Classification of vegetables eaten raw – cooked is healthy

Classification of vegetables eaten raw

Not all vegetables need to be cooked before eating. Depending on the characteristics of the nutrients found in each vegetable, you should consider cooking it or eating it raw for health benefits.

Vegetables that should be processed

1. Asparagus plant

Asparagus should be cooked to promote anti-cancer effects.

Asparagus is known as a remedy against cancer. The compounds responsible for this effect in the asparagus plant are only released and best used by the body if it is cooked. You can enjoy many delicious dishes with this plant.

2. Mushroom

Mushrooms have long been known to be very nutritious food. It can be used as a very good dietary food because it ensures all the nutrients needed for the body’s needs to function. Regardless of the method of cooking from stir-frying, boiling, baking or cooking soup, it can ensure that it provides enough nutrients to help develop the body’s living cells.

3. Spinach

With spinach, if cooked, the body will have more chance to absorb calcium, iron, and magnesium.

For vegetables, cooking can easily deplete nutrients. However, with spinach, if cooked, the body will have more chance to absorb calcium, iron, and magnesium. Spinach is also an ideal ingredient for making delicious dishes.

4. Tomato

Many people have a habit of eating raw tomatoes because they think it is better for the absorption of nutrients in this fruit. However, the anti-aging and cancer-fighting lycopene in tomatoes is only effective when cooked. Therefore, if you are confused about how to use this fruit, it is best to change it now.

Vegetables should only be eaten raw

1. Beets

Beets should be eaten raw so as not to lose valuable folate.

When cooked, beets lose about 25% of their precious folate. A very good suggestion that can bring health benefits and make them more palatable is to eat them raw. It could be a beetroot salad that ensures intact compounds that are good for the brain.

2. Broccoli

An enzyme in broccoli that helps fight to age and prevent cancer is easily lost during processing until ripe. Therefore, if you do not want to waste this valuable source of nutrition, use broccoli to make salads or salads.

3. Red chili

Red peppers should be used raw rather than cooked.

Red pepper has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. In order for the substances that make this effect not to be lost, you should not cook chili peppers at temperatures above 37 degrees Celsius.

4. Onions

The phytonutrient allicin in onions can provide many health benefits, including disease prevention. If cooked, this compound can be lost. Therefore, you should use onions to eat raw. To reduce the pungent smell of onions, you should soak them in ice water before using them.

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