7 Herbal Remedies That Prevent Nausea Instantly

Calming Tea

Your stomach will react to any food you take into your body or the air in your environment. These actions can sometimes appear as an allergenic situation and sometimes as a psychological reaction. The act of vomiting is controlled by the vomiting center in the brain. When the factors causing vomiting are examined, environmental, psychological and biological triggers draw attention. Nausea is the feeling, and vomiting is the realization of this feeling.

In this article, we talk about what is good for vomiting and what precautions can be taken at home. We have listed the foods, drinks and foods that will prevent you from vomiting and foods that make you feel good. With this list, you will find answers to your questions such as what is good for vomiting, what are İbrahim Saraçoğlu’s herbal recommendations. The secret of a healthy stomach is in this article!


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