When Is Galia Melon Ripe?

When is Galia Melon Ripe
When is Galia Melon Ripe

When is Galia Melon Ripe? It is always difficult to tell if a Galia melon is ripe. Then you’re in the store and you don’t know what to look for. In this article, you can read what you should pay attention to. There are a number of tricks that will let you know if a Galia melon is ripe.  

A Galia melon that you can ‘press’ and smell softly sweet is ripe. A hard Galia melon, which you cannot ‘press’ and do not smell, is not ripe. A Galia melon with wrinkled brown spots, and that smells bad, is overripe 

It is always a bit of a job to buy the right melon. Unripe or ripe with the question: How do I see that? Sit down and I’ll explain that to you. 

Want to buy a Galia Melon

You usually buy a melon that you want to eat right away or the day after. Of course, you can also store the Galia melon, but then it should not be too ripe or just not ripe yet.  

galia melon ripe

It is best to take some time to inspect a Galia melon in the store or market, because that is what you will do when you want to buy a ripe or unripe Galia melon. 

  • If you want to buy an unripe Galia melon in the store or on the market, it is hard and has little smell. You can’t squeeze this melon at the bottom (in the middle) and it certainly won’t spring back. Handy if you want to let the melon ripen for a few more days on the fruit bowl.  
  • The smell of a ripe Galia is sweet and soft. When you press the bottom, albeit gently, and it springs back, the melon is ripe.  
  • The smell of an overripe Galia is slightly sweet, this Galia is overripe and you should not buy it. There are usually some spots on it and can already be a bit wrinkled. Also do not eat if it has been on the scale at home for a while, then you are simply too late to eat it. You can also see that when you cut the melon open. It doesn’t look very fresh.

Storing Ripe Or Unripe Melons

When you want to ripen an unripe melon that you have bought, there is only one way to get it this far. The fruit bowl! Simply place the melon on the fruit bowl, especially with other fruits, and smell every day how far the Galia melon has ripened or has yet to ripen. When fruits are together, they ripen faster than when they are alone. Due to substances released by fruit, the ripening process is faster. 

You can store a ripe Galia melon in the fridge. The cold stops the ripening process. A Galia melon that you keep in the fridge can be kept there for a maximum of 3 days.   

galia melon ripe

Again, store the unripe Galia melon outside the refrigerator. The Galia melon can then still ripen on the fruit bowl. However, this is also time-bound and you can store the melon for a maximum of 7 days. Of course, it depends on how far the ripening process is already for this melon. Press, feel and smell the melon then you know when to eat it.

You can also store cut or pieces of Galia melon in the refrigerator. Cover the melon with foil or put the pieces of melon in a sealable container. This way you can keep the melon for a maximum of 2 days. Again, the melon should not be so ripe that it really should have been eaten today. Use your common sense. If you are not sure whether this melon is still good and not overripe on the bowl in the fridge, use your nose! Smell, taste and look closely at what the pieces of melon look like and then determine whether it is still edible.  

Storing the Galia melon in the freezer is not an option. It is possible, but taste, texture and color quickly deteriorate. If you want to freeze it 1 day in advance to make ice creams, this is still fine. Just don’t freeze and eat well.   

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