How do you clean fresh chard? Do it like this so you don’t spoil them.

5 Benefits and properties of chard

Fresh  chard  is special for making a delicious cream and sautéed can accompany a plate of roasted potatoes as finger licking good. With a little apple, almonds and  orange,  a good salad will come out to taste at lunch. But if you put a little more effort into it, you can use this plant for an exquisite flan to which you will also add prawns and spinach .

So far we know that your mouth is watering and that is why you will run to the supermarket in search of this crunchy green leafy vegetable that is low in calories, essential for losing weight and taking care of your heart. But there is something that you must take into account before using it for any preparation: It is necessary to clean it  for a better use of its nutrients.

But how can I clean my fresh Swiss chard? Well, here at  La Mansión de las Ideas  we teach you how to do it quickly, easily and safely. As an additional, we will tell you what its properties are and the reasons why you should integrate it into your regular diet.

Steps to clean my fresh chard before cooking

Cleaning fruits and vegetables is not something we usually want to do, but it is necessary, especially when they have been recently harvested. We teach you a fairly simple method so that you can clean and then prepare the plant, useful for its minerals and vitamins.

  • Step 1:  Let’s start by cutting the stem of the vegetable, but you must be careful, since the cut must not go all the way to the stem. Use your hands to cut  those threads  so characteristic of this plant.
  • Step 2:  Remove the strands from the penca by stretching as far as possible from the stem. For the procedure to be successful, you will need to use the  edge of a clean knife. These strands are extremely thin and are usually found on the surface of fresh Swiss chard.
  • Step 3:  If you prefer, after executing the previous two steps, wash the plant very well with water. Now yes, they will be ready to be cooked, regardless of the type of preparation you want to do.

What are the main benefits of chard and why should you include it in your diet?

Swiss chard has been characterized by its great properties, those that bring benefits to the body and for which it has become a therapeutic plant as nutritious as spinach . To learn a little more about it and know the reasons why you should include it in your diet, pay attention:

1. Low caloric intake

Fresh chard is used in any meal due to its  low calorie content. This makes them essential plants to lose weight. And no matter how they are presented on the plate, they are also characterized by being satiating.

2. Greatly improves intestinal transit

One of the great contributions of this plant is the amount of  fiber,  so its regular consumption greatly helps intestinal transit. It is also recognized for improving digestion, especially if you consume it with other vegetables. As if that were not enough, Swiss chard has been useful in facilitating the absorption of  food proteins.

3. Optimizes cardiovascular health

Its  antioxidants  are capable of significantly improving  cardiovascular health,  but they are also quite good at keeping blood pressure under control. In addition to that, it regulates the level of sugar  in the bloodstream and considerably slows down the aging of cells.

4. Blood coagulation

A great contribution is precisely the important dose of  vitamin K  that it offers to the body. The best thing about this is that it helps the  blood coagulate properly,  which is why it is vital for the prevention of hemorrhages. But that is not all, as it is also effective in preventing the appearance of any hematoma or bruise in any part of the body.

5. Helps with bone health

No matter how you consume it, Swiss chard has become an important source of vitamin K , which is also capable of effectively synthesizing what is commonly known as  osteomalacia. This substance is popular because it contributes to the  formation and strengthening  of all bones.

6. Against anemia

Chard has also become a great ally of man for offering a significant dose of minerals,  iron being one of the most important Iron is well known for the production of red blood cells, which in turn strengthens the immune system and helps fight anemia.

Eating fresh chard is vital to keep the organisms in perfect working order. Whether in creams, boiled, roasted or sautéed, it is a beneficial food that is also delicious. And now that you know how to clean them and each of their properties, don’t hesitate to integrate it into your regular diet.

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