What Makes the Bowels Work? 12 Foods That Work Instantly

Bowels Work

12 Foods to Eliminate Intestinal Laziness! Do you know that by consuming foods that work the intestines, you will have a healthier body? For a healthy intestinal system and metabolism, foods that work the intestines can be added to your meals during the day. Experts recommend that you eat frequently and in small amounts in order to break down the consumed foods easily and accelerate fat burning. By coloring your meals with fruits and vegetables, you also meet the minerals and vitamins your body needs.

What Makes the Bowels Work?

  • Plum
  • Kefir
  • Broccoli
  • Lemon
  • Apple
  • Watermelon
  • Pumpkin
  • Kiwi
  • Pepper
  • Pickle
  • Pineapple
  • Mandarin

In this article, which you can think of whenever you are hungry, we have explained the foods that make the intestines work in a short time for you. With these foods, you can put an end to intestinal problems and be more dynamic, let’s get started!

Foods & Drinks to Cleanse Your Intestines Quickly

1) Plum

  • Plum, which maintains its place among the fruits that work the intestines, regulates the intestinal flora thanks to the vitamin C and fibers in it.
  • You can increase your metabolic rate by consuming plum varieties on summer days.
    Since plum is a fruit with antioxidant properties, it easily removes harmful substances from the body.
  • You can have healthier intestines by consuming prunes and fresh plums.

2) Kefir

  • Kefiris a probiotic food.
  • Probiotic foods are very effective for the health of the intestines.
  • Kefir obtained from fermented milk makes food easier to digest.
  • It also prevents the swelling in the stomach and supports the intestines to work faster.

3) Broccoli

  • Broccolicontains more antioxidant substances than other vegetables. This is a feature of the intestines.
  • Broccoli, which contains vitamins A and E, is not missing from the plates of those who want to lose weight.
  • Broccoli, which is consumed deliciously with its food and salad, plays a role in the functioning of the intestines.

4) Lemon

  • Used in many areas in the kitchen, lemonis one of the first foods that comes to mind when it comes to vitamin C.
  • Consumed in detox water, in salads, in soups and in many other ways, lemon takes on the task of cleansing the intestines.
  • It is recommended that those who have intestinal problems consume lemon in their meals and add a few slices of lemon to their drinking water.

5) Apple

  • The fiber that a person should take during the day is in the apple
  • You can consume the apple in your fruit hours or add it to your list of herbal teas that work the intestines.
  • While consuming the apple, it is healthier to consume it with its peel.
  • Because the apple has a great effect on the intestines.
  • You can consume plenty to get the benefits of apples, from the peel to the tea.

6) Watermelon

  • Watermelon, the sought-after and indispensable fruit of summer days , is frequently on the list of healthy nutrition because it contains plenty of water.
  • The best feature of watermelon is that it makes the intestines work in a short time.
  • It can also be consumed with portion control in diet nutrition.

7) Pumpkin

  • Zucchiniis a fibrous vegetable and its meal contains very low calories.
  • Its salad and food, even its soup, are friendly to the intestines.
  • It prevents intestinal diseases with its antioxidant and fibrous structure.
  • By consuming zucchini, you can control the intestinal flora.
  • You can consume zucchini for a fast digestive system.

8) Kiwi

  • Kiwi, which has an important effect on the digestive system, is also known as a vitamin C store.
  • Consuming kiwi can be a healthy choice to take precautions against intestinal diseases.
  • Only 10 grams of a 100-gram kiwi contains sugar.
  • You can add kiwi to your list to protect the immune system and intestines.

9) Pepper

  • Pepperis a food that will revive your metabolism with the capsaicin substance in its structure.
  • Green pepper, red pepper, chili pepper and black pepper activate your digestive system at any moment.
  • You can feel better by consuming some pepper as soon as the intestines are clogged.

10) Pickles

  • Pickles, prepared with vinegar and low in salt , play a role in the relaxation of the intestines.
  • Vinegar pickles, which accelerate fat burning and facilitate digestion, also protect your stomach.
  • Pickles, which are rich in probiotic bacteria, should be consumed with its juice.

11) Pineapple

  • Another food that relaxes the intestines is pineapple from tropical fruits.
  • Keeping in mind that pineapple contains sugar, it is recommended to consume it in moderation throughout the day.
  • If you consume this beneficial food in the form of smoothies, you can take fluids for your intestines and activate the excretory system.
  • Thanks to pineapple, which supports fat burning, metabolism accelerates and stagnation in the intestines is a thing of the past.

12) Tangerine

  • Vitamin C must be taken for the intestines to work actively. Vitamin C, on the other hand, can be obtained from winter fruits, tangerines.
  • If you are experiencing constipation and swelling in winter days, you can consume tangerines.
  • The acid ratio of tangerine is beneficial for the stomach and accelerates the metabolism.
  • Thanks to tangerine, which helps to relax the intestines and soften the stool, intestinal problems can be prevented.
  • It is recommended to be consumed in moderation. Bodrum tangerine or Mediterranean tangerine can be preferred.

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