5 benefits of taking liver

As we’re sure you already know, protein is the key to achieving any fitness goal. It is the building block of muscles as well as the key to recovery after training. In addition to shakes and supplements, you should also get enough protein through food every day. Liver may not be the most popular source of protein among many of you, but in fact, its intake will contribute many benefits to your health.

So, will liver succeed in becoming your new favorite source of protein? In this article, you will discover five health benefits of taking liver.

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  • Benefits of taking liver
  • Myths about the liver


Benefits of taking liver


  1. Liver is a high-quality protein sourceOf course, liver isn’t going to become your new favorite protein source if it isn’t high in protein. 100 grams of chicken liver contains about 172 calories, and 100 of those calories come from protein. This means that liver has fewer calories than 100 grams of chicken breast, but contains more protein than them. Amazing hit!
  2. Liver is rich in ironChicken liver in particular is extremely rich in iron. Iron in the liver is easily digested by the body. Iron helps the body make red blood cells and keep the circulatory system healthy. Increasing your iron intake can help you fight fatigue. This means you will have more power to achieve your goals in the gym.  Apart from all this, iron helps in the metabolism of protein. Therefore, the liver not only supplies you with proteins, but also helps you digest them.

Are you feeling exhausted? Do you find it difficult to climb the stairs without feeling dizzy, even though you are in good physical shape? You may be suffering from an iron deficiency, especially if you are a woman. Check with your GP and get your iron levels tested to see if it’s okay to add some liver to your diet.

  1. Liver is high in B vitaminsLiver is rich in folates. These are water-soluble B group vitamins . Adults should get about 1.5 micrograms of vitamin B12, so it might be a good idea to see if your local store carries liver on your next visit.  This makes liver even more valuable as a nutrient and an incredible source of energy. One of the main vitamins it provides is vitamin B12, which the body cannot produce on its own and must be taken in, either through food or in the form of a dietary supplement.
  2. Liver contains vitamin ALiver has a high content of vitamin A, so much so that it is recommended that pregnant women not consume it. However, for the rest of the people, it is a great source that helps with healthy skin and good vision.
  3. Liver is relatively cheapYou will probably pay less money if you buy chicken liver than if you go for beef liver. You can find them frozen as well as fresh at relatively low prices. This makes it perfect for preps to consume during the week. It is also much cheaper than the “more famous” sources of protein.

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Myths about the liver


The liver contains many toxins 

The main function of the liver is to cleanse the body of toxins. However, contrary to popular belief, this does not mean that by taking liver you will be taking in toxins that have been purified by the body. The function of the liver is to purify toxins completely, not to store them.


Liver is difficult to cook 

Liver has been a very common source of protein in the past and does not require much effort to prepare. You can pan fry it like you would a chicken breast. You will notice it is ready when it completely changes color.

You can cook it with some onions or cherry tomatoes and you will have a delicious dish. Another good idea is to make a savory pie with it or a stew. These feasts will be full of healthy ingredients.



When looking for a source of more protein, liver is a great option to include in your diet. The benefits of taking liver once or twice a week include improved energy levels from iron and vitamin B12 and all the benefits of vitamin A. It is sold at an affordable price and the benefits it provides make it a worthy product to include in your diet. your diet.


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