Hand blender: which one is better to choose for your kitchen

How to clean a hand blender to avoid cutting yourself and breaking your appliance

The hand blender is a compact kitchen appliance that almost no housewife can do without. It helps to prepare mashed potatoes and cream soups, sauces and cocktails, chops fruits and herbs. Some of the more advanced models are even capable of chopping ice to cool drinks and dicing vegetables for salads.

The device and features of submersible blenders

The hand blender consists of a small handle body with a built-in electric motor. A long nozzle is attached to the handle, at the end of which there is a sharp knife with two blades, covered with a protective cap. When turned on, it starts to rotate, chopping and mixing food, and the cap directs the contents to the knife and avoids splashing food.

During operation, such a blender, as its name implies, should be immersed in a container with food. It can be any saucepan, a cup with high sides, a large glass.

The complete set of the device depends on the model. Some blenders are equipped with only one basic attachment, others are sold with whisks for beating eggs and kneading dough, measuring cups, choppers and other accessories.


One of the key features of a hand blender is its maximum power . For different devices, it can be from 150 W to 1400 W. The capabilities of the device directly depend on this parameter. Models up to 350W are ideal for mixing cocktails, pureeing boiled vegetables and soft fruits like bananas.

If you need to grind raw vegetables and cut meat, it is better to choose an appliance with a power of at least 350-500 watts.

A blender with this characteristic ranging from 500 to 1000 W can also chop ice, grind nuts, and easily cope with frozen foods.

The most powerful models (over 1000 W) are suitable for those who are fond of various baked goods: with the help of a special nozzle, they knead even thick dough well.

Speeds and modes

Another important point to pay attention to is the number of speeds in the blender. For different models, their number varies from 1 to 25. By changing the speed of rotation of the knife, you can avoid splashing liquids and get a dish of the desired consistency: with large, small pieces or completely homogeneous.

The way of switching speeds can be stepwise (for each mode there is a separate position) or smooth . The latter option is more convenient, since it allows you to more accurately select the optimal speed.

Sometimes a rotary wheel is used for smooth adjustment, and sometimes a button: the harder you press it, the faster the knife rotates in the attachment. This design is considered by many to be unsuccessful, since the fingers quickly get tired from the intense pressure on the key (if high speed is needed to chop the food).

Many appliances have turbo mode : when this function is selected, the blender instantly switches to maximum speed. Usually it is used at the final stage of working with products: to give them the most uniform and airy texture. There is a separate button on the blender to start the turbo mode.

Some models have a pulse mode . In this case, the blender running at high speed will periodically turn off for a short time.

This option, firstly, makes it possible to assess the consistency of products, and secondly, it allows you to avoid overheating of the device.

Usually, they work in a pulse mode with the hardest products, for example, they choose it for chopping ice or chopping nuts.

Materials (edit)

The material for the manufacture of the immersion part of the blender can be either metal or plastic.

The metal nozzle is reliable and durable: its service life is practically unlimited. But the plastic accessory is less resistant to stress.

For example, it can break when chopping frozen vegetables or chopping ice.

If you plan to use a blender for such purposes, when choosing, pay attention not only to its power, but also to the material of the immersion part – it must be metal.

Plastic attachments have other disadvantages as well. First, they color (for example, after chopping beets, pumpkins and other bright vegetables and berries) and absorb odors. Secondly, over time, microscopic cracks appear in the plastic, where food debris will accumulate. Finally, plastic immersion parts are not suitable for handling hot foods and liquids.

The blender body can also be made of plastic or metal. Unlike the submersible part, the body does not experience serious stress, so many people consider the plastic model more convenient: it weighs less and does not give hands fatigue, which is especially important during long work.

In addition, the plastic housing is easy to care for: any dirt on its surface can be removed with a damp cloth. But the stainless steel case is unlikely to look neat. Most likely, it will quickly become covered with drips from drops flying out during grinding, as well as fingerprints – especially if they are not very dry and clean after contact with food.

Some blenders have rubberized pads on the body . This is a convenient option: such a device is securely held and does not slip out even from a wet palm.


The capabilities of blenders directly depend on their configuration . For example, many models have a whisk .

It is useful for making cocktails, sauces, creams, kneading batter, and also replaces the mixer in case you need to whip cream or eggs into a fluffy foam.

In addition to the whisk, the powerful models can be equipped with a spiral nozzle for thick doughs.

Often a chopper is included with a hand blender . It is a small (about 600 ml volume) and completely closed bowl with a removable knife located in the middle. It is convenient to chop meat for minced meat and cut fresh herbs in it, prepare small portions of pates, sauces, mashed potatoes for babies.

The knife used in the shredder can be straight or have slightly curved blades. Curved knives cut food more evenly and produce a more uniform consistency.

Convenient if a measuring cup is provided with the blender . It is a transparent container, on the wall of which a scale is applied, allowing you to measure the required amount of a liquid or bulk product. In certain cases (if you are preparing a sauce, cocktail or dough), such a glass replaces the kitchen scale and helps to quickly mix the dish in the right proportion.

Sometimes the package includes a harvester attachment . It is made in the form of a bowl with a volume of 1-1.5 liters and looks like a chopper.

This container can hold various accessories, such as a vegetable grater or a slicing disc.

Some blenders even cut into cubes : this function allows you to prepare a salad or a preparation for a soup in a minimum time – however, it significantly increases the cost of equipment.

There are also blenders with a small mill attachment. It is intended for grinding coffee beans, peppercorns and other spices and seasonings.

Type of food

For work, most blenders are connected to the mains, so when choosing it is worth paying attention to the length of the power cord . It is desirable that it be at least 1 meter – otherwise you will always have to look for a place in the kitchen at the outlet.

An optional but pleasant addition to the functionality will be a cable storage compartment and a mount for hanging the device on the wall.

Several manufacturers produce wireless models that run on battery power. Unfortunately, this convenient function directly affects the power: usually, in such devices, it does not exceed 500-600 watts. The battery life is also short: as a rule, the device can be used no more than 20-30 minutes, and then it will have to be charged for several hours.

Hand blender selection options

When planning a purchase, first of all, decide what kind of device you need. Do you have a baby growing up who needs to introduce complementary foods from fruit or vegetable puree? In this case, you can purchase a simple model [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&fr=120-350] with a power within 350 watts.

The same device will suit lovers of various cocktails – for convenience, make sure that it is sold together with [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&f= o1b] with a measuring glass.

To make smoothies with dense vegetables and fruits such as pears, apples, carrots or pumpkin, you need a more powerful blender: [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order= 1 & groupBy = none & stock = 2 & fr = 350.1-500] from 350 to 500 watts. If you plan to work with frozen foods, pay attention to the models [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&fr=500-1000> 500-1000 watts. Those who will knead tough dough will need a device [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&fr=1000-1400> Tue

For cutting raw vegetables and meat, it is desirable that the blender has a [url = ” …

Do you like multifunctional appliances or have to save space in the kitchen? Choose [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&f=o1d] blender with whisk – you don’t need a separate mixer with it. A device with a grater, a shredder and a [url = ” bulky food processor.

Are you a passionate culinary specialist planning to use your blender for a variety of purposes: making creams, mashed soups, minced meat, chopping nuts and chopping ice? Please note that the selected device has [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&f=o1h] pulse mode and [url =” https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&f=o0t-o0r-o14-o10-af8y-o13-8hao-o0x-o0v-o0w-76 -b71q] at least 5 speeds – this will allow you to get food of the desired consistency.

It is desirable that [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&f=o3r] the adjustment is smooth: this will make it easier for you to choose the optimal speed. Fans of airy weightless puree will come in handy [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&f=o1j]

If you take out the blender only occasionally, you can save money and buy a device with [url = ” submersible part. For those who need equipment for frequent use, it is better to choose a more reliable option with the main [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&f=o1o ] attachment made of metal.

For fragile women, blenders with a [url = ” hands will get tired less. Men can buy a strong and durable model, which is entirely made of metal [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&f=o4m].

Both in the first and in the second case [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&f=o4p] it will be much more convenient to hold such a device in your hand.

Are you looking at the price first?

The cheapest are models with a small ([url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&fr=120-400] within 400W) power and [url = “https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a8cb4916404e77/blendery-pogruzhnye/?order=1&groupBy=none&stock=2&f=o0s-o0u1-2 speeds. Most of them come with only one main attachment.

For blenders from 500-600 watts with chopper, whisk and multiple speeds, you will have to pay more.

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The most expensive category includes powerful models with a large number of attachments that can chop food, cut it into slices and cubes.

Best hand blenders

Blenders come in two varieties, the immersion version being the most popular.

Manufacturers regularly improve devices, supplement them with functions, attachments, so the range is growing every day. Despite the seeming simplicity of this technique, it is difficult to make a choice.

To become the owner of a high-quality, functional and durable blender, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Material. The knives are always made of stainless steel, but the material for the leg may vary. Cheaper models are made of plastic, but they are quite easy to damage. If reliability is important to you, give preference to metal.
  • Cord length. For many, this detail turns out to be insignificant. In fact, it is of fundamental importance if the blender is used on a regular basis. The optimal length starts at 1.5 meters.
  • Engine power. The minimum indicator of this parameter is about 150 W, the maximum is 1200 W. The higher this value is, the faster the appliance will process food. If you often work with solid food, it is better to choose a technique from 900 watts and above. For grinding soft foods, 300-400 watts are enough.
  • Number of speeds. Depending on what consistency you want to achieve, the speed of rotation of the knives is adjusted. Most often, devices have 2 speeds, more functional models – from 10 to 20 pieces.
  • Equipment. The standard models have a whisk for making creams and whipping mixtures, as well as a small chopper. If the house does not have a meat grinder, you should choose a model with a grater and the ability to cut into pieces. Please note that not all appliances can crush ice. Not a superfluous accessory will be the nozzle for mashed potatoes, thanks to which the mass will turn out to be airy.

Taking into account the main characteristics of the technique, the presence of positive and negative reviews, as well as the opinions of experts, we have compiled the TOP-12 submersible blenders, which took the leading positions in 2019.

Popular brands rating

There are over 200 different brands of hand blenders, but not all of them offer products that deserve your attention. Among the clear leaders of recent years, the following companies are worth highlighting:

  • 1 Braun – blenders of the German company, known all over the world, have maximum functionality and ergonomics. They are made of high quality and durable materials, so they serve faithfully for more than one year. The brand produces a wide range of blenders: from the simplest to the professional.
  • 2 Bosch is another German company that produces high quality blenders. All devices are splash-proof and easy to use. They are easy to care for and convenient to store. The brand offers a variety of models, equipped with a different number of attachments, so you can choose the best option for your own needs.
  • 3 Moulinex is a French company that produces the highest quality kitchen appliances. All parts of the blender are easily and reliably connected to each other, do not vibrate during operation, do not emit excessive noise. The devices are characterized by their durability and beautiful design.
  • 4 BBK is a fairly well-known Chinese brand that offers equipment that combines optimal quality and affordable cost. The models are varied, created from safe and modern materials, and are valued for their ease of use.
  • 5 REDMOND is a Russian-Chinese brand that offers affordable blenders for a variety of tasks. Elements are protected from overheating, plastic cases are made of durable materials. Models are equipped with several speeds with the ability to adjust.

Less popular are such companies as Polaris (Russia-China), SUPRA (Russia-China), Gorenje, Scarlett and Stadler Form.

The best hand blenders price-quality

You should not overpay money only for the name, this approach is far from always justified. Of course, a good device cannot be too cheap, but it is possible to find equipment with optimal parameters and price. Moreover, this applies to cases when a blender is purchased for household needs.

5. VITEK VT-3419W

  • The best combination of price and quality
  • Country: China
  • Price: 2350 ₽
  • Power 800 W
  • Rating (2019): 9.0

Silent hand blender has a power of 800 W and 2 speeds. This is enough to whip the cream until thick foam in just 1 minute. It does not vibrate during cooking, it is very comfortable to hold in your hand. The cost of the device is low, which makes it as affordable as possible for any housewife.


  • Optimum power
  • Turbo mode
  • Plastic quality


4. Polaris PHB 1055A

  • More power at low cost
  • Country: China
  • Price: 2600 ₽
  • Power 1000 W
  • Rating (2019): 9.3

The device can not only grind, but also whip, puree. The entire immersion part is made of stainless steel, the knives are sharp and quickly process products. Various attachments are provided for different procedures, there is no need to purchase additional household appliances and litter the work surface.


  • Design
  • Metal immersion part
  • Build quality


  • Not very convenient buttons
  • Must be chopped with care so as not to overload

3. Bosch MSM 87165

  • The widest functionality
  • Country: Germany
  • Price: 5000 ₽
  • Power 750 W
  • Rating (2019): 9.3

This blender will eliminate the need to purchase a mixer and chopper as it has these features. Thanks to the 750 W power, it perfectly whips, the ergonomic handle and the low weight do not allow your hand to get tired. The structure can be easily disassembled, which makes it possible to wash the parts without any effort.


  • Purée attachment
  • The convenience of use
  • Stainless steel knives

2. BBK KBH1011

  • Optimal equipment
  • Country: China
  • Price: 4100 ₽
  • Power 1000 W
  • Rating (2019): 9.6

The device from a Chinese manufacturer is made of high quality plastic and metal. It has good reviews due to its many different functions: it can grind, chop ice, crumble, rub, puree, whip. Compared to other models, it bypasses them in terms of capabilities. The cup has an optimal volume, so it can be used for storage.


  • Power
  • 10 speeds
  • Many functions


1. Braun MQ 5035 WH

  • Most speeds
  • Country: Germany
  • Price: 3850 ₽
  • Power 750 W
  • Rating (2019): 10

There is nothing superfluous in this model, while it provides everything you need. The rubberized handle makes it easy to hold the blender in your hands. With 21 speeds, you can process food to the desired consistency in just a couple of minutes. There is a special nozzle for mashed potatoes, a convenient whisk, they are easy to remove and wash after use.


  • Many speeds
  • Quality materials
  • Ergonomic

Best inexpensive hand blenders

Often a blender is bought when a child appears in the family. With this device, the preparation of cereals, vegetable and fruit purees becomes as simple and quick as possible. For such simple purposes, there is no need to buy expensive devices, the basic configuration and average power are quite enough.

4. SUPRA HBS-833

  • The most powerful among the inexpensive
  • Country: Japan
  • Price: 1200 ₽
  • Power 800 W
  • Rating (2019): 9.0

Among inexpensive blenders, this is one of the most powerful models (800 W). The device quickly whips and chops, there is a pulse mode, thanks to which you do not chop the product more than you need. It has small dimensions, so it does not take up much space. All details are made with high quality and beautiful.


  • Power
  • Pulse mode
  • Whisk


  • Small mill volume

3. Braun MQ 100 Soup

  • High reliability
  • Country: Germany
  • Price: 970 ₽
  • Power 450 W
  • Rating (2019): 9.3

This small device will become an indispensable assistant, it will help to gently chop food, avoiding splashing. Its power is 450 watts, but this is enough for daily tasks. Despite the low price, it is made of very high quality and is distinguished by increased reliability. The blender is lightweight and takes up little space.



2. BBK KBH0302 / 303

  • Most inexpensive
  • Country: China
  • Price: 760 ₽
  • Power 300 W
  • Rating (2019): 9.3

A two-speed hand blender with a whisk and measuring glass will save you time when preparing food. The 350 W power and the sharpness of the stainless steel knives allow you to handle even tough food. Thanks to the low price, it saves the family budget. Outwardly, it looks beautiful and modern.


  • Sharp knives
  • Low price
  • Turbo mode


  • Best not dishwasher safe

1. Bosch MSM 2413V

  • Ideal for baby food
  • Country: Germany
  • Price: 1320 ₽
  • Power 400 W
  • Rating (2019): 9.6

The blender has one speed and the ability to chop products in a pulse mode. High quality materials, a well-known brand at a low cost makes the device in demand among buyers. In the photo you can see how laconic and modern the design is, which is also a plus. The leg is made of metal, so it will last longer.


  • Special attachment for baby food and small meals
  • Quality brand
  • It is inexpensive


The best professional hand blenders

First of all, professional blenders can handle absolutely any product. Some models are equipped with filters, graters, which help to use the device instead of a juicer. Such products always have high power, therefore they grind the product in a matter of seconds. They are also distinguished by their reliable operation and long service life.

3. Philips HR1679 Avance Collection

  • Excellent equipment
  • Country: Holland
  • Price: 9000 ₽
  • Power 800 W
  • Rating (2019): 9.3

This professional blender is equipped with an 800W motor, continuously variable speed and turbo mode for hard foods. The set includes: a grinder, a whisk, a circular knife with 2 types of cuts, a nozzle for creating cubes and two large bowls – a 2000 ml chopper and a 1000 ml beaker. Wall mount and 1.2m cord provided. The device, thanks to its extensive set with cutting knives and a dice blade, largely replaces a home harvester. 


  • Excellent equipment
  • Powerful motor
  • Missing attachments can be purchased


  • The mash nozzle is missing

2. Moulinex DD655832

  • Most powerful in its price range
  • Country: France
  • Price: 3600 ₽
  • Power 1000 W
  • Rating (2019): 9.6

The 10 speeds of this blender make it easy to handle any food, thanks to the most powerful 1000W motor.

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The chopper is sturdy and handy, thanks to the 800 ml measuring cup, you can put in a sufficient amount of food at a time. Users note the ease of use and stylish appearance.


  • Optimal price
  • Durability
  • High power


  • Inconvenient power button

1. Braun MQ 9037X

  • The most reliable
  • Country: Germany
  • Price: 7250 ₽
  • Power 1000 W
  • Rating (2019): 10

The rating of the best is closed by the equipment of the German company, known for the reliability and quality of products. This appliance is no exception, so it can be described as the most reliable blender. It is convenient to use, you can quickly grind or whip. High-quality attachments are well fixed and do not vibrate during operation.


  • Long service life
  • Wide functionality
  • Modern design



Each housewife has individual requirements for this device. Depending on what operations you perform more often, choose the blender functionality. Pay attention to the material of the knives and the body, the length of the cord, and the dimensions. And be sure to answer the list of questions below, then the choice will be obvious.

  1. Is device portability important? Most often, blenders operate from the mains, if you want to use the device outdoors or in the country, it is better to give preference to models equipped with a battery. They can work up to 30 minutes without a network connection, which is enough to handle any product.
  2. Do you need additional attachments? Not all housewives need graters, grinders, mashed potatoes, frothers. The more attachments, the higher the cost of the equipment. Evaluate adequately what functions are most important to you so as not to overpay for unnecessary features.
  3. How much am I willing to pay? The cost of a high-quality universal blender starts at 1000 rubles. There are also cheaper products, but their capacity is often insufficient. Plus, most of the parts are made of plastic.
  4. In what modes should it work? In addition to different speeds, some appliances can have a turbo mode, which allows you to process food even faster, as well as a pulse mode, in which the blender is turned on only when the button is pressed.
  5. What is the optimal power? To perform basic operations, a 400-600 W device is sufficient. If you need to grind meat, ice, solid foods with a blender, it is better to choose a product from 800 to 1000 W.
  6. What material should you give preference to? The more metal elements the device contains, the longer it will last. A handle can be made of plastic, this does not affect operation and durability in any way. What kind
  7. Which knives are better? Unambiguously, the knives must be made of stainless steel. There may be several of them, which will allow you to quickly cope with tasks. The shape is also important, curved knives chop more efficiently.

Immersion blender – what is it for, what can you cook with it, how to choose the right one, customer reviews

What is a hand blender?

The hand blender consists of a handle with a motor and control buttons and a long attachment equipped with sharp steel blades. As the name suggests, it needs to be immersed in a container and held in your hand to work.

This design may seem inconvenient, but thanks to the high speeds of rotation of the blades, the blender is able to grind any product in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

The blender can be used in any utensil, although the appliance is often equipped with a special bowl for shredding food. In addition, the blender can be equipped with a whisk attachment that allows you to whip liquid and semi-liquid mixtures.

What is it needed for?

A high-quality submersible blender combines several devices at once: chopper, mixer, meat grinder. With its help, you can not only grind products, but also beat them, mix and grind.

The functionality of the blender can be expanded with various attachments:

  • a nozzle with knives is used for chopping and shredding hard ingredients;
  • a whisk nozzle whips liquid products;
  • The hook attachment allows you to knead thick dough.

In addition, some devices have additional functions, for example, an ice pick, a grinder or a mashed potato crush.

What can you do?

As follows from the above, the hand blender has a lot of functionality.

First of all, with an immersion blender, you can grind food (for example, into a salad) and cook puree. This feature will be very useful for families with a small child. You can also cook fruit or vegetable puree for the purpose of preserving them and making homemade preparations.

The blender will be appreciated by lovers of baking, as it is easy to use it to beat eggs, cream or cream. Special attachments allow you to prepare dough of the desired consistency and make many sweet desserts.

It should be noted that the blender is indispensable when creating a wide variety of cocktails or smoothies. In general, we can say that the use of a blender is limited only by the imagination of the hostess.

Advantages and disadvantages

The hand blender, due to its design, has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • has a small size, so the device can be stored in any kitchen;
  • is able to prepare small portions, which is convenient for everyday use;
  • can be used in any dish;
  • due to the addition of different attachments, it has a wide functionality;
  • simple design, easy to operate and clean.


  • due to low power, sometimes it does not cope well with grinding solid products;
  • it can be difficult to get a uniform consistency;
  • during operation, the device must be held in hands, which may not be very convenient.

Some models of hand blenders are wireless, which can be called both a plus and a minus. The cordless model does not depend on the length of the cord, however, the operating time of such a blender is very limited.

Useful functions

Many models of hand blenders are distinguished by the presence of additional useful functions. So, many devices have a turbo mode, which allows you to run the engine at full power, and the blender will run at maximum speed.

Some models have a so-called pulse mode: when it is activated, the blender will have short breaks. This mode is intended for grinding or mixing large masses of solids that could heat up the engine and damage the unit.

The blender can be supplied with a small grinder necessary for grinding coffee, cereals, nuts. The volume of such a nozzle usually does not exceed 80-100 ml.

Expensive models are equipped with overheating protection and the so-called “anti-splatter”, which prevents the scattering of food particles throughout the kitchen.

Which is better – submersible or stationary?

In addition to hand blenders, there are stationary devices on the market. Such devices represent a container inside which there are knives.

Blender type

  • small size;
  • works with small volumes;
  • you can adapt any dish;
  • easy to operate and clean;
  • low price.
  • sometimes does not cope with solid foods or large pieces;
  • it is difficult to get a uniform consistency;
  • wireless models drain quickly;
  • hard to hold in your hands while working.
  • works without human intervention;
  • copes better with solid foods;
  • the bowl has a lid, which makes it more convenient to whip and mix liquid products;
  • has many speeds and built-in automatic modes.
  • is of considerable size and requires space in the kitchen;
  • works only in one (maximum, two) bowls;
  • prepares, as a rule, only large portions; high price.

What should you pay attention to before buying?

Before choosing a hand blender, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Power . It can fluctuate from 120 to 1500 W, however, the average values ​​should be 700-800 W. This power is quite enough for everyday use.
  • Rotation speed of the nozzles . Can be from 10,000 to 19,000 rpm. The speeds can be either set or change smoothly. Usually 10-12 speeds are enough or the function of smooth speed control.
  • A set of attachments . The main attachment is a chopper with steel knives. Most often, the kit includes a whisk attachment and a special glass. In addition, you can find an attachment for chopping ice, making mashed potatoes, kneading dough, a sieve attachment and a grater attachment.
  • Handle and attachment material . The handle is usually made of plastic, while all attachments should be made of stainless steel.
  • Type of food . The most common are wire blenders (you need to carefully look at the length of the cord). Wireless models are more expensive and require frequent charging.

The size of the supplied measuring cup usually does not exceed 0.6 l. However, this is sufficient for preparing small portions of food.

Which blender is better to choose: submersible or stationary

A blender is a real kitchen helper, with which you can make various smoothies, cocktails, cream soups, make minced meat or whip cream. It can help you grind coffee, make powdered sugar, or chop ice. But it is necessary to choose such a blender among a huge number of options so that it satisfies all the requirements of the hostess, lasts as long as possible and does not break.

Varieties of blenders

It is best to choose this electrical appliance according to your needs and financial capabilities. To make it easier for the buyer to make a choice, we give a description of each type.

Submersible. Most often it is a plastic case and a metal tip, which has a built-in rotating knife. It can grind, whisk and mix foods in any container.

Very convenient to use, compact, can grind even a small amount of product, multifunctional.

This appliance can replace most kitchen appliances (meat grinder, mixer, mashed potatoes, food processor).

The disadvantages of such a blender are that it must be constantly held in hand while cooking. And also when working with a blender in a low container, in which the product is whipped and chopped, the contents may sprinkle.

The submersible chopper will be a real lifesaver for young mums who often need to quickly prepare baby food from vegetables or meat, as well as for those who love homemade mayonnaise, cream soups and various cocktails.


This is a jug with knives attached to the bottom. The advantage of a stationary shredder is that it does not require being near it during operation. You just need to fill up the necessary foods and turn on the power.

Stationary blenders are slightly cheaper than submersible blenders . The disadvantages include the impossibility of whipping or chopping small portions of food. The total mass of products immersed in the jug must be at least two hundred and fifty milliliters.

  Hood for kitchen 60 cm: built-in or domed

For those who love all kinds of cocktails, smoothies, prepare a lot of them, a stationary blender is simply irreplaceable. Very often they are used by athletes for making protein shakes or healthy breakfasts.

Selection criteria and characteristics

There are several criteria by which you need to choose a device, depending on its functions and technical characteristics:

Power. This is the most important characteristic of a blender. It must be at least 500-1200 W. The speed of the device and the ability to process products that are solid in structure depend on the power. If you intend to use an ice blender or chop carrots, then the power should be between 800 and 1200 watts.

  • Speed. This household appliance can have up to thirty modes and speeds. By switching them, you can adjust the speed of rotation of the knives. In order not to spray the contents of the container, when working, you need to select a medium speed. At low speed, meat or vegetables will be fine chopped. And on high you can whip cream or make mayonnaise. For comfortable work, five to ten speeds are enough.
  • Modes. Almost all modern devices have a turbo function. This is the maximum power setting for whipping food. There are options with chopping or chopping modes. Some have a pulse mode, when the blender works with short pauses. This is necessary so that when working with solid products, it does not overheat.
  • Equipment. Some devices have a lot of attachments in the set. Most often these are whisks for whipping, various knives for chopping food. The dip kit often includes a bowl and a mashed potato attachment. In a stationary blender, the set most often includes various knives and attachments for chopping vegetables. The volume of the jug is very important. It is possible to choose a jug with a volume of 0.5 to 2 liters. This will allow you to cook several portions at a time.
  • Material. The blender body can be metal, plastic or combination. It is good if the submersible nozzle is made of metal – this will allow you to use it even when working with hot products. The handle can be made of plastic. It is desirable that it be rubberized – this will make it easy to hold the device in your hand. When choosing a stationary blender, you need to consider what material the jug is made of. It is best if it is glass or metal. Caring for such a device will be easier than for a plastic one. It is also necessary, of course. choose a design based on the rest of the items in the kitchen. Since this appliance is stationary, it should look harmonious with the design of the kitchen.

Source of power

There are cordless and corded blenders. Of course, the rechargeable battery will be more convenient in work due to the fact that it can be carried throughout the kitchen. But it will be much heavier than a wired one and charging will only last for twenty to thirty minutes of work.

When choosing a jug grinder, you need to pay attention to the size of the base – the heavier it is, the more stable the device will stand on the table.

The choice of such a kitchen assistant directly depends on the needs and financial capabilities of the hostess. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the presence of additional attachments significantly expands the scope of the device.

Its cost will vary in a very wide range, depending on the configuration and material from which it is made. All these factors will help you choose the right blender and not regret your purchase.

Customer Reviews

I have long dreamed of purchasing this household appliance. When my husband and I went to the supermarket to buy, there was a special offer for submersible blenders. Then I, without hesitation, took it and on the same day tried to make pancakes with pate with it. This is just a miracle. It crushes everything to a homogeneous mass very quickly, just before our eyes. It is now the main appliance in my kitchen.


I am a young mother of a beautiful one-year-old son. We have recently started actively introducing complementary foods. Naturally, everything that I give to the child is preliminarily crushed. I used to do this with a sieve, but now a simple blender saves me.

I bought the most budgetary option, since I use it exclusively for making mashed vegetables. It has only two speeds, and they are quite enough for me. It’s quite potent, and in just a few seconds I make a wonderful puree.

It so happens that I do not even wait for the food to cool down, and grind them hot right in the pan.


I have been playing sports for a year now and have a healthy diet. The blender has become a real kitchen helper for me. I chose a good quality stationary mixer, in which I prepare a huge number of dishes: smoothies, cocktails, puree soup, grind meat and vegetables.

Yes, this is a real find for me. There are control divisions on the jug, where you can see the number of milliliters of the finished product. This is very important for me, as I keep track of the calorie content of my dishes.

Now I’m thinking about how to choose a submersible blender for home, because it is inconvenient to make thick mashed potatoes or pate in a stationary blender.

Top 20 Blenders – Ranked 2019 (Top 20)

2019 ranking: the best blenders according to expert and customer reviews

The modern market for small household appliances for the kitchen is large and varied. It is full of many different devices designed to significantly facilitate domestic work and save time for a more pleasant and comfortable leisure. Blenders occupy a noticeable niche among such devices.

And since there are a huge number of their models and varieties, the choice is not always easy. Our ranking of the best blenders can help make things easier. We have chosen from the most popular – the best blenders in 2018-2019, both in the opinion of kitchen appliances sellers and in customer reviews.

The most popular brands of blenders

For quite a long time, the products of the European brands Bosch , Braun and Philips have been in most demand .

The lineup of these companies is very wide and is represented by blenders with various configurations and in different price categories.

And traditionally high quality, efficiency and stylish design only strengthen the position of the leaders.

Noteworthy models are also represented by Moulinex , Kenwood and Bamix , while the budget segment is occupied by Scarlett , Vitek and Polaris .

As for stationary (desktop) models, the heavy-duty Dream blenders from Rawmid , designed for both domestic and professional use , are out of competition in the domestic market . They are suitable for making green cocktails, smoothies, minced meat.

It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously. Be that as it may, but the choice in favor of one or the other option will have to be done independently, taking into account individual needs and culinary preferences. Another thing is that the decision is easier to make, knowing about the typical features of both types of blenders, their capabilities, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.


A table blender is the best option for making various cocktails, smoothies, fruit and vegetable purees, cream soups, pancake batter in a fairly good volume. But small portions are clearly not his “strong point”.

The device does not need to be held in hands during operation, and its bowl (plastic or glass) is durable and easy to clean. However, the stationary model cannot be called compact and it needs its “rightful” place in the kitchen, which is not always convenient when there is a shortage of space.

But for many users (for example, athletes, vegetarians or “raw foodists”) such a blender is simply indispensable for the daily preparation of healthy and nutritious food, and milkshakes or fruit shakes for children can be prepared quickly and without hassle. And no splashing while working.


Hand blenders are more popular appliances for housewives, which are lightweight and compact, and often have more capabilities.

Depending on the configuration of a particular model, various attachments can be added to the standard blender blades from a simple whisk to devices that replace a food processor. Blenders with a dicing function are especially popular.

And in the kit of some you can even find a pump for pumping out air with special vacuum containers.

Hand blenders are more versatile and easier to store. They are effective in the preparation of many different simple and complex dishes, salads, sauces, mashed potatoes, not very thick dough.

So which blender should you buy?

All blenders that we have included in the rating of the best are in demand and have many positive reviews on the network.

When choosing, be guided by what functions you need – do not overpay for what you will not use. Think about how often you plan to use the appliance. If it is rare, perhaps it is also worth choosing a simpler model.

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