red meat have a very low risk of amnesia.
  • If you say forgetfulness is good, it is recommended to consume red meat 2 or 3 times a week.

5) Dark Chocolate

  • As long as you pay attention to portion control, you can feel healthier with dark chocolate.
  • Dark chocolate, one of the polyphenols, is a sweet food that keeps and protects the brain for a long time.
  • We think it will be useful to remember that if you overdo it while consuming, you are likely to gain weight.

6) Pomegranate & Pomegranate Juice

  • Being a powerful antioxidant, pomegranate helps the body to get rid of harmful substances.
  • At the same time, pomegranate and pomegranate juice, which fight free radicals, also protect memory by preventing brain damage.
  • You can add pomegranate juice to your beverage options if you want to protect mental skills and feel vigorous in old age.

7) Wholegrain Products

  • Wholegrain foods are foods that accelerate blood flow and provide the oxygen needed by the brain.
  • If you consume wholemeal bread in your meals, you can get the vitamins your body needs in the healthiest way possible.
  • It is known that foods such as whole wheat bread are more protective for vascular health when compared to white flour.
  • Bran flour and wholegrain foods are recommended to keep forgetfulness out of your life.

8) Green Tea

  • The substances in the structure of green tea are effective enough to prevent the spread of cancerous cells.
  • It is also successful in preventing the wear and tear of nerve cells.
  • By consuming 2 cups of green tea a day, you can take a natural measure against forgetfulness.

9) Tomato

  • One of the foods that will solve the forgetfulness is tomatoes, which are loaded with lycopene.
  • It is possible for people who are at risk of dementia and who have this diagnosis to prevent the progression of the disease by eating plenty of tomatoes.

10) Parsley & Mint

  • Consumption of green vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants, is one of the measures to be taken against amnesia.
  • When you add parsley and mint to your meals, you can resist the circulation of free radicals in your body thanks to their antioxidant properties.
  • Mint and parsley, which opens the mind, will also solve the problem of distraction and make the mind work more actively.
  • Do not miss these green vegetables, which enable the development of brain cells, from your kitchen.

What Causes Forgetfulness?

1) Vitamin Deficiency

  • Vitamin deficiency is the biggest reason for the forgetfulness that a person experiences.
  • Unhealthy diet and lack of vitamins deeply affect the nervous system.
  • It is known that people with vitamin B12 deficiency, which can not be produced by the body, have forgetting problems that affect their quality of life.
  • Like B12 deficiency, vitamin D deficiency can also be considered a cause of this disease.

2) Stress & Depression

  • On days when intense emotional transitions are experienced, attention deficit may occur.
  • As soon as the person cannot get out of a focused situation, he forgets his other important works and repeats this forgetting frequently.
  • When anxiety, stress and restlessness are in one body, one more step is taken towards the disease of forgetfulness.
  • In order for this disease not to progress, people should do things that make them happy and spend time with people with whom they are at peace.

3) Neuropsychological Diseases

  • Among the causes of forgetfulness are some diseases experienced by the fatigue of the nervous system and brain cells .
  • Alzheimer’s or traumas can cause this disease.
  • Gradually progressive forgetfulness can turn into Alzheimer’s in its final stage.

4) Irregular Lifestyle

  • Under this heading, the fact that technology has taken over our lives will come to the fore.
  • Especially among the causes of forgetfulness in children, the intensive use of technological products draws attention.
  • Since the emergence of knowledge and skills will be restricted; The use of products such as phones or computers causes forgetfulness.
  • Lack of habit of reading books and sports are also the simplest reasons for forgetfulness.
  • Failure to take part in activities that keep the mind active efficiently can trigger damage to brain cells.

What are the Symptoms of Forgetfulness?

  • Information such as address and telephone is well known but not remembered
  • Failure to do housework and routine actions
  • Speech disorder and inability to understand long sentences
  • Don’t mix things up
  • conduct disorder
  • Anger problem and emotional transitions are among the symptoms of forgetfulness.

How Is Forgetfulness Treated? Which Section?

If you have been experiencing the problem of forgetting frequently during the day lately, it may be healthier to consult a specialist for early diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, you should follow these steps:

  • It would be better to contact Psychiatry for stress-related forgetting problem .
  • You are suspected of trauma and cancer; You may remember that you had to go to the neurology department.
  • If your treatment will be for the diagnosis of dementia, a lifelong drug use is started.
  • For the treatment of forgetfulness due to depression; It is recommended to use antidepressant drugs for a while. These drugs should be used under the supervision of a doctor.
  • For the forgetting problem caused by vitamin deficiency , a diet containing vitamin supplements and healthy foods is applied.

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