10 Healthy tips to start the year off right

Healthy tips to start the year
The beginning of the year is a good opportunity to look into your health and make good resolutions concerning it.

Take a health check

The beginning of the year is conducive to a health check. After parties and excesses, it is advisable to have a check-up to check your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar level and the proper functioning of your liver or kidneys (through a blood test or urinalysis).

Make annual visits

Some annual consultations are often overlooked, yet they can detect serious illnesses. The annual appointments not to be missed are the dentist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, ENT, and gynecologist for women aged 24 to 64.

Get (back) into sport

Sport helps maintain good health and prevents certain diseases. WHO recommends 20 minutes of moderate-intensity endurance activity daily and 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity endurance activity per week. It is better to do a health check, especially at the cardiac level, before resuming sport.

Eat healthy

After the excesses of the holidays, a return to balance is desirable. A balanced diet consists of 5 fruits and vegetables a day, a moderate sugar and fat intake, and a sufficient protein intake to allow the whole body to function properly.

Losing weight

Losing weight is a serious goal not to be taken lightly if you want it to succeed, especially if the weight loss is to be substantial. It requires support and care by a nutritionist, diabetologist or dietitian. A few basic rules: balance the calorie intake of your food, limit fat intake, consume more fruits and vegetables and limit the consumption of sugar and salt.

stop smoking

The new year is an opportunity to give up certain bad habits such as tobacco, which is the cause of several types of cancer, especially at the ENT level. Consulting your doctor for a health check and to be prescribed nicotine substitutes is strongly recommended to improve your chances of success.

Limit alcohol

Alcohol, like tobacco, is harmful to health. Prefer less alcoholic beverages such as wine or beer and set yourself at least 1 non-alcoholic day per week with the aim of gradually increasing the number of non-alcoholic days over the months.

sleep better

Poor sleep can increase the risk of accidents due to lack of vigilance, the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or breast cancer. To sleep better on a daily basis, avoid all stimulants (coffee, tea, alcohol, etc.), heavy meals in the evening and promote relaxing activities in the evening.

Learn to relax

Stress and anxiety, when they become chronic, have a negative effect on the overall quality of life, so it is important to manage them. Favor relaxing activities (yoga, walking, etc.), and try to have the best possible lifestyle. If, despite everything, you are unable to solve the problem yourself, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor.

See friends and/or family

Social life has a real influence on mental and physical well-being, and therefore on health. It makes you less vulnerable to disease and premature death. Seeing friends or family regularly but also being part of an association helps maintain social ties.

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