12 Foods for Hearing Loss and Hearing

Foods for Hearing Loss

Foods That Increase Hearing Quality! Hearing is an innate trait many people have. Hearing sounds helps to communicate more powerfully. In some cases, the hearing ability may be lost due to congenital or acquired health problems. In such cases, it is best to communicate with hearing aids or sign language. People who have not yet lost their hearing can easily perceive the surrounding sounds as long as they pay attention to their health. In order to hear low or loud sounds comfortably and to provide clear feedback to the other party, ear health should be protected as well as organ health.

Hearing Loss and What is Good for Hearing?

  • Engineer
  • Potatoes
  • Lentil
  • Cashew
  • Avocado
  • Dark chocolate
  • Fish
  • Flaxseed
  • Walnut
  • Mushrooms
  • Egg
  • Milk

What should we do to hear better? Millions of people think about this question every day. Healthy choices must be made in order to hear and communicate well at every stage of life. In this regard, we will give answers to the question of what to do to hear better in order to guide you.

In these lines, we will see the recommendations that the existing audiometry measurement unit will give you for the evaluation of hearing functions. Here we will express the details that young and old people should pay attention to in order to hear better. Here is the information that needs attention to hear well…

The information is general advice; Get doctor support for the most accurate and healthy results.

What is Audiometry?

Audiometry is a hearing test used in the field of audiology . As a result of these tests, in which more than one frequency is used, the patient’s hearing and hearing health are determined.

  • The audiometry test for the evaluation of hearing functions is performed on infants and adults.
  • Hearing tests are performed at appropriate intervals for those born prematurely, for those born on time and for every baby that the doctor considers at risk.
  • As a result of the test, the effect of the sound waves sent on hearing is determined. Thanks to these tests applied to children and adults, if there is a risk in hearing health, treatment is started early.
  • You can consult the nearest health center and take an audiometry test in case of frequent ringing in the ears, inability to hear sounds clearly, inability to perceive sounds at close or far distances, earache and other complaints.
  • Audiometry can detect not only hearing, but also balance disorders. For this, different devices are used and tests that the doctor deems appropriate are performed.
  • Audiologists do the hearing tests after the doctor approves. Children and adults who do not pass the first test take the test a second time in a more comfortable environment after a while.
  • If there are patients who cannot receive the signals, necessary examinations are made and investigations on hearing problems begin.

12 Foods for Hearing Loss and Hearing

Otolaryngologists often emphasize the importance of a healthy diet to prevent age-related hearing loss. Based on their advice, we will introduce you to the foods that are recommended to be consumed in order to hear the best. As long as you include the foods on this list in your life, you can protect your hearing health for life. Here is a list of foods that will protect hearing health!

1) Artichoke

  • Folate-rich foods should be consumed to keep hearing strong throughout life. One of these foods is artichoke.
  • Artichoke helps maintain ear health as it contains both folate and vitamin C.

2) Potato

  • Potato, which strengthens the hearing ability when consumed in moderation, prevents damage to the ear.
  • Healthy cooked potatoes can be added to your meals at regular intervals for good hearing at any age.

3) Lentils

  • Lentils, which contain B vitamins and iron, are very powerful in protecting ear health.
  • You can prevent ear damage by consuming lentils. In this way, you will also protect your hearing health.

4) Cashew

  • Nuts are recommended foods for good hearing. Especially if cashew is consumed at any age, it protects hearing health.
  • Because it contains B vitamins, it strengthens the body from head to toe and helps the ears to hear better.

5) Avocado

  • For better hearing, magnesium and folic acid should be taken. You can get these minerals by consuming avocados.
  • Avocado, if consumed when ripe, provides lifelong protection of ear health. It is a fruit that you should not miss from your meals.

6) Dark Chocolate

  • Dark chocolate, which is good for many ailments, is also a natural solution for hearing problems.
  • Those who consume dark chocolate are one step ahead of those who do not consume hearing health. You can see the effects by consuming it regularly.

7) Fish

  • Adequate nutrition in terms of omega prevents hearing problems. Especially fish consumption is one of your great supporters in this regard.
  • As a result of consuming fish twice a week, people of all ages will have their hearing health protected. Omega will guide you in hearing.

8) Flaxseed

  • The impact of B vitamins on hearing health is enormous. Especially when a food such as flaxseed is consumed, ringing in the ears, pain and hearing loss are largely prevented.
  • You can see the benefits of flaxseed by consuming it in soup, salad and yogurt bowls during the day.

9) Walnut

  • For a healthy ear health, you should definitely pay attention to consuming walnuts. Thanks to this nutrient, hearing loss is largely prevented.
  • Walnuts are rich in omega and B vitamins. It is possible to prevent age-related hearing loss as a result of regular consumption.

10) Mushroom

  • Mushrooms are one of the beneficial foods containing vitamin D. The inside of the ear is filled with delicate tiny bones. Vitamin D protects the health of these bones.
  • By consuming mushrooms regularly, you can keep the structures inside the ear strong.

11) Egg

  • Thanks to the protein source egg, the tissues in the ear are away from being damaged.
  • By consuming eggs in the morning, you can protect your body health and prevent hearing loss.

12) Milk

  • Consumed from childhood, milk takes its place in kitchens as a food that helps to hear better at all ages.
  • If you consume milk regularly, you will protect the fine tissues and bones in the ear.

Healthy Advice for Your Hearing and Ear Health

We want to give life-saving tips for those who ask what to do to hear the surrounding sound better. If you pay attention to the suggestions in our list, you can protect your hearing health in every period.

  • Attaching earrings to the cartilage part of the auricle is a move that is not considered appropriate by experts.
  • Because this region helps to understand from which direction the sounds are coming from. When the cartilages are damaged, the environment is prepared for hearing loss.
  • It is not recommended to stay at sea for a long time. If you are going to stay for a few hours, you should use earplugs for the pool or sea.
  • You must protect yourself against hard blows. Impacts on any part of the ear can cause hearing problems.
  • Middle ear infections should not be neglected. Inflammation can cause hearing loss.
  • Oil and dirt formed in the ear should not be cleaned with hard objects. Especially children should be treated sensitively in this regard.
  • Loud noise, explosion, and violent working areas cause damage to the tissue inside the ear. Headphones should be used in areas such as construction, construction site and excavation.
  • While listening to music with headphones, you can adjust the volume so that it does not exceed 90 decibels.
  • Do not talk too loudly in front of babies. Since babies have a very sensitive structure, their ears can be affected in a short time.
  • Situations such as popping balloons too close to the ear, turning on the sound of music, shouting should be avoided.
  • In case of tinnitus, ear pain, discharge from the ear and hearing loss that lasts for a few days, a doctor should be consulted without delay.
  • Hearing tests that should be done for babies should not be delayed. Problems that may occur in the future can be prevented early.

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