3 Types of Wheat Flour and Their Uses

Types of Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is one of the main ingredients in everyday cooking. Starting from cake ingredients, cakes, noodles, to fried foods. Although the shape of wheat flour looks uniform, there are several types of flour that you should know.

Moreover, different dishes, different flours used. What are the types of wheat flour? Let’s see the explanation here.

Types of wheat flour and its uses

There are 3 types of wheat flour that you can choose for cooking purposes. The selection of the right flour is certainly important because it will affect the taste and quality of the dish. The difference between the types of wheat flour usually lies in the protein content. This protein affects the stickiness of the dough from food.

So that you don’t choose the wrong one, let’s identify what the types are.

3 Types of Wheat Flour

Low protein flour

As the name implies, this type of flour has a low protein content. The protein content in this type of flour has a percentage below 10 percent. If Sedulur wants to make dishes such as pastries, cookies, and the like, low protein wheat flour is the right choice.

Low protein flour is more suitable for cooking results that do not really need a chewy and elastic texture. This type of flour gives the food a crunchier texture. In addition, low protein flour also has a very low water content, so the resulting food will last longer in storage.

Medium protein flour

This wheat flour variant has a protein content of between 11-13 percent. In contrast to low protein flour, this type of flour is used for dishes that are not too dry, but also not too wet. So it is often referred to as all-purpose flour.

Dishes that use wheat flour include fried foods such as tempeh or fried bananas. Not only that, for those of you who like to cook processed cakes such as  pancakes, waffles, croffles,  and so on, it is recommended to use medium protein flour as one of the main ingredients. Because as explained above, this flour will produce dishes that are not too dry, but also not too wet.

Pastries such as nastar and kastangel also usually use medium protein flour as a mixture.

High protein flour

Compared to the other two types, this variant of wheat flour certainly has the highest protein content. That is in the range of 14-16 percent. Protein flour is needed for foods that require a chewy and elastic texture.

The best type of wheat flour for making noodles is this one variant. Where the texture of the noodles must be elastic and chewy. Not only noodles, high protein flour is needed to make preparations such as cakes such as white bread, donuts, sponge cakes, and so on.

In addition, brands of high protein flour that Sedulur can choose include Cakra Kembar, Golden Eagle, Red Lencana, Nippon Komachi, and Sriboga Hime.

Benefits of wheat flour in everyday life

Not only for cooking, wheat flour is also useful for everyday life, you know. What the hell? Let’s see!

Brings back the shine of metal items

The trick is to mix the flour with salt and vinegar. Mix together until it becomes a paste. Then apply on the metal object you want to clean, wait for it to dry, then wipe it with a cloth.

Help avocados ripen fast

Almost the same as rice, making avocados ripen quickly is to put half-ripe avocados in a container filled with flour. Then let stand 1 full day.

Skin lightening mask

For beauty needs, flour can also provide benefits, you know. One of them as an ingredient in skin lightening masks. The trick is to mix the flour with 1 tablespoon of yogurt and a little turmeric powder, mix well. Then apply on facial skin and let stand 25 minutes. After that, rinse with clean water.

It’s not easy enough to figure out how to find high and medium and low protein flour. One thing you need to pay attention to, high protein flour does not last long and if stored for too long it can cause mold. Therefore, if you store high protein flour, you must check regularly to maintain its quality.

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