Einkorn Wheat: What are the benefits? How to Make Bread?

Einkorn Wheat

We can say that einkorn is the starting point of wheat. It helps you prepare healthier meals with an easy-to-make bread recipe at home.

It is described as the domesticated version of the wild wheat species. Triticum Monococcum is the scientific name and consists of words of Latin origin. Yugoslavia, Morocco, France and Türkiye are among the countries where it is grown. The first region where it grew in our country was the Southeastern Anatolia Region. Here, Karacadağ is where it is grown. Einkorn wheat, which comes from the wheat family, has its origins dating back 10,000 years.

Einkorn, the ancestor of wheat, was cultivated in the Hittite and Phrygian civilizations. While the Hittites called it “zız”, this became the origin of the word einkorn today. Another name is hot spring. While it grew wild thousands of years ago, it has been cultivated and cultivated. Its name has changed over the years and has made its way to our tables. This is how it reached the food we eat through various means. If you are wondering what einkorn wheat is, it is mentioned in more detail in the article below.

What is Einkorn Wheat?

Einkorn wheat is the domesticated version of a wild wheat species whose origin dates back many years. It is thought that the place where it was first grown was Karacadağ. Nowadays, it is grown in İhsangazi district of Kastamonu province. It is known as the first wheat variety in the world.

The fact that its chromosome number is 14 also supports that its genetics date back thousands of years. While everything changed in 10-12 thousand years, einkorn wheat remained the same. Siyez or Kaplıca are its current names. It is known as genetically intact wheat.

This type of wheat, described as the ancestor of wheat, grows in mountainous areas. It has a single spikelet structure. Additionally, the glume structure is also dense. For this reason, they are very resistant to diseases.

Although it is difficult to remove wheat from its husk, its hard husk structure protects it against external factors. For this reason, its genetics could not be changed and it made it resistant to cold. With this article, you have learned the answer to the question of what einkorn wheat is.

What is Einkorn Wheat Flour?.

Einkorn wheat, which is described as the ancestor of wheat with a history of 10-12 thousand years, is a genetically intact species. For this reason, both einkorn wheat and einkorn wheat flour are considered a unique blessing. It is obtained by traditional methods. Its hard outer shell makes it difficult to process.

Einkorn wheat, which is ground into flour in stone mills, has a single spikelet structure. Einkorn wheat flour contains more nutrients than modern wheat. The flour of this blessing, which has remained unchanged from past to present, is as useful as itself.

The fact that it is genetically unchanged is today a refuge for people who avoid GMO products. It is a food that can be consumed with peace of mind. It is a wheat that you can use in bread or cakes. The amount of gluten is quite low compared to other wheat. You can try this type of wheat, which is becoming more and more popular day by day, and place its flour at the center of your kitchen.

What are the Characteristics of Einkorn Wheat?

The first feature of einkorn wheat is that it has not been genetically modified. It is also the ancestor of all wheat and even grains.

Nutritional value of einkorn wheat: 100 g of einkorn contains 340 kcal of energy. The protein ratio is 14-25 grams per 100 grams. This is approximately twice that of normal bread wheat. The carbohydrate ratio is 64.92. While the dietary fiber ratio is 9.72, the fat ratio is 1.78.

Vitamin E 0.09mg, Vitamin B1 0.25mg, Vitamin B2 0.026mg, Vitamin B5 0.208mg, Vitamin B6 0.41mg, Vitamin B7 1.66IU, Vitamin B12 0.091IU, Niacin 4.21mg, Vitamin K2 1.23 IU, folic acid 26 IU, zinc 5.32 mg, iron 4.21 mg. phosphorus 159.7 mg, calcium 32.26 mg, magnesium 93.51 mg, potassium 403.5 mg, sodium 3.41 mg, selenium 11.5 IU, crude fiber 0.90% and starch rate 56.69% is happening. In this way, the nutritional value of einkorn wheat is very rich.

What are the Benefits of Einkorn Wheat?

We explained how high their nutritional value is. The fact that these values ​​are high also shows how many benefits einkorn wheat has. The first benefit that can be said is that it facilitates digestion and cleans the intestines due to its high fiber content. It has very high antioxidant properties..

This will be beneficial in preserving the structure of the cells. It is the food with the best glycemic index for humans. It is a natural source of folic acid. It would be beneficial for expectant mothers or those thinking of becoming mothers not to consume it in large amounts. The first two months of pregnancy are very important in terms of folic acid. This shows that you can get folic acid by consuming this einkorn. It also increases the milk of breastfeeding mothers.

Although its thick shell makes it difficult to process, it protects the wheat against most external factors. So much so that some countries keep einkorn in stock in case of any possible nuclear attack. It is not affected by radiation. It prevents bowel cancer.

Its high mineral content prevents stomach disorders. Since it contains unsaturated fat, it is good for cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

It has very low fat content and does not contain cholesterol. It contains vitamin B1 and positively affects the digestive and nervous systems. Its high protein value affects its preference. Its low carbohydrate content makes it a top priority in diet lists. The countless benefits of einkorn wheat are listed as follows.

What is Einkorn Wheat Bread? How To?

Einkorn wheat, which is indispensable in your home and will be the highlight of your kitchen, is used in pilafs. It can also be turned into flour and used in all areas where normal wheat flour is used, such as bread, cake, pastry. Einkorn wheat bread is a healthy bread with high nutritional value. A recipe that can be made is as follows:

Ingredients: 1 glass of water, 2 glasses of milk, 1/2 tea glass of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 small packet of dry yeast, as much flour as necessary.

Preparation: The first thing we need to do to make einkorn wheat bread is to ensure that the yeast interacts. For this reason, keeping the milk in a warm state will ensure better fermentation. Yeast is added to warm milk, sugar, olive oil, salt and water are added and mixed. Flour is also added slowly..

By adding flour while mixing, a dough softer than the earlobe is obtained. The next thing to do is to wait for the dough to ferment. You should do this by covering a wet cloth over the dough. After fermentation for approximately 8 hours, the shaped dough is baked at 180 degrees for 50 minutes. You can make einkorn wheat bread with such a simple recipe.

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