What are the benefits of Bee Pollen?

benefits of Bee Pollen

Do you suffer from a drop in speed and lack dynamism? Some digestive inconveniences undermine you? Taste the benefits of bee pollen !

A natural product from the foraging of bees, raw pollen contains vitamins and trace elements that would help to regain the hair of the beast. Ideal at the end of winter, bee pollen would be, in the same way as all products from the hive, an extraordinary food! Indeed, for centuries man has been interested in bees and their production and would feel many benefits.

So, embark on a cure to feel the benefits of bee pollen. Abeille Heureuse offers you some in jars according to your consumption and your needs.

Where do the benefits of bee pollen come from?

Between April and May, the bees engage in active foraging during which they collect a lot of pollen. During their excursions, they store it in the baskets located at the level of their hind legs. As you walk, observe them and have fun spotting the fruit of their harvest.

Returning to their hive, they pass through an airlock called a “comb” which is made up of holes 5mm in diameter. Only bees can pass through it. Their pollen falls into a drawer that the beekeeper will open to collect the remaining pollen. The bees, remaining in the hive, eagerly await this harvest, especially the nurse bees, because the pollen, a protein supply, constitutes the food base of the larvae.

Thus, many benefits of bee pollen would be seen, because it contains proteins, but also vitamins, B, C and E as well as trace elements. As bees forage for very different flowers depending on their locality, raw pollen does not always contain the same elements. Thus, the pollen from cistus has a lot of selenium while the pollen from hawthorn is made up more of minerals such as zinc and iron.

Therefore, observe the composition and appreciate the benefits of bee pollen. Choose according to your needs and tastes.

What would be the health benefits of bee pollen?

A multitude of health benefits of bee pollen exist. Test according to your ailments without forgetting to consult a doctor.

First of all, bee pollen would be a good supply of vitamins that promote energy production, improve metabolism and protect your cells thanks to the antioxidant effect of vitamin E, among others. Adopt it as your natural toner par excellence.

In addition, the benefits of bee pollen would play a role in strengthening the immune system. Therefore, start a cure in April over a period of about six weeks and repeat the experience around October.

In addition, pollen would be ideal for a liver detox. After the end of year celebrations, it may be interesting to carry out a cure.

Finally, if you are subject to intestinal discomfort, colic, gurgling, constipation, raw pollen would reduce these discomforts.

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