Tips for Making and Drying Sausage

Tips for Making and Drying Sausage

When sausage is mentioned, delicious recipes with eggs come to mind for breakfast. Others remember the delicious sausages that they grilled and ate between bread on a snowy day. No matter what form it is, sucuk is always accompanied by sincere and warm feelings.

One of the most important aspects of sucuk is that it adds an appetizing feature to every recipe in which it is included. It blends well with many different materials, especially eggs. When we go deeper into the subject of sucuk, we come across many interesting features.

What is Sucuk? What are the types?

  • Sucuk can be briefly defined as one of the meat products.
  • It is extremely popular especially in our country and in the Balkan regions.
  • “What does sausage mean?” When the question is examined, a product obtained from the combination of different materials is seen.
  • The product formed as a result of mixing ground meat with spices and then going through other processes is called sucuk.
  • You will come across many types of sausages that you can research by saying what are the types of sausage.
  • In mass production, sausage is usually made with 2 methods.
  • In other words, sausage varieties can be grouped as those made by fermentation and those made by applying heat treatment. Of course, the prices of sausage varieties also differ.
  • Although the heat treatment application reduces the cost, it is said that the fermentation method is of higher quality.
  • Fermented minced meat is fermented with spices and oil for a long time.
  • In the heat treatment, the maturation time of the sausage is kept very short with intense heat.
  • When it comes to sausage types, it can be said that it varies according to the regions.
  • In some regions, making walnut sausage is an extremely common activity.
  • The type obtained by adding herbal ingredients to the classic sausage is called vegetable sausage.
  • The type of sausage in which vegetable ingredients are concentrated can be explained as organic sausage.
  • The type of sausage made by adding the fats of cattle-type animals is known as gelatin sausage.
  • There are uncooked sausages made by the drying method.
  • Unlike others, sausages made by pre-cooking form another category.

How Is Sucuk Made? Spices, Ingredients

  • It is one of the leading players in the breakfasts with sausage sprinkled, which is one of the main tastes that are guests of your kitchens.
  • He wants to get to know the sausages you eat with pleasure and asks “What is a sausage made of?” You may be wondering.
  • In essence, the process of making sausage begins with the blending of ground beef with various spices.
  • “What is the sausage made of?” The primary answer to the question should be spices and ground meat.
  • It is possible to use different products according to taste and preferences while adding sausage spice.
  • The resulting mixture is also called sausage mortar.
  • Then, the process of filling the mixture is done in the intestinal section.
  • At this point, “how is the sausage stuffed?” The question may come to your mind and you may be thinking about how healthy it is to make sausage at home.
  • You need to place the sausage inside the dried intestines you have prepared by pressing it well.
  • For a natural sausage without additives, you can try to make the product yourself at home.
  • Homemade sausage can be made with intestines or without intestines.
  • Since drying the intestine is a somewhat laborious process, the ready-made sausage casing will do the trick.
  • You can also use cling film, but in this case, the flavor intensity of your sausage will be less.
  • Among the tricks of making sausage are that the minced meat should be oily, the spice balance should be good, there should be no air gap during the filling, and if there is an air gap during the drying phase, it should be pierced with a needle.
  • The production process within the sausage factory proceeds in a similar way.

How to Dry Sausage?

  • The point to be considered during the sausage drying process is the ideal drying of the materials. The intestinal section helps to keep water under control.
  • Spices, on the other hand, give the sausage its taste and enable it to be used for a long time. Minced meat, which has an important place among the sausage ingredients, supports the sausage to reach a good consistency.
  • The sausages you make should hang on the rope for a while.
  • When the sausages are hung on the rope, they do not come into contact with moist environments.
  • In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of sufficient fat in the prepared ground beef.
  • Thus, the sausages are not too hard.
  • It is important that the drying atmosphere is a somewhat dark place.
  • If there is no such place, you can choose to hang it in the refrigerator or put it in the freezer.
  • If the materials for making sausage at home are complete and the drying process can be done well, it is a method that will yield good results.
  • Drying at home is completed in an average of 1 week.
  • During the fabrication process, this process can be extended up to 1 month.

How to Cook Sucuk? Types of Cooking Sausage

  • There are different methods you can choose to cook the sausage. You can try ways such as adding sausages to the pan in which you broke a few eggs or cooking them on the barbecue with the delicious smell of sausage.
  • You can also choose to slice the sausages in a round shape and cook them alone in the pan. It is necessary to take care while cooking the sausage in order to get a good result.
  • “Why does the sausage fall apart while it is cooking?” You may be wondering and want to solve this problem you are encountering. The occurrence of such a problem may be due to the fact that the sausages were not filled well during the production process or the oil ratio was set incorrectly.
  • In addition, being harsh with sausages during cooking may cause them to fall apart.
  • The other question that should be asked together with the question of how to make sucuk is what should be considered while making sucuk.
  • While cooking, you need to pay attention to some tricks.
  • If you have decided to cook on the stove, it is a good choice to do it in a Teflon pan.
  • Thus, sausages are cooked without sticking.
  • If you have low-fat sausages on hand, you can add some oil to the pan. It is important that the fire of the ceiling is not too high. If you are making sausage on a barbecue or barbecue, if you pay attention to keeping it away from the fire and not cooking it for too long, you will get more delicious results.
  • Before making sausage, “how to peel sausage?” It is important that you answer the question in the best way possible. Peeling the sausage skin is the first step you need to do before cooking the sausage.
  • If the intestinal part is not completely dried, it is easily peeled off.
  • In other cases, it is good practice to cut this section lightly and peel it off with the hands.
  • Moistening the sausage underwater for a while also helps it peel more easily.

What is the Calorie and Nutritional Value of Sucuk?

  • The calorie of a medium portion and fatty sausage can be explained by the value of 166 calories per 50 grams.
  • When the contents of sausage are examined, different nutritional value categories can be found. Sucuk is rich in beneficial substances such as protein, iron, and potassium.
  • Consuming sausage at regular intervals is beneficial for the body, as it has a good value in terms of fiber and vitamins. However, it is a good choice not to overeat, as the fat and cholesterol ratio is a little high.
  • Half-fat sausage contains 72 calories in 30 grams. Those who want to diet or keep in shape can choose this type of sausage.
  • The nutritional value of 1 coil of sausage is 380 calories, the nutritional value of 1 slice of sausage is 26 calories, the nutritional value of 1 portion of sausage is 166 calories, and the nutritional value of 100 grams of sausage is 300-350 calories.

For detailed information:

Is Sausage Harmful?

  • Sucuk is not a harmful type of food in general, but it is important for those who are sensitive to fat and cholesterol to be careful while consuming the product. It can also cause allergic reactions in some people.
  • At the beginning of the symptoms of sausage allergy, itching on the skin is shown. The reason for this is the spices in it. As a result of the same reason, “Does sausage cause acne?” Unfortunately, the question is answered in the affirmative.
  • It would be good to think specifically for each body when dealing with the issue of sausage damage . In fact, this is true for any food. Some foods may be good for some people and good for others. At this point, it is important for people to get to know themselves by taking expert opinions.
  • If the sausage is not stored under the right conditions, it may result in the sausage mold.
  • After this, dangerous situations such as sausage poisoning may occur.
  • It is essential to take precautions against such events so that your digestive system is not adversely affected.

How Much Are the Sausage Prices?

  • The price of sausage is generally economical and will not shake the budget of many people. Prices may vary depending on the type of sausage, the place you buy it, and the quantity. It is possible to buy medium-sized sausages with price options around 20 TL in the markets.
  • The price of sausage per kg can be seen as approximately 45 TL. When you buy it in kilograms, you get a product that you will consume for a longer time. Sausage varieties such as Veal Kangal can be purchased at slightly higher prices.

10 Delicious Sausage Recipes That Crack the Palate

Sucuk appeals to the taste of many people, even when eaten alone thanks to the spices in it. You have the chance to create a thousand and one recipes with sucuk.

1) Making Healthy Sausage at Home

After the materials for sausage making are provided, you can easily make it at home. As a result of performing each step successfully and applying the drying process correctly, you can have a large amount of healthy sausage. 

2) Buffet-Style Sausage and Potato Toast

You can consume this recipe, which is similar to the kind of toast you eat at buffets, especially for breakfast. You can make it ready to serve, accompanied by ayran or fruit juice. 

3) Delightful Mini Mini Sausage Pizzas

One of the practical recipes made with the sausage baking method is tiny pizzas. It is possible to use it as a snack for breakfast or with coffee. 

4) Delicious Meatballs, One of the Most Popular Uses of Sausage

One of the most popular sausage recipes is meatballs. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to use your stale bread.

5) A Classic Taste: Dry Beans with Sausage

You should definitely try the sausage interpretation of dry beans, one of the classic tastes of Turkish cuisine. Eating with pickles will make your appetite open. 

6) An Ideal Muffin Recipe for Breakfast Table

The sausage muffin recipe, which will give you pleasure with its soft consistency, will be indispensable for your breakfasts. It is also an ideal choice to serve to your guests. Breakfast 

7) Omelet with Sausage and Potatoes Worth Your Mouth

The sausage egg recipe is one of the most practical dishes to be made with sausage. To add a difference to this recipe, you can try the potato version. Breakfast 

8) Sujuk Contribution to Egg Bread Recipe

One of the most popular recipes made with stale or unused bread is egg rolls. You can make it richer by adding sucuk to the recipe. 

9) Sweet Sausage Pastry Reminiscent of Patisseries

You can easily make the sausage version of the pastry, which is one of the most sold products in patisseries or patisseries, at home. 

10) The Indispensable Material of Mixed Pita Enjoyment Sucuk

Pides, which are always preferred by those who want to have a light and delicious meal, are more satisfying when mixed. The fluid combination of sausage with cheddar adapts to your taste.

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