The slim waist of your dreams with just these exercises, diet and helpful tips

As we age, we start to gain more weight – especially in the abdominal area.

But you don’t need to wear clothes that are a bigger size and try to hide extra weight. We have chosen for you the best exercises and techniques for losing weight , we have also chosen more than 20 of the best products for your diet . Follow our instructions and see the results – very soon you won’t be thinking about the creases under your pants anymore.

Tips for those who want to lose weight

  1. Start exercising;
  2. Drink lots of water;
  3. Change the meal plan;
  4. Corsets for the waist;
  5. Slimming gel.

Start exercising for a slim waistline

How to make the waist smaller ? We all know that in order to lose weight , you need to move a lot, so start walking and jogging 4 times a week in the evening. Believe me, you will feel better immediately. After all, it is much better to replace excess fat with muscle.

Interval training and weight-bearing exercises are considered particularly effective. Get a pair of dumbbells and use them while doing squats.

Drink a lot of water to lose weight in the waist

We all know that our body is made up of water. The body will not function as needed without sufficient fluid. Water contributes to the recovery of muscles and the proper functioning of organs, as well as to “washing away” excess fat. By the way, did you know that when we don’t have enough water, our body makes us feel not only thirsty, but also sometimes hungry. Thus, water saves us from overeating . In addition, we absorb a large amount of calories with drinks. Carbonated water, juices, frappuccinos and alcohol contain calories . Remind yourself to drink more clean water!

Change the meal plan

You need healthy food. We are what we eat. If that’s true, then some of us are nothing more than pizza and lots of carbs. We eat too much junk food , pizza, potatoes, pasta and rice. And they can be harmful and dangerous in large quantities. Make a meal plan for the week and carefully make sure your diet includes protein, vegetables and complex carbohydrates .

It is especially important to eat before training. Oats, eggs, avocados, nuts and seeds – don’t forget about them. It is important to remember that some products (eg milk or sugar) cause swelling. Here’s a tip: if you want to have a slim waist , limit products with a similar effect.

Corsets for the waist

Waist corset? Why not? With the help of a corset, you make the waist smaller not only visually, because it helps to get rid of excess fluid, improves posture and helps to remove excess fat from the body through sweat. Wear a corset for training and wear it for up to 8 hours a day. After 3 months your waist will shrink to 5 cm!

Waist slimming gel

You can exercise a lot and eat right, but there is still one problem – cellulite. Rub an anti- cellulite gel into the abdomen, buttocks and thighs every night after showering. It improves blood circulation and helps to get rid of the hated folds, the skin will become softer, stronger and much more elastic.

The results won’t appear immediately, but eventually you’ll be happy with your body.

Exercises to reduce waist size

You have to move. Do you notice that our society is stuck? Physical activity has become a must these days. When you think it’s time to remove those extra pounds from your waist, you can imagine a huge amount of exercises like deadlifts in different poses. And although these exercises are good for the abdominal muscles, they are far from the only ones on our list.

Choose cardio exercises that you want to do, not ones that bother you. You need to make friends with cardio if you want to get rid of extra pounds. But choose what you really like. Too often we treat exercise as a punishment instead of making it a part of our lives.

For starters, it’s worth learning more about cardio. For example, you don’t have to force yourself to run at all. There are many other options for activity: walking, dancing, volleyball, boxing, fitness, swimming, biking, kayaking, skiing, biking, and the list goes on. Cardio training should be done 4-5 times a week, so choose a type of activity that will bring you joy.

If you want to lose weight faster , pay attention to high intensity training (HIIT), Tabata training, etc. and are performed 2 times a week. Such workouts are aimed at increasing effort, and also allow you to burn large amounts of calories even after the exercise is over. Weight loss will be faster, guaranteed!

Strength training

You should perform such exercises only if you really want to. Why? The fact is that our muscles work all the time (calories are consumed even when we sit), so the more muscles you have, the more calories you can burn while you relax, and your metabolism will also improve. As with cardio training, strength training can also be different. You can lift the bar in the gym and use the expander, med ball and even your own body weight. Choose what you like more and train 2-3 times a week.

Work on your abdominal muscles

We’re still talking about the waist, right? Eating right and exercising will help you lose fat , but you need to take care of your abs. You can also do muscle press training at home. Add to training and proper nutrition and you will achieve results.

Yoga for a slim waist

Yoga is a practice known for bringing about slow but effective weight loss. Yoga exercises help to get rid of extra centimeters and speed up the metabolism. Yoga combined with a balanced diet will help you form a beautiful waistline and achieve your goals.

Surely at least once you have put aside your favorite jeans because of the extra kilo around the waist? Are you noticing excess fat on your body? Annoying, isn’t it? You can refuse your favorite products, but those extra pounds will not disappear anywhere until you make at least a little effort. Yoga is associated with slow but effective weight loss.

Yoga combined with a balanced diet can help you achieve your goals and reduce your waistline. It not only helps you lose weight, but also increases your metabolism and strengthens your abdominal muscles. Here are some effective yoga poses for a slim waist. The asanas and the timing of their performance have been developed by a yoga expert.

– Trikonosana (inverted triangle on the stand)

It represents an inverted triangle. Stand directly on the yoga mat, feet apart wider than shoulder level. Turn the right foot to the right by 90 and the left foot slightly inward by 15. The right heel should be in line with the left foot. Make sure you stand firmly on your feet. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, tilt your whole body to the right side. Touch the floor with your right hand and lift your left up. The arms should be in a straight line. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement to the other side.

– A light version of padmasana

Sit on the floor with your legs extended forward. Keep your back straight, breathe evenly. Place the right palm on the floor to the right, near the hips. Exhale, twist to the right and at the same time place your left palm on your right knee. You can turn your neck and look over your shoulders. Stay in this position until you feel comfortable and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the movement on the left.

– Navasana (boat)

Boat pose. Sit on the floor with your legs extended forward. Press your hands on the floor, slightly behind your hips and lean back slightly. Remember to keep your back straight. As you exhale, squeeze your legs together and lift them off the floor as high as possible. If you manage to keep your balance, you can straighten your legs. Spread your arms properly, parallel to each other. Tighten your stomach, this will help you maintain balance. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat the movement.

– Dhanurasana

Bow pose. Lie on your stomach, grab your ankles with your hands. Inhale and lift the upper body arched in the back. Look straight ahead and watch your breath. Take a deep breath and stay in this position for a few seconds. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the movement as soon as you feel your body relax.

– Virabhadrasana (inverted warrior pose)

Warrior pose. This pose gets its name in honor of Veerarabhadra, a fierce warrior, an incarnation of the god Shiva. Stand up straight, feet at least 30 cm apart. Step your left leg back. Put your palms together and raise your arms up. Inhale and bend the right leg at the knee. Now look to the right. Try to bend back as far as possible, but remember that you should not feel uncomfortable. Repeat the movement as soon as you feel your body relax.

Note: Each pose should be performed for at least 30 seconds. Subsequently, you will increase the time from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.

These poses not only help you lose weight in the waist area, but also strengthen your core muscles, make you more flexible. According to Priyanka, each of the asanas is allowed to be performed only after consulting a doctor, as the practice should be safe (in some cases the lower back is involved, they should be avoided if you have problems such as disc displacement) .

Foods for weight loss and a thin waist

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? Many women don’t like arms, others would choose their legs, and some crave waist changes . Unfortunately, it is very difficult for many to get rid of “love handles”, but it is possible, especially if you follow our diet!

We have selected 27 products (it just so happens that they are also very tasty) that will be useful for the waistline. However, keep in mind that any diet should be supported by sports training. Don’t just focus on one problem area, work the whole body using cardio exercises to burn fat.

Get ready to say goodbye to those extra pounds and say hello to new life with no side fat!

– Avocado

Avocado is not only tasty, but also super healthy. That’s right, because it contains a large amount of vitamin B6 and mono- and polyunsaturated fats. It also contains sodium, sugar and cholesterol, so an avocado sandwich will satisfy both nutritional needs and taste buds. Add some sea salt and paprika. Believe me, once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to give it up!

– Chia seeds

These seeds have a lot of fiber and energy, plus they can be added anywhere. Sprinkle them on your cocktail, morning yogurt or oatmeal. You can add chia seeds to your salad to increase the nutritional level.

– Bananas

Did you know that one banana contains more than 400 mg of potassium? This fruit is quite versatile and has countless benefits. You can bake banana pancakes (you’ll need a few extra ingredients), or fry a banana and add it to oatmeal for breakfast.

– Sweet potato

Along with the word “potato” you can often hear the word “carbohydrates”, but this does not apply to sweet potatoes. Its nutritional value far exceeds the amount of carbohydrates! Sweet potatoes speed up metabolism and lower blood sugar levels. Believe me, they will become your favorite dish!

– Quinoa

Quinoa is a superfood. It contains 9 essential amino acids and can be considered a direct source of protein (like meat). Plus, there’s no gluten in quinoa!

– Lemon

Despite the fact that lemons taste sour, they actually have quite a lot of alkaline elements. Eating alkaline foods can help fight many diseases, from colds to cancer. As a bonus, it also helps maintain a healthy weight, so be sure to add lemon juice to your water bottle.

– Almonds

It is not by chance that they are talked about so much. Rich in fiber, almonds keep you feeling full throughout the day. You can eat them raw or fry them with spices.

– Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a multi-purpose ingredient. It can be used as a skin and hair care product and can be used to fight heart disease. The beneficial fatty acids found in coconut oil are easily absorbed and help support thyroid health. All these benefits also help you lose weight!

– Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar may seem sour, but it has a great advantage – the ability to remove harmful toxins from the body. It can also prevent diabetes.

– Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the perfect spice to have. It enriches any dish with its flavor without having any calories. Agree that this is a great way to stick to your healthy eating goals!

– Olive oil

Olive oil is a main ingredient in most Mediterranean dishes. In addition, it contributes to the extension of life expectancy – olive oil has been proven to be useful in the prevention of heart diseases!

– Tomato juice

Tomato juice has many advantages – all the nutrients of tomatoes are combined in a delicious drink. When choosing juice at the store, be sure to check the label because you need a low-sodium product that contains all natural ingredients.

– Black beans

Black beans are rich in protein, which is good for weight loss and muscle growth. Moreover, it is full of fiber and potassium and this further increases its nutritional value.

– Green tea

Green tea – the pearl of any diet. It contains natural caffeine, which helps to speed up the metabolism and also to burn calories throughout the day. It also contains antioxidants that naturally rid the body of toxins.

– Hard-boiled eggs

Photo: 1

Boiled eggs – a favorite breakfast of many, because they contribute to a long feeling of satiety. Add them to a salad or just eat them with a pinch of black pepper. They contain a large amount of protein and very few calories.

– Yoghurt

Probiotic-rich low-fat yogurt is a great product. It will help you achieve your goal of getting a flat stomach. Add some muesli and raisins – the quick and tasty breakfast is ready!

– Turmeric

It may not be added to meals every day, but the benefits to human health are truly great. It helps regulate cholesterol levels, helps fight cancer, burns excess fat – a triple threat!

– Dark chocolate

When we say dark chocolate, we mean the darkest chocolate you can find. The darker the chocolate, the lower the amount of sugar in each piece.

– Grapefruit

This fruit lowers insulin levels, which, in turn, promotes weight loss and promotes a faster metabolism. Also, eating half a grapefruit for breakfast isn’t such a bad idea.

– Salmon

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for weight loss. Say goodbye to fat forever!

– Celery

If you want something crunch, eat celery. For more nutrients, dip the healthy veggie sticks into your favorite hummus.

– Peppermint

Peppermint helps with bloating, upset stomach or constipation. A cup of tea with mint promotes proper digestion, eliminates gas formation. In combination with ginger, mint makes the tea an ideal drink that removes toxins from the body.

– Linseed

Flaxseed is high in fiber (like chia seeds). It can be added to morning or afternoon shakes. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed is an ideal alternative to salmon if you don’t like fish. Just remember to grind it before use.

– Lentils

Lentils have low cholesterol and high levels of magnesium, thus helping to maintain good heart health. Who wouldn’t want to be the owner of a healthy heart?

– Garlic

Garlic is a product that helps fight cancer (especially in raw form). In addition, it will make the taste of your food richer and there will be no extra calories, which only contributes to the fight against excess weight.

– Grapes

Grapes make the perfect ice cream once frozen. Fortunately, the sugar in it is natural, so you can eat grapes without feeling guilty.


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