What is Soybean? How is it consumed, where is it grown?

What is Soybean
  • Soy, the functional food of Asian cuisine, is one of the most nutritious members of the legumes family. Soybean, which grows in a 1.5-2 meters tall broad-leaved, partially enveloping plant, has a more rounded shape and color ranging from yellow to brown compared to dried beans or kidney beans.
  • Soy, which is consumed directly in the kitchen with its yellowish color and granular structure, but is the main ingredient of many side foods from flour to milk, is among the most consumed foods in the world with its wide usage area.
  • With its nutritional values ​​and versatile use, the food, whose popularity has increased especially in recent years, has an important place in the cuisines of almost all cultures except Africa.
  • Known for its versatile use, especially in the Far Eastern food culture, and spread to the world from Asian cuisines, the flavor makes its name known as a quality protein source.
  • It is included in many recipes because of the high nutritional value of soybeans.
  • It doubles both the flavor and the satiating feature of the recipes it is added to.
  • It has crossed the borders of Asian cuisine and made itself accepted by many cuisines.

Where Does Soybean Grow?

  • Soybean, whose homeland is East Asia and is known to be first grown in China, is first grown in Asia and then in other parts of the world.
  • The climate and soil selectivity of the bean, which is compatible with the harsh climate of Asia, is negligible.
  • Since it is compatible with different climate types, it grows in many different parts of the world and appears as a field plant in temperate climates.
  • Since it is a temperate climate plant, it is difficult to grow in places where the temperature is below 18 °C or above 40 °C during the growing season.
  • Apart from Central Asian countries, soybean plant is produced in the USA with advanced methods and is grown around Çukurova in Turkey.

How to Consume and Cook Soybeans?

  • Those who have not tried the soybean, which is a source of vitamins in vegetarian menus in its fresh and dry form and has a unique place in our food culture, wonder how to eat soybeans or how to consume soybeans.
  • Soybean, which is usually made into its own dish, is boiled and served with various dishes or it is made its own meal.
  • Cooking soybeans is very easy.
  • The beans, which have a hard structure and are soaked in water the night before for easy cooking, are washed in plenty of water the next day and boiled.
  • Soy, which softens when boiled for 20-25 minutes on average, is prepared in accordance with the recipe and brought to the tables.
  • Those who are on a diet can prepare delicious soybeans for lunch or dinner.
  • This beneficial food, which has a high satiating feature, is very successful in losing weight.
  • The fact that it contains dietary fibers and is low in calories prevents weight gain as well as supports fat burning. You can consume soybeans at any meal you wish.

Where to Buy Soybeans?

  • It is not difficult to find soybeans, which are generally used as dry and fresh in Turkish cuisine.
  • The food that we usually see in the legumes sections of the markets in its packaged form can also be obtained from delicatessens.
  • It is also sold in gourmet shops as dried soybeans, or it can be bought in open form from shops selling pulses.
  • Soybean, which takes its place in the kitchens in its fresh form as well as in its dry form, can be found in neighborhood markets and greengrocers in September and October.
  • Soybean oil, which is used in alternative medicine and skin care, is easily obtained from herbalists.

What Are the Benefits of Soy Beans?

  • Since soybean is an important source of protein, it ensures the healthy development of cells and regulates metabolic reactions.
  • Known to be good for sleep problems by regulating metabolism, soybeans contain high levels of magnesium, increasing sleep quality and enabling efficient listening.
  • The nutrient that neutralizes free radicals with its antioxidants slows down the onset of cancer and is a useful nutrient to use in the cancer treatment process.
  • Food that accelerates digestion as a source of fiber is a natural remedy against conditions such as constipation. By relaxing the digestive system, it is good for restless intestines and helps to maintain body balance.
  • Since soybean is an efficient source of vitamin E, it can be a solution to problems such as muscle weakness and gait disturbance.
  • The food, which supports healthy weight gain as a good source of fiber and protein, does not contain cholesterol, despite its high fat content, and protects against diabetes.
  • The benefits of soybean to the skin attract the attention of women. It helps to solve many skin problems, from skin blemishes to wrinkles, and soybean oil helps prevent blemishes and wrinkles by being rubbed into the skin.

To summarize the benefits of soybean:

  • It is the enemy of diabetes. When you consume this food, diabetes stays away from you.
  • It strengthens the skeletal system. It makes bones and muscles stay stronger and more resistant.
  • It protects the intestinal flora and prevents stomach problems.
  • It helps you live a cancer-free life.

Soybean Nutrition Facts

  • Renowned as the only nutrient containing eight essential amino acids, soybeans are one of the biggest competitors of red meat with their protein value and vitamin B1.
  • It is a rich source of protein, which contains the amino acid lysine, which the body cannot make on its own, and it meets 25% of the daily fiber need with its fiber content in 100 grams.
  • It contains folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and copper minerals.
  • It is consumed as one of the natural sources rich in vitamins A, K, B3, B6, B2, B1 and E.
  • With its high nutritive values, it is one of the important foods that is used against animal foods, especially in vegan nutrition.
  • Soy, which is a valuable protein source for those who are allergic to cow’s milk and who do not consume red meat, does not contain cholesterol.
  • During the slimming process, it is recommended to consume soybeans.
  • Because it is a very good source of protein. Adding a moderate amount to vegetable meals is suitable for dietary nutrition.
  • Especially if you have a diet away from meat and meat products; Soybeans are for you!
  • In addition to its benefits, it is necessary to be careful about the harms of unfermented soybean. It is especially among the harms of non-fermented soybeans such as immune weakness, indigestion, allergies.


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