Bee bread: what is it?

Bee bread

Bee bread is an essential food for the colony.
It is produced by bees.

It is a mixture of pollen and honey, to which the bees add their own lactic acid bacteria.

This mixture undergoes lactic fermentation, which will have the effect of optimizing digestibility, increasing the presence of enzymes and the nutritional values ​​of bee bread.

The bees store this mixture in cells and use it to feed the young bees.

It will be essential for the proper development of the bee, and in particular for its hypopharyngeal glands, which will produce royal jelly.

The benefits of bee bread

Thanks to lactic fermentation, bee bread is a highly digestible product, which contains a multitude of benefits for the body.

Bee bread consists mainly of protein, about 70% pollen, and carbohydrates, up to 25% honey.

It also contains a wide variety of enzymes.
With a greater presence of enzymes and bacteria, bee bread has even more interesting nutritional values ​​than pollen.

It is a completely natural product.
It is even regularly described as a superfood. The probiotics present in bee bread provide a real benefit for the immune system.

Its chemical composition and its nutritional values ​​vary according to the floral sources foraged by the bees.
Nevertheless, bee bread remains rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Here are some benefits for which bee bread is known:

– stimulation of the digestive system thanks to its probiotic effect
– energizing with its high antioxidant content
– ​​reduction of cholesterol levels (study by Dr. Kassaynko)
– regaining shape thanks to its amino acids and trace elements

How to eat bee bread?

Bee bread is eaten raw.

Even if it remains subjective, its taste remains acceptable but does not please everyone. It is characterized as sweet and sour.

It can therefore be consumed alone, without having to mix it in a preparation.
Just keep it in your mouth for several minutes , under your tongue, before swallowing it.

Doctor Stefan Stangaciu, doctor and expert in apitherapy and apinutrition, recommends being well hydrated before consuming bee products . Since these products are highly concentrated, they need water to dissolve as well as possible in the human body. The absorption of bee bread before or after the meal is recommended, but not obligatory.

For someone who wants to swallow bee bread quickly, while hiding its taste, the smoothie option is ideal!

Its absorption has a practical side because the bee bread is dissolved in the drink. No need to keep it under the tongue. Its taste is also hidden by the flavors of the smoothie.

Consuming bee bread as a cure?

Like pollen or royal jelly , bee bread can be eaten as a cure.

This is the best way to replenish vitamins and energy.

With all the nutrients that this precious lacto-fermented mixture provides, you can only feel the benefits.
It should be noted that bee bread, coming from France, and produced in an environment without treatment, is to be preferred.

The recommended dosage is 2/3 grams per day for adults, and 0.5 grams for children.

The ideal is to carry out a cure for several weeks. You can start for ten days and then push up to 4 to 6 weeks.

If you have never consumed bee bread, it is advisable to start with a small quantity and then gradually increase the daily dose.

How to store bee bread?

Thanks to its high lactic acid content, bee bread can be kept for several years.

It does not need to be put in the fridge.
Just keep it at room temperature.
In no case will it lose its nutritional values.

Buy bee bread

Bee bread is a rare product , harvested by few beekeepers.

Being an essential food for the proper functioning of a colony, the beekeeper prefers not to take, or very little, bee bread.

Hence the relatively high price per kilo.

To buy bee bread, it is easier to find it directly on the Internet, such as beekeepers’ online stores.

You can also find it on the Honey Platform.
This will allow you to directly contact the beekeeper and organize your bee bread order.

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