Change of weather sickness

Change of weather sickness

Seasonal changes force our metabolism due to rapid weather changes. With the weakening of our immune system, our risk of getting diseases increases even more during this period. To cope with these situations, making a few changes during the day may help us to overcome the seasonal transitions more comfortably, positively and healthily.

Bahar Saygilier  With the coming of autumn, we need our immune system to be stronger. Nutrition is our most important weapon for a strong immune system. By regularly taking the vitamins and minerals that the body needs, you can keep our metabolism strong and create a good defense system against diseases. So, what needs to be done to strengthen immunity?

An average of 60% of an adult’s body consists of water. Most of this water resides in the body’s cells and is used to maintain life functions. For this reason, our priority should be to get enough fluids for our metabolism to work properly. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Yağmur Atılgan , who is also a life coach  , said, “10-12 glasses of water consumed daily will help us to control appetite more easily, to purify the body from toxins, and to spend the day more fit-energy.” says. 

Studies show that about 80% of people do not drink enough water, even though they think they are drinking enough. For this reason, you should make sure that you drink enough water for a strong immunity.

Nutrients are very important for your human body to function properly and for the ideal functioning of its self-protection mechanism.It is essential for a strong immune system. Getting enough vitamins and minerals is very important for a healthy diet.

Dietitian Atılgan says that in order to get enough vitamins and minerals, attention should be paid to the consumption of at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. He also talks about the importance of vitamin D against diseases; 

“Vitamin D deficiency can cause diseases by weakening the immune system.”

 “We can support the strengthening of our immune system by including antioxidant sources A, C, E vitamins and minerals such as selenium, magnesium and zinc in your diet.” says, and lists the ideal nutritional sources that should be added to meals during this period;

  • Vitamin A: Found in yellow, orange and green vegetables and fruits such as eggs, milk, fish, spinach, oranges, carrots, green peppers, apricots.
  • Vitamin E: Oil seeds such as nuts, walnuts, almonds, vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables, legumes, tahini, soy, avocado
  • Vitamin C: Grapefruit, orange, kiwi, lemon, strawberry, parsley, green green pepper, kale, broccoli, tomato, rosehip tea
  • Selenium: Seafood, red and white meat, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, sesame, eggs, brown rice, lentils, oil seeds
  • Zinc: Meat, liver, fish, milk, eggs, turkey meat, pumpkin seeds, legumes, seafood, germ, sesame, hazelnut, almond, walnut, peanut
  • Magnesium: Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, bananas, legumes, green leafy vegetables and grains.

One of the important sources that will help us to strengthen the immune system in cold weather is herbal teas, which attract attention with their low calories and high nutritional values!

Herbal teas such as green tea , a source of strong antioxidants , rosehip rich in vitamin C, sage and linden containing a wide variety of palifenoler can add health to your health. dit. Atılgan, “Do not forget to add herbal teas to your tea and coffee breaks during the day, both in terms of appetite control and to support immunity.” says.

Atılgan also mentions the importance of nutritional diversity in order to strengthen the immune system and to prevent diseases in seasonal transitions;

“Also, it would be better to have a varied, adequate and balanced diet instead of a uniform diet. It would be right to include the milk and dairy products group, meat – egg – legumes and oil seeds group, bread and cereal group and vegetable-fruit group on your plate little by little.”

What about sports? A strong musculature is one of the key points of a strong metabolism. An active life and sports also keep your muscles strong. Dietitian Yağmur Atılgan underlines that it would be very beneficial to add appropriate physical activities to our daily routine so that our body can adapt more quickly during seasonal transitions.  

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