Milk Thistle Tea: What is it good for?

Milk Thistle Tea

There are different plants in nature. Herbal teas can be prepared in various ways from the extracts or leaves of these plants. Herbal teas have helped people throughout history for healing purposes and protected their health. Milk thistle tea is one of these herbal teas. Milk thistle tea, which has many benefits, especially has a high cholesterol-lowering effect. What are the benefits of milk thistle tea ? How to brew milk thistle tea?

Thistle, also known as “kenger grass” among the public, has a flower that usually blooms in purple and red in spring. Milk thistle, a member of the Daisy family, mostly grows on roadsides. By crushing this plant, which grows on roadsides, a white liquid resembling milk is obtained. For this reason, this plant is also known as “milk thistle”. Milk thistle, which can generally grow in dry and sunny areas, is a plant native to the Mediterranean. This plant, also called “Şevkülmeryem” or “Sütlü Kengel”, contains a number of different components. Milk thistle, which can be found in every region of the world, is also very easy to access. Milk thistle, whose seeds are made into herbal tea, is a very useful plant. What is milk thistle tea, which has various benefits, good for?

What is milk thistle tea used for?

Milk thistle has antioxidant content, a substance that slows the oxidation of fats. One of the best ways to benefit from the health benefits of this herb is to brew it. Milk thistle tea, recommended by doctors as an aid in the treatment of different diseases, has many benefits. The benefits of milk thistle tea that we can easily access are as follows:

  • It is recommended for breastfeeding mothers due to its milk enhancing effect.
  • It supports the health of the liver and increases its function.
  • It prevents the fatty problem that may occur in the liver by helping to remove harmful substances from the liver.
  • It helps eliminate redness on the skin caused by alcohol consumption.
  • It supports the function of the digestive system.
  • It helps to remove harmful waste from the body.
  • It helps balance cholesterol levels. It is recommended for controlling high cholesterol levels.
  • It helps protect heart health thanks to the omega-3 and beneficial fatty acids it contains.
  • Milk thistle tea contains high amounts of antioxidants. For this reason, it helps prevent the growth and proliferation of some cancer cells.
  • It plays a supportive role in reducing skin problems by regulating liver functions.
  • It helps prevent acne problems that may occur on the skin.
  • Milk thistle tea helps lose weight as it plays an important role in melting fat.

Like many herbal teas, the benefits of milk thistle tea play an important role in maintaining health. However, it should not be forgotten that these herbal teas are not used directly for treatment, they are used as treatment support. For this reason, it should be used in consultation with a doctor. It can be used as a supportive treatment upon doctor’s advice or consultation. The brewing of herbal teas, which we use in an auxiliary role in the treatment of different complaints, differ from each other. So, how to make milk thistle tea?

How to brew milk thistle tea?

Milk thistle tea is a healthy tea recommended by doctors for the treatment of many diseases and complaints. However, in order to benefit from the benefits of this tea and prevent possible adverse events, it must be brewed correctly. Ingredients required for milk thistle tea recipe:

  • At least 1 teaspoon of dried milk thistle seeds, depending on consumption amount
  • 250 ml drinking water

Milk thistle tea recipe

Add milk thistle seeds to a glass of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. After it boils, turn off the heat and let it brew for 5 minutes. After brewing milk thistle tea, you can consume it cold or hot. If you wish, you can also brew milk thistle tea by adding ginger, lemon juice, cinnamon and coconut oil. You can follow this recipe to prepare milk thistle tea with these ingredients, which you can add as desired:

Add peeled and sliced ​​ginger to boiling water and boil for 1 minute, then turn off the heat. Add milk thistle seeds and cinnamon to the water you took off the heat and let it brew for 15 minutes. Then strain the tea and add lemon and coconut oil. You can consume it either hot or cold by adding ice. Do not use sugar, you can sweeten it by adding sweetener or honey.

Does milk thistle tea make you lose weight?

No herbal product or food or drink found in nature has a direct slimming effect. However, it can be used as a supporter in weight loss and diets thanks to its metabolism accelerator, edema remover, and digestive aid effects. Milk thistle tea also plays an important role in accelerating metabolism. Thanks to this tea, which also helps regulate liver functions, it supports slimming when used correctly. For this reason, many people can consume this tea to lose weight by consulting their doctor. For correct use, it is necessary to obtain a doctor’s approval and advice.

Does milk thistle tea cause menstruation?

During menstrual periods, which occur once every 28 days under ideal conditions, women take care to benefit from natural healing sources. Women may experience delays in their menstrual periods due to many reasons such as stress, unbalanced nutrition, various diseases, and hormonal changes. Herbal teas, which provide many benefits to our health when used correctly and consciously, are also a method that women use during these periods. However, milk thistle tea is not one of the teas that act as a menstrual inducer; there is no study or explanation regarding its menstrual-induced menstrual properties.

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