How to Store Foods in the Freezer?

Store Foods in the Freezer

In this article, we are talking about our savior deep freezer, which saves time in the kitchen and also provides convenience to all our mothers and expectant mothers who love to eat watermelon in the summer heat and orange in winter evenings.

What are the Features of the Deep Freezer, the Savior of Kitchens?

Deep freezers, which help us when we want to consume foods such as vegetables, fruits, meat and fish out of season, have now taken their place in every home. It is indispensable for crowded families, working mothers and all kitchens accompanying crowded guests.

Deep freezers are a miraculous white appliance that comes to our aid in making menus faster for the guests who come to the door, buying and preserving the food in a cheap period, and consuming the over-cooked food later.

The system that ensures the disappearance of ice and snow in the freezer section, which was common in refrigerators used in the past, is called no frost feature in the deep freezer.

Thanks to this system, snow formation and icing on the inner wall of the cabinet are prevented. This allows the freezer to be used more conveniently and for faster cooling. The no frost system is on the list of features sought in the deep freezer of today’s shopping.

How to Shock in a Deep Freeze?

After choosing the food that we will store in our deep freezer, we can choose a suitable storage container for it and do the freezing process. For this, we will prefer storage boxes and bags suitable for the freezer.

We recommend that you do not use glass bottles and cans. The reason for this is that the volume of the frozen liquid expands and causes the glass to burst. Due to the harm of aluminum foils to the human body, using transparent refrigerator bags will be more beneficial for your health and the life of the food.

What to Put in the Freezer? What Foods Are Stored in the Freezer?

Meat is definitely used in meals in every city of our country, which has a culture that loves to eat and feed meat. Broth in soups; Meat pieces in vegetable and legumes dishes are delicious details that cheer up our plates.

When the summer season comes, the kitchens are in a rush, the preparations of menemen in the deep freezer to accompany breakfast, the fruit marmalades made to store fruit in the deep freezer that decorates our cakes are another detail that adds color to our cabinets.

When we want a natural drink that will refresh us in the summer heat, lemon calls out to us in the deep freezer: I am here and I am ready for lemonades…

Storing sour cherries in the freezer will also come to your rescue for the cheesecakes you will make at the end of your sweet crisis.

Storing corn in the freezer for your homemade pizzas for your children will also be a healthy reason to stay away from fast food.

How to Store Eggplant in the Freezer?

We all know that the prices of vegetables and fruits are more affordable in summer. So what should we do when we want to consume plenty of vegetables and fruits in winter?

It will be a more economical decision to buy plenty in the summer and store it in the freezer under suitable storage conditions. Eggplant, which is the most compatible friend of meat, is also seasonally affected by the market. When we want to make shrimp or eggplant kebab on winter evenings, eggplant will come to our rescue as dishes stored in the deep freezer.

After a short frying and resting process, we can store the eggplant in the freezer as we store zucchini.

How to Store Wrapped Leaf in the Freezer?

We know that everyone loves stuffed leaves with olive oil, which is indispensable for guests and special invitation tables.

Because it is a little troublesome and time-consuming, leaf wrap can be the best choice to meet the need for ready-to-eat food in the deep freezer.

If you want, keep the dressing mortar, if you wish, store the leaf dressing raw in boxes or storage bags. It will help you with meal preparation in every way.

How to Store Okra in the Deep Freezer?

Thanks to the deep freezer, you can consume okra, which you think is a vegetable that should be eaten in its season, as you wish in every season.

What you need to do for this is very practical: clean the okra thoroughly and soak it in water with lemon, then fry it with fresh tomatoes and store it in a refrigerator bag.

How Long Does Meat Last in the Freezer?

The most laborious task of the Eid-al-Adha rush is chopping meat and storing it in the freezer. The ground meat is ground, the food is packed and immediately takes its place among those stored in the deep freezer. So how long do you consume stored meat?

Do you know that there are some misconceptions about meat storage time in the freezer? This period, known as from holiday to holiday, is actually a threat to our health.

The storage period of meat in the deep freezer is not very long. A period of 6 months is the healthiest time period. We recommend that you keep smaller meats such as offal and minced meat in the freezer for a maximum of 3-4 months.

The freezing period of open packaged and processed products (sausage-salami etc.) is recommended as 2 months at most. Since the fats have a short life in the freezer, we recommend that you separate the meat from the fat and store it. Thus, your meaty dishes will not compromise their taste

How to Store Fish in the Freezer?

The simplest answer to the question of what can I store in the deep freezer is actually to store fish. In order to keep the fish in the freezer without losing its freshness, it is recommended to clean the perishable organs first.

You can even store all cleaned fish species in your freezer after a short salting process. Salting keeps the fish alive.

We recommend that you store small fish such as anchovies for a maximum of 3 months, and slightly larger fish such as bonito for a maximum of 6 months. It will be healthier to consume your food that comes out of the freezer after it has been defrosted in the refrigerator.

Recipes That Preserve Freshness in the Deep Freeze

When you have no need to cook after spending time outside for a long time, due to the tiredness of the naturally depleted energy, the recipes you have prepared in advance and stored in the freezer will give you back the energy you lost.

Cookies in the freezer, which you will take out as a snack while your tea is brewing, will be like a medicine for your tiredness while suppressing your hunger.

1) The Healthiest Getaway: Mommy Meatballs

When your kids want a fast food getaway on the weekend; You can prepare a menu with natural and additive-free meatballs that you have prepared with your own hands, not with processed meats, but also with mother’s hand, containing lots of love and affection. What kid can say no to meatballs and potatoes?

2) Bacterial Enemy: Eggplant for All Seasons

Eggplant is a vegetable rich in phenolic compounds. Thanks to this feature, it always has a strong structure against bacteria and microbes. It means that we will take care of our health in winter and we will eat a lot of eggplant.

3) High-Fiber Health Grains: Okra

The way to a healthy diet is to eat vegetables. Eating vegetables, on the other hand, protects the body’s resistant structure and gives us pluses from our hair to our nails. How are we going to eat the very rare okra? Here is the tomato okra with its practical preparation:

4) Everyone’s Favorite Vegetable: Tomatoes

Tomato is a vegetable that is definitely used from soups to baked goods. What should we do if we want to use tomatoes in the winter period? The answer to the question is on the screens with a click.

5) Hearty, Favorite Olive Oil: Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are indispensable for Ramadan and invitation tables. Why not have stuffed peppers in your freezer to save time in the kitchen and spice up your table in case of emergency?

6) Practical Harmony of Meatballs and Potatoes: Juicy Meatballs

While you are thinking about what to cook for the evening, the meatballs that you have prepared in advance in your freezer will eliminate your menu worries. Rice pilaf with noodle is also delicious!

7) The Savior Taste of Sunday Breakfasts: Freezer Pancakes

Don’t eat pancakes on your trips alone, try this recipe 🙂 By the time your tea is brewed, the pancakes you have taken out of the freezer will have already decorated your Sunday breakfasts.

8) Vegetable Bustle in Summer, Cook in Winter Vaccine: Fresh Beans in the Freezer

When we say tomatoes, dried vegetables, meat, is it best to store beans in the deep freezer? It will maintain its freshness on the first day under the right storage conditions.

9) Alternative Recipe for Those Who Don’t Like Fish: Purslane in the Freezer

Purslane contains a high amount of Omega 3 oil. This type of oil is present in fish. If you say you don’t like fish, we say meet purslane. Moreover, purslane takes its place among the dishes stored in the deep freezer.

10) Freezing Miracles Never End: Winter Leaf Storage

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. It is now possible to store winter leaves in your deep freezer. What you need to do is quite simple. To store leaves in the right conditions:

11) Cabbage in All Seasons for a Healthy Intestine and Digestive System

Cabbage; It is a vegetable rich in chlorine and sulfur that the body needs. You can also keep the cabbage in the freezer as you store the leaf wrap.

12) The Little Star of Salads and Pizzas: Freezer Corn

You can add color to your pizzas with the corn that you buy in season and store in the deep freezer. At the same time, you can enrich your salad by using corn in any salad ingredient you want.

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