What is Kombucha? How is it done?

What is Kombucha
  • What Is Kombucha?
  • What Are the Benefits of Kombucha?
  • How to Make Kombucha Mushrooms
  • How to Make Vitamin Store Kombucha?
  • What Are the Uses of Kombucha Mushrooms?
  • What is the Kombucha Price Range?

Forget Medication Prescriptions: Kombucha and Tea

Kombucha tea, which has been frequently encountered recently, is an interesting type of tea with an unusual flavor. The history of tea, which draws attention with not having any negative effects on health, actually goes back thousands of years.

Known as the tea of ​​immortality and the tea of ​​the gods in China and Japan, kombucha has been used for centuries as an ancient home remedy. The word origin of tea, also known as kombucha, is Japanese.

Kombu means edible seaweed and cha means tea, but the mushroom, interestingly, has nothing to do with seaweed.

Other known records of kombucha belong to the First World War. It was brought to Germany by German soldiers who went to war in Russia and Ukraine. In this way, kombu mushroom spread all over the world, after the war, it began to be sold as Japanese mushroom in German pharmacies. It can be consumed by drinking, as well as it has features that can be used for cleaning and beauty.

What Is Kombucha?

  • This fermented food, which has the expression mushroom in its name, may be perceived by those who do not know it as a food that has similar characteristics with cultivated mushrooms.
  • However, kombucha has quite different properties from known mushrooms.
  • Kombucha is a type of consumable creature that contains bacteria and yeast that supports alternative medicine and helps those who want to heal with herbal methods.
  • According to the results of studies on kombucha, this nutrient has very beneficial properties for health.
  • It is made into a special tea for consumption and helps many people in the prevention of various diseases.
  • Kombucha is made up of bacteria and yeasts. The mushroom has a flat structure and a disc-like appearance.
  • Kombucha has a solid gelatin-like membrane. Kombucha, which is not pasteurized and subjected to no heat treatment, is a living creature.
  • It is produced in a liquid prepared using tea and sugar. Green or black tea can be used during its production. The fungus spreads throughout the tea and then forms a thick layer.
  • With the fermentation process, B vitamins, acetic, gluconic, lactic acid and probiotics and enzymes are released.
  • Recommended by experts as a healthy food, kombucha is a natural food that does not harm.
  • Although it may seem repulsive to some in terms of its preparation, kombucha mushroom, which is a very different food, draws attention with its benefits.
  • This is exactly why it has become popular lately.

What Are the Benefits of Kombucha?

  • Kombucha helps to lose weight thanks to its components that accelerate fat burning.
  • It prevents inflammation in the body and provides support for faster healing of inflammations.
  • Kombucha containing gluconic acid helps to remove heavy metals from the body. It supports the excretion of harmful substances that have a toxic effect in the body.
  • Thanks to its regulating effect on blood circulation, it especially helps to balance high blood pressure.
  • It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and reduces the negative effects of existing diseases.
  • It supports the regular functioning of the nervous system.
  • It plays an active role in the regulation of blood sugar and insulin secretion from the pancreas.
  • It protects the body against allergic reactions and helps to alleviate allergies.
  • It prevents the formation of cancer cells and slows the spread of cancer. Those undergoing treatment should consult a doctor before use.
  • By supporting the immune system, it supports the body in overcoming problems such as chronic fatigue and weakness.
  • It has a calming effect on the nervous system and makes headaches pass faster.
  • Kombucha, which makes hair grow healthier, supports the formation of a stronger hair follicle.
  • Kombucha can also be used externally. The answer to the common question of whether kombucha is applied to the skin is positive.
  • It moisturizes the skin by slowing down the aging effects, eliminates brown spots and prevents wrinkles.

Let’s remind you of the positive effects on your health when you consume kombucha:

  • Thanks to this tea, you can protect yourself from diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.
  • It is a natural treatment method for your hair and nail health. Since kombucha has a very high nutritional value, it repairs your skin and hair from head to toe.
  • It is effective for your intestinal and stomach problems.
  • It prevents cancer cells from entering the body and spreading.
  • After preparing kombucha, you can use it in skin care to help purify your skin.

How to Make Kombucha Mushrooms

  • Let’s come to the questions of how to get kombucha at home and how to grow kombucha mushrooms.
  • Kombucha can be easily made at home. Kombucha culture can be prepared quite simply using sugar, tea and water.
  • The yeast you prepare as a result of the fermentation process may have a fringed appearance. Don’t let this scare you.
  • Since the kombucha is a living creature, its fringes indicate that it is growing.
  • You should keep the yeast you prepared in an environment that is out of sunlight and at room temperature. If you leave it to ferment for a period of 15 to 21 days, you can obtain a more effective yeast.
  • If you keep your yeast for 1 month, the acid rate will increase and its taste will become sharper and turn into vinegar.
  • You can evaluate the vinegar in question in different ways. You can use the yeast you use 4 or 5 more times.
  • When yeast molds, you need to discard the fungus. It cannot be reused.

How to Make Vitamin Store Kombucha?

  • The taste of tea, which is an ancient beverage, is more like citrus drinks.
  • Kombucha tea, which has a sweet-sour flavor, is similar to vinegar because it is obtained by fermentation. It contains less than one percent alcohol.
  • The most important feature that distinguishes kombucha from vinegar is its gluconic acid content and its drinkability.
  • Being a useful nutrient, kombucha, which makes you forget medicine prescriptions, lives in a solution of sugar and tea and continues to reproduce in this solution.
  • Specially grown and completely natural kombucha becomes much more beneficial when fermented with organic tea and natural beet sugar.

What Are the Uses of Kombucha Mushrooms?

In addition to being consumed as a healthy beverage, what is the use of kombucha?

  • You can rinse your hair with kombucha tea and use this liquid as a facial tonic.
  • It is also a beverage that can be used as a softener, sink opener and descaling agent when turned into vinegar.
  • Apart from these, this liquid can also be used to water your flowers and wash your vegetables and fruits. Of course, for these processes, you should make sure that the fermentation time of the kombucha is 1 month.
  • After the tea turns into vinegar, you can also use it for salads. You can prepare a delicious salad vinegar by combining sage, rosemary, garlic and hot red pepper in a jar.
  • You can put your fermented kombucha for all surfaces in your home by adding lavender oil or tea oil to a spray bottle.
  • You can get great results when you spray this mixture in your shower or bathtub to get rid of soap stains.
  • You can also use this tea to soften and lighten your clothes. Half a cup of kombucha, which you will add to the washing water, is sufficient for this process.
  • If you add 1 cup of kombucha to the dishwasher or washing machine,you can see that it removes the deposits.
  • It is a liquid that is also a solution for sink blockages. Try pouring baking soda and then kombucha tea to the place where the blockage is. After the foaming process is finished, wash your sink with hot water. You can see your sink open.
  • You can also use kombucha for your skin. For a kombucha mask, you need to ferment a kombucha and place it all on your face.
  • With the kombucha face mask, the blood circulation in your face accelerates. The acidic structure of the yeast cleans the dead skin and ensures the disappearance of lines and wrinkles.

What is the Kombucha Price Range?

  • Kombucha is sold in ready-to-use packages.
  • Kombucha mushroom, which is offered for sale as a symbiotic culture, is in a high range in terms of price.
  • Kombucha can be sold from large shopping centers, herbalists and pharmacies, as well as from herbal shops or websites that sell herbal products.
  • Kombucha prices range from50 lira to 170 lira.

Healthy Kombucha Tea Cure Many Diseases

It is recommended to consume the kombucha tea you have prepared on an empty stomach.

Consumption of half a glass of kombucha a day is sufficient.


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