What is Smoked Meat? How Is It Made, Eaten

What is Smoked Meat

Meat consumption is one of the secrets of healthy life. When you share meats with meals according to their types, you will meet some of your daily energy needs. When you consume meat, you protect heart health and brain health. Because regularly consuming meat stimulates the nerves and regulates blood circulation thanks to vitamin B.

Smoked meat, which is one of the meats that attract your attention in the butcher’s and delicatessen aisles, is served with different recipes at every meal. Smoked meat varieties that delight your palate in hot meals, cold appetizers, and breakfast moments will be in front of you with their curious features in this article. To learn the answers to the question of what is smoked meat and more; Do not leave this page!

What is Smoked Meat?

  • Smoked meat is a type of meat prepared by the smoking process of various meats for longer consumption.
  • Smoked meats go through a special smoking process. This process is done with soot from wood in the natural environment. In mass production, it can be prepared using smoking devices.
  • Smoked meat, which comes out with the use of fish, chicken, turkey and beef, flavors various recipes.
  • The purpose of preparing these meats is to make raw meat last longer.
  • In ancient times, meat was smoked so that it would not spoil and be consumed in later times. This feature, which comes from ancient times, has now been instrumental in the enrichment of delicatessen aisles.
  • Smoked meats, which many people love to eat, have a special aroma. Its aroma is; comes from the fumigation process.
  • The smell of the wood used during smoking will leave an appetizing aroma as it will permeate the meat.

How is Smoked Meat Made?

  • Smoked meat production requires special techniques. It is recommended to use wood taken from some trees for flavoring smoked meat.
  • The woods of fruit trees such as apple, cherry, and plum trees and leafy trees such as oak, beech, and acorn are the most suitable trees for smoked meat. Because the unique smell of these trees will increase the flavor of the meat as it will pass into the meat.
  • The meat to be smoked is cut into thin slices. Smoked meat needs to be especially thin.
  • Sliced ​​meats are put on smoking trays or special skewers.
  • Thanks to the smoke from the fire, the meat sheds its blood and water.
  • The smoking process continues until the meat, which leaves the water and blood around the slowly burning fire, is completely smoked.
  • Smoked meats, whose smoking process is finished, are wrapped in special cans or smoked bags to be preserved when they leave their temperature.
  • Smoked meats should not burn. It goes through a soft pre-cooking process in smoke.
  • Thanks to the soot accumulated on the surface of the meat, the meat is preserved for a long time and loses its air-permeability. In this way, it becomes suitable for consumption for a longer period of time.

How to Eat Smoked Meat?

  • When you think about how to consume smoked meat, remember that you can actually fit these meats into any recipe.
  • Smoked meats can be consumed with high acid alcohols. If you are planning what to prepare next to wine; You can definitely serve smoked meats that suit your taste.
  • If smoked meat is to be consumed with wine, you can consider adding cheese to the plate.
  • You can get help from smoked meat to prepare cold sandwiches. It helps you stay full for longer by increasing the nutritional value of sandwiches.
  • It is especially suitable for smoked turkey, cold sandwiches. It does not disturb the smell, it has high nutritive properties.
  • If you are going to make pizza, you can evaluate the smoked meat you desire. Smoked beef or turkey will go well with pizza. Thin slices will cook in a short time, giving the pizza a very special taste.
  • If you want to change the taste of your salads and make them even more delicious, you can choose smoked fish or smoked beef or turkey.

Is Smoked Meat Harmful or Healthy?

  • Many people think before eating whether smoked meat is healthy or harmful. It resembles raw meat in appearance.
  • However, it is suitable for consumption from the moment it comes out of the package, as it has undergone a fumigation process.
  • There are no harmful microorganisms in these meats that have undergone the smoking process.
  • In order to eat smoked meat in a healthy way, it is recommended to buy packages with valid expiration dates from reliable brands.
  • You can buy smoked meats prepared by companies approved by the Ministry of Health and host them in delicious recipes in your kitchen.

What are the Smoked Meat Types?

  • Smoked Veal: When prepared from ribeye, it offers a very delicious smoked beef . Smoked meat can also be prepared from the meat that comes out from under the arm instead of entrecote.
  • Smoked Fish: Salmon is the most delicious fish to be preferred for smoked meat. When oily fish is preferred, it does not get too dry during the smoking process. When fish such as herring, trout, and mackerel are smoked, they become a delicious smoked because they do not dry out too much.
  • Smoked Turkey: Smoked turkey, which is generally consumed for breakfast and sandwiches, is one of the meats frequently eaten by athletes. It is very low in calories. It is one of the energy sources for athletes.
  • Smoked Chicken: Recommended for those who do not like red meat, smoked chicken is lighter and low in calories.

Smoked Meat Calorie Values

  • 1 slice thin smoked turkey: 26 calories
  • 1 smoked chicken: 13 calories
  • 1 smoked beef: 20 calories
  • 1 smoked fish: 36 calories

What to Do with Smoked Meat?

If you want to add flavor to your meals and presentations; You can use smoked meat. Whichever type of meat you want to add to the meal, you can buy any smoked meat from markets and butchers and evaluate it as soon as possible.

So, how is smoked meat served?

  • You can arrange the smoked meat on a plate in roll form to make presentations elegant. It has an easily shaped structure.
  • For hearty sandwiches, you can use smoked meats. Do not forget that you can stay full for a long time thanks to 1 slice of smoked meat added between sandwiches or toast.
  • You can prepare appetizers. You can slice smoked meats in sauces to which tomato sauces are added.
  • It will also be very tasty in a salad.
  • Smoked meat, which harmonizes the flavor with the egg, will be a good omelet idea for breakfast.

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