Home remedies to improve circulation in the hands

Home remedies to improve circulation in the hands

Movement and some herbs will help improve blood circulation in this area of ​​the body.

Blood circulation plays a fundamental role for the vital functioning of the body. The heart also exerts a force that drives blood loaded with oxygen and nutrients to different areas such as organs, bones and muscles . Hence the importance of having a good circulation.

Science has proven that blood circulation problems lead to serious diseases of the cardiorespiratory system, as explained by the expert health portal Curves .

“The most common cardiovascular diseases that are derived from poor blood circulation, according to doctors, are varicose veins, migraines, myocardial infarctions, strokes, diabetes, hemorrhoids ”, he points out.

On the other hand, according to the oneHOWTO portal, poor blood circulation in the hands can be caused by a lack of movement that causes tingling and numbness over time. To prevent this from happening, you can rub your hands, shake them, or perform other exercises such as opening and closing your fists several times.

They also recommend going for a walk, for at least half an hour every day, since this exercise is essential not only for the circulation of the hands, but of the whole body. It is also recommended to avoid bad postures and being static during the day. In case of suffering from this discomfort, it is recommended to see a doctor and follow the expert’s recommendations.

There are also some natural herbal infusions or teas that can help improve blood circulation:

  • Horse tail
  • Ginger
  • passionflower
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Sage

Garlic to improve circulation

Garlic is a well-known natural food in the gastronomic world for being a great ally when it comes to seasoning meals. However, it has also earned the respect of humanity due to the benefits it can bring to the body.

One of these benefits is related to the circulatory system, since garlic helps to stimulate it, in addition to maintaining control over blood pressure, a key element in the process, as explained by Mejor con Salud through its digital portal.

“It is interesting to know that in a study carried out with a sample of 112 people with high cholesterol levels, as part of medical treatment, regular consumption of garlic with lemon juice helped to improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure, ” he says. .

Although garlic can be found in its natural state, in the form of capsules or tablets and even in powder form, there is a natural combination that will help blood circulation.

Garlic and honey

Both foods are widely used in the treatment of various diseases. But, by combining them, you can get an excellent ally to improve blood circulation. This is due to the fact that together they generate a vasodilator effect , that is, they increase the size of the blood vessels, which allows for better blood flow and blood pressure control.

The GastroLab specialized lifestyle portal shares a simple recipe that can be prepared from the comfort of home.


  • 1/2 cup of honey
  • 5 garlic cloves


  • Peel and lightly crush the garlic, it can also be pressed or cut into thin slices.
  • Serve the garlic in a container, preferably glass and sterilized with a lid.
  • Add the honey, preferably organic, and then stir, cover and let it rest in a dark place for a week.

After the rest time, experts suggest taking a tablespoon of this honey on an empty stomach. It is recommended to take it for 7 days in a row.

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