What should we eat every day of the week according to Petar Dunov

Nowadays, a large number of people have turned their attention to healthy eating and are even more interested in it, considering the transition to this lifestyle.

It is wonderful when we know what we are eating and it makes us feel good, full of energy and most of all healthy. The body is extremely sensitive and harmful products can cause great damage to it when they accumulate, leaving their traces in it.

Teacher Petar Danov is one of the prominent preachers of healthy eating. Following his advice, a person feels balanced, in harmony with himself and his body.

In addition to showing us which are the useful food products, Petar Dunov makes it even easier for us by sharing what we should consume every day of the week.

According to him, each day is associated with a certain planet that has an impact on it. Through food, this influence is also transmitted to man.

What to eat every day of the week according to Petar Dunov

Monday – green foods

The day when you eat foods that develop imagination and creativity. These are mainly green products and other vegetables – cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, nettles, lepidoptera, green beans, zucchini, green beans, potatoes, green peppers, mushrooms. Monday is the day of the moon.

Tuesday – red foods

The day when foods that give energy are consumed. These are the red foods and hot products – hammer, garlic, nettles, tomatoes, spinach, white turnips, red peppers, radishes. Tuesday is the day of Mars.

Wednesday – food for intellect

The day when products that develop intelligence are consumed. These are lemons, yellow plums, pears, peaches, melons, carrots, lentils , corn, and spices – savory and parsley. Wednesday is Mercury’s day.

Thursday – foods for self-esteem

The day when products are consumed that strengthen self-esteem , dignity and faith. These are olives, potatoes, pumpkin, okra , wheat, peanuts, dairy foods . Thursday is Jupiter’s day.

Friday – beauty foods

The day when, according to Danov, products that maintain beauty are consumed . These are strawberries, cherries, sour cherries, raspberries, watermelon, figs, prunes, apples, sesame, thyme, peas. Friday is the day of Venus.

Saturday – foods of wisdom

The day when products symbolizing wisdom are consumed. These are blueberries, nuts – walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, chestnuts, rose hips, dried fruits, eggplant, black radish, beans, cocoa and coffee. Saturday is Saturn’s day.

Sunday – foods for happiness

The day when products for good mood and positivity are consumed. These are tangerines, oranges, apricots, sunflower, raisins, grapes, rice, lentils, cabbage, rye, barley, oats. Sunday is the day of the Sun.


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