6 tips to help you save burnt dishes

6 tips to help you save burnt dishes

To save burnt dishes is not difficult, you can apply some of the tips below to help your dishes taste as good as usual.

Remove burnt parts out

To get the grill to burn, you can use a knife or scissors to remove the burned part.– If your grill is too burnt, don’t worry too much. To keep the food delicious, you can use a knife or scissors to remove the burnt part.

– For fried foods, if they are burnt, the handling is also very simple. First, you need to quickly turn off the stove and remove the food from the oil pan. Then use a knife or scissors to cut off the burned part. If the rest is not cooked, you can put it in a clean pan and fry it again. Note that the previously fried oil should not be reused because it will cause the dish to burn easily.

– When the stock is on fire, you can also handle it by the following: Quickly turn off the stove and remove the unburnt food. Note, it is not advisable to take the less burnt parts because they will have a burning smell, it will not taste good, and difficult to eat when eating. Then, use warm water to clean the unburnt food and put it back in a clean pot to cook again.

– Many housewives worry that when cooking soup or burnt soups, it is difficult to salvage. However, you can completely extinguish the fire by scraping off the top with a spoon and then transferring it to a clean pot. Note to avoid picking up the burnt part, in the process of picking you to need to do it gently.

For dishes such as meat and fish… if burned, you can wash off the burnt part. Then reprocess it.

Wash with clean water

Some foods have a firm texture such as fish, meat, tubers… when burned, you do not need to cut off the burnt part but should use water to wash away the burnt plaque on the surface. It can then be processed as normal.

Dry food and cook again

For foods such as fish, meat, some tubers… after washing off the burnt part on the surface, you need to dry the water before processing again. A simple way is to use a paper towel to absorb any remaining water on the food.

After drying, use this food to re-process by putting it on the stove and continue to cook. At this point, you do not need to taste too much seasoning because it has already absorbed the seasoning.

Add seasonings and sauces

So that the dish is odorless and full of flavor, just eat. After you have finished handling the burnt part, you should add seasoning and seasoning to taste. Prioritize spices such as pepper, chili, …

Besides, to make it more delicious, you should add a little sauce, depending on the dish, the sauce is suitable. For example, if it is fried fish, you should add tomato sauce.

As for the soup or soup to lose the burnt smell, you should add a little bacon to make it more delicious.

Re-season the cooked food

After the re-cooking dish has been completed, to make sure the food does not smell burnt or burnt you need to taste it. If necessary, you can add some spices to make the dish more attractive.

Dealing with burnt food and odors in the house

Burnt dishes often leave a smell in your family’s kitchen. To handle this situation you should do the following:

– Put the burnt food in a plastic bag, then tie it up tightly and throw it in the trash.

– Next, quickly open all the doors to let the air circulate, turn on the vent if there is one. In the absence of a vent, a fan should be turned on near the stove to push out the burning smell.

You can also use some of the following deodorant tips:

Use onions to eliminate burning smell: Cut onions into small pieces, put them in a large bowl of water. Then put the bowl in the middle of the house or you can make many bowls to place in different corners of the house to help eliminate the burning smell caused by burnt food.

Lemon juice can be used to remove the burning smell in the kitchen.Or you can also use lemon juice mixed with water in equal amounts. Then put it in a spray bottle and spray it all over the kitchen, it also has a deodorizing effect.

In addition, dried tangerine peels or dried tea grounds… also have the effect of removing the burning smell.

To be a smart housewife, in addition to the above tips, you can often learn more housewife knowledge to be able to prepare delicious dishes for the whole family.

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